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The latest in the Neverending apartment drama is that I've been sent a bill for my next rent and utilities that shows me as still owing utilities and the late fee for the bill that wasn't paid late from last month.

It's like they WANT to make sure no one wants to renew their leases.
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I don't have it in me to actually watch the presidential debate, but I'm following tags on tumblr and it sounds like it's going exactly how I expected it to go.

Almost willing to put money on all the media saying Trump was dynamic and passionate and kept getting caught up in the moment, and Hillary being condescending and both Trying Too Hard and just not lika le enough. "Almost" because, I mean, they might actually catch up with reality this time.
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On Litsy as meganbm123 (same as Twitter) for anyone else who's there, but I haven't done anything there yet.
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One of the problems with working varying kinds of customer service in a call center for 13 years (including periods where I monitored calls) is that you pick up the ability to yell the difference between representatives who are irritating because they have to follow certain procedures and can't only do what you want but don't quite know how to satisfactorily convey "I'm really really sorry I'm doing my best but I have to do it this way or i'll get in trouble!", and customer service representatives who really aren't paying attention and are ignoring anything you say that doesn't fit one or two exact things and doesn't want to explain or discuss things, and knowing the difference makes the latter 1000% more annoying.

For the record, discounting customers who are simply rude and /or jerks* the majority of complaints I hear about customer service reps from people seem to be more likely the former than the latter. Most customer service reps know that they have to do things that annoy their customers, they just don't have an option.

*These are the people I most frequently see with "how I dealt with the rude/annoying customer service person who angered me by doing something that the tiniest bit of critical thinking would reveal to be something they are required to do, so I harassed them at their job now give me a pat on the back" stories.
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Viki basically cutting off fanchannels is pretty much sending cdrama fen who need subtitles back to the early 2000s, where you had maybe a 10% chance of a show you wanted to watch getting subtitled, as opposed to the roughly 70% of the last few years.

Ice Fantasy, at least, is safe, and Novoland and Love 020 are completed, I just have to finish watching them. The Mystic Nine is coming from elsewhere anyway, so that's not hurt any, but I may be sunk as far as Sparrow or The Legend of Chusen go, after I finish the episodes that are already subtitled. (Unless someone knows somewhere else to get subbed cdramas these days?)

I suppose I should look at it as a chance to start catching up on my huge backlog, but I don't feel like being that positive about it.
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Trying to find a new health insurance plan so that it will go into effect with only a few days between my old one ending (Monday) and the new one starting would be the most emotionally trying things I've done in ages if it weren't for all the (now resolced) apartment issues the last few weeks.
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Everyone please offer up whatever prayers or wishes best suit you that I will not throw a screaming hissy fit tomorrow when I call my apartment's office to ask why the new bathroom faucet that I was promised 2 weeks ago (because of a whole from the corrosion I was told not to worry about before) has NOT BEEN put in, even after I called earlier today to ask why not, and was promised it would be taken care of. They did, however, come back to pick up the plumbing parts they left while I was at my parents (thanks to main line problems causing bad clogs ) and mark the work order as completed. I MEAN HI, THERE IS A TWO INCH HOLE IN THE BASE OF THE FAUCET THAT IS NOT SUPPOSED TO BE THERE.

And yes, this is what they weren't doing last week while they were harassing me with late fees for a bill that wasn't even due yet.

Honestly, at this point, if I could afford to, I would move and pay the fee for breaking the lease.

ETA: going to watch season 3,  of Carmilla now (I think the whole season is out?) and hope I end up feeling calmer and less ragey.
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Quick note that avistaz has open registration this weekend (and if you see this after that ends, I almost always have invites) as well as a lot of free downloads, but I don’t know when either ends.
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Ice Fantasy
Love 020*
The Mystic Nine
The Legend of Chusen
Novoland: The Castle in the Sky*


The Flower in Prison
Scarlet Heart Ryeo
W: Two Worlds*


Thunderbolt Fantasy


Beauty and the Beast*
Crazy Ex-Girlfriend**
Dark Matter*

I...honestly am not sure what else starts this month? I think K2 starts soon for kdramas and US shows are premiering/returning soon, but have no idea what the dates are for any of them.

*=Finished airing/on hiatus in its country of origin and fully subtitled where applicable, I just haven't finished it yet.
**=Very slowly and sporadically. It's good but I have issues with it. Will probably speed up when the new season starts so i can catch the new episodes when Hulu takes them down.
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 Well, the $30 fee at my apartment was a computer error that had everyone making angry calls today. I want to sympathize, but they filled out and posted the notices by hand, and you'd think they would have noticed they were doing dozens of notices instead of the normal handful.

i also had a 1tb external hard drive crash yesterday and am crossing my fingers that running chkdsk will fix it. (It was still running this morning.)

if if that works, then the only bad thing left from yesterday is having to drink coffee flavored herbal tea after grabbing my father's coffee cup to take to work by mistake.
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 I think my apartment is charging a late fee for rent because they were closed on the 5th which is the due date. I don't know for sure, they just left a note at my door saying I had to pay an amount $30 more than the amount on my bill for utilities that was sent at the end of last month by Friday, which is the normal due date for utilities, and I temporarily have a work schedule that means I can't go in while they're open and calling (or rather, leaving a message) isn't always reliable.
It's not that $30 is undoable, it's that either (1) they sent me the wrong amount in the bill that I budgeted for or (2) they're charging a late fee for a payment when they were closed on the due date and the 2 days before. There's also the outside chance that they changed it to make rent and utilities due the same day but gave no notice.
I am also most likely changing jobs soon and might end up with a longer-than-usual period between two paychecks so $30 might end up really inconvenient.
So now I have to call during one of my breaks tomorrow and hope I get an actual person and that they don't put me on hold.
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 My parents are out of town for the next week, so I'm catsitting.

About 6 weeks ago, I think, my parents hosted a slumber party for some girls from our church. Their floor is tile, so dad dug out a cheap brown rug for them to do activities on. Since the cats liked it, it hasn't gone away. This is a plain brown rug with no patterns, stains, or anything else to make one part different from another. One of the cats was lounging around on it last night then suddenly leaped up and started angrily clawing at another part of it, then pounced on another part. At first I thought there was a bug involved, but nope, no bug. The rug just wronged her somehow and had to be punished.

Then this morning I was woken up at about 5:30 by a paw gently but persistently patting my face. When this didn't work, she started trying to make me roll over by pushing on my shoulder. At 5:30 am, I lack the mental facilities needed to to realize that I can just get up and feed her and then peacefully go back k to sleep, so I pulled the covers over my head. At which point, whichever cat it was walked over my body from my shoulders to my feet and settled down on my feet, no doubt staring at me with murder in her eyes. I don't know which it was because when I actually DID TURN over to get up, both cats jumped off the bed and ran to the food bowls, then came back to escort me when I didn't walk fast enough.

I'd like to note that both bowls still had food left from the night before.
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 Pride and Prejudice and Zombies is a horrifyingly bad movie that could have been halfway decent if they hadn't tied it to Austen. There were brief moments of goodness (such as when Lizzie starts throwing things at Darcy when he tells her why he separated Jane and Bingley, up until that scene turns into weirdly sexual zed violence that was pretty much an excuse to have barely-Clas heaving bosoms) but they were far eclipsed by the kind of awful where you want to stop watching but can't. There were a lot of perfectly decent actors in this movie who have experience in fantasy and period dramas, but they all apparently forgot how to act by the time they finished reading the first page of the script. 

(It also does not understand Austen at all, but I was expecting that part.)

This is probably the most appropriate post I've ever made for this icon, though.
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I watched all episodes of Scarlet Heart Ryeo (aka Moon Lovers, the latest time travel sageuk, that have aired today. Some notes:

1. I have not seen the original Chinese series. It's on my list of shows to eventually watch, if mostly for Liu Shi Shi, but I never got around to it. I do know, however, that the original is very much Ruo Xi/Hae Soo's story, but this is currently skewed far more towards the 4th prince. And while I like him and his plot, I'm very grumpy about that.

2. So, we pretty much have two shows going on here. Wang So, the king, the evil queen, the evil prince and the crown prince are in this really Serious Business dark and twisty and dramatic and kinda messed up political sageuk where everyone is doomed and no one can be happy. Everyone else is starring in the Goryeo version of Sungkyunkwan Scandal, except were trading scholars for princes, and crossdressing for time travel and fake amnesia. Evil Prince fits in neatly with the SKKS side of things, too, as he's the Actually Evil version that one dude. You know which one. Ha Ji Won's baby brother who never blinks. Lee Joon Ki being Lee Joon Ki, Wang So sometimes slips easily into the SKKS side of things too. (Wang Wook doesn't know which show he's in. That's fine with me since I don't particularly care for him so far. Just keep floundering, dude, and stop eyeballing your wife's cousin/pseudo-daughter so much, even if i can al eady see where that's going.) But there really are two distinct shows with very different feels going on here at times, but I think the combination works better than either would separately.

3. Lee Joon Ki is heading up his 5th sageuk (6th if we count movies) and his fourth in as many years, only 1 of which wasnt a fantsy sageuk. The difference in experience between him and most of the cast is even more obvious than the fact that he's around a decade older than most of the actors who are playing his relative contemporaries. Absolutely no one is doing a bad job so far, but he's operating at a level most of them can't keep up with for long. I'm not sure we even have many sageuk regulars among the court characters? The only one I've spotted so far is Jo Min Ki as the king.

3b. I don't see why people are complaining so much about Iu's acting. This is the first thing I've seen her in and while she isn't doing an amazing job, I don't see any problems with her performance so far. You don't have to give an award winning performance for it to be a good performance. I do wonder, though, if they'd cast a more experienced actress and someone other than Lee Joon Ki, if we would still have the focus skewed towards Wang So instead of Hae Soo.

4. Most of the princes are kinda...indistinguishable balls of cheerful fluff.

5. I have no idea how they're going to convincingly have Hae Soo fall for Wang So at this point, given the stuff he's done. I've bought into pairings with even more baggage before, though. I mean, I get why he's falling for her, but the other side will be hard to buy at this point.

6. Wang So is 100% a Clamp character. I'm not talking average levels of Clamp angsty backstories. I'm talking Goryeo era Fai here, but with less magic and more bloodsoaked carnage.

6b. I'm pretty sure there's someone whose actual job is just to think of scenarios that result in Lee Joon Ki being attractively bloody.

7. I love Three Kingdoms era sageuks so much more than Joseon era sageuks. More interesting politics, better fashion, and a wider variety of roles for women without having to find a way to justify the female lead being in certain positions.
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Quick note for a few kdrama fen I know who don't do dramafever or viki that Netflix now has Descendants of the Sun. (They also added a bunch of Korean movies, but I haven't had a chance to go through those yet.)
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 Livejournal wants FIFTEEN DOLLARS to change my username, which is not happening, and I don want my LJ and DW IDs to be different. Oh well.

For anyone interested in looking for me on tumblr, I did change that to [ profile] Swordsandparasols .

I also registered for Imzy as swords_and_parasols, though I haven't done anything there except for create an account.


Aug. 29th, 2016 10:22 pm
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Dickensian is a big budget fanfic that serves as a prequel mashup of various of Dickens's works. The main works featured are Great Expectations, Bleak House, A Christmas Carol, and Oliver Twist. So, pretty much, most of the ones most people can name even if they've never read Dickens, or only have if it was assigned in school, though characters from several other books have minor roles, and there are references to other characters and books.

The central plotline is Inspector Bucket from Bleak House investigating the murder of Jacob Marley (Or, as I liked to call him, "Victorian Donald Trump." Go ahead look up a picture. They went out of their way there.) from A Christmas Carol, and the primarily secondary plotlines are the finacial difficulties of the Barbary family and eventual pregnancy of the future Lady Dedlock, Honoria Barbary (Bleak House), and Merrywether Compeyson's seduction of Amelia Havisham (Great Expectations)*, with lots of other, slightly smaller plotlines running around and intersecting. The Oliver Twist plots were, IMO, largely the weakest part. Nancy was a darling and the Artful Dodger was entertaiing, but a lot of it focused on the Bumbles, who had good actors and so were EXTRA irritating, the portrayal of Fagin was still somewhat antisemitic, even though they did seem to try to make that aspect better, and it was very awkward and diffiuclt to watch nancy and Bill Sykes but all lovey dovey when you know what happens. (And even more awkward to read tumblr posts by people who had no idea what their future was).

I actually listed the three main plotlines in opposite order of my personal interest. Inspector Bucket was fun and the murder mystery made for a good unifying plotline, but I never really cared who killed Marley, especially since almost all the possible suspects were still around years later in their own books, so you knew it was unlike that the killer would actually be punished when discovered. But the Barbarys and Havishams? Oh, all the drama and angst and secrets and doomed siblings. Especially the doomed siblings. Both Arthur Havisham and Frances Barbary love their sisters very much, but they're also overflowing with bitterness over how their more charming and loved sisters have been favored over them, though for different reasons. I've seen some people jokingly say that a theme of the show is that siblings ruin everything, but it would actually be accuruate to say that people's lives were ruined because siblings wouldn't put aside their issues and just sit down and TALK and work things out before things went too far. Also, Merrywether Compeyson ruins everything. EVERYTHING. His abuses of both Havisham siblings would probably be triggering to some people, but it's not gratuitous, and for once a show doesn't give us an abuser portrayed but an attractive and decently charismatic white guy and leave any room for woobification or reading him as "misunderstood" or redeemable, especially as he starts wrecking other peoples' lives to keep the Havishams isolated from outside help or influence. At the end of the day, the shows was all "Ok, mmmmaybe he actually was fond of Arthur and mmmmaybe he actually did fall in love with Amelia, but he is Satan, Evil Incarnate, a vile greedy abuser who ruins everything and aren't you mad at us for not going completely off script to have Magwitch show up and kill him RIGHT NOW?"

The first few episodes were well done but slow, but once it got going, it REALLY got going. There was talk about a second season following the same characters, but that talk was officially put to rest recently. Honestly, I'm glad? Because while I would have enjoyed a second season about characters from other books, there wasn't anywhere else to go in most cases except to just jump right into the main canons of the books. Everyone was in place and suitably sad and miserable as they waited for their respective Dickens canons to take over after their tragic backstories.

*Gillian Anderson played the latest BBC versions of both Lady Dedlock and Miss Havisham before this series, so I get an extra kick out of the fact that Dickensian made them be best friends here.


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