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I'm at my parents' and Fox News and it's on mute but Donald Trump is making a speech and I can still see him waving his hands around out of the corner of my eye and there's helpful text to tell me what garbage he's spewing. (I mean, they probably just broke out the same text as his last speech. Same stuff.)
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here )

A lot of stuff ended (or stopped getting subbed thanks to viki changes) so I'm actually current on everything except Moon Lovers, so hopefully I'll get to check out Pitch this weekend and maybe get to something in my backlog.
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So, CW and Hulu broke up for whatever reason, Quantico isn't on hulu this season, The Fosters and Dramafever left hulu a while back, and hulu barely adds any anime these days (not that there have been many anime I wanted to watch lately anyway). Much more of this, and I'll be throwing my money away by keeping a subscription to hulu.
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 I really need to watch Nirvana in Fire soon. It's been The Cdrama for over a year (and like kdrama fen, cdrama fen tend to move on the a new Big Series every season, but not this time) and now even people I follow who I don't think typically watch cdramas are watching it.  (And are commenting on things the cdrama fen usually don't? I think mostly things that we're just used to in context. Like awkward hugging, which is usually the ancient drama equivalent of a make out session on US TV, though some ancient dramas are having ACTUAL kissing scenes the last few years.)

Thankfully, all my airing kdramas and Ice Fantasy end in the first half of November, barring extensions (please no extensions!)  with only one more starting around that time, so hopefully I'll make a dentin my backlog before the Onslaught on sageuks between I think December and February. (No more airing cdramas for me after the viki debacle. Back to waiting until they're fully subbed and can be acquired elsewhere if the viki channel disappears.)


Oct. 15th, 2016 11:08 am
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 Supergirl, Madam Secretary and Elementary have all aired their season premieres, but haven't aired anything else.  Like everyone else I know, I hated that one thing Supergirl did, but otherwise thought all 3 had good premieres.  

Rosewood is clearing the slate of last season's dangling subplots pretty fast, which is good, but makes me wonder about their season-long plans.  (One thing hasn't been resolved, but I assume they're going for a big payoff there.)  I can't say I'm enamored of the new captain, but I don't hate him, either.

Star Wars: Rebels is playing pretty heavily into building up to events in A New Hope, and has started incorporating a bit of the no-longer-canon EU into the current canon.  I doubt they'll incorporate a large amount of it (a lot can no longer be canon) but I think it's a good idea to bring some of it in.  I do wonder how much longer the series will continue? We're getting closer and closer to the OT, and while they theoretically could simply continue following the crew of The Ghost as doing things for the rebellion separate from the events in OT, Leia knows about Kanan and Ezra as of last season, and I can't see how they'd work things out so that she doesn't tell Luke about them if they're still around.  (I loved Leia's appearance last season and hope she shows up again, but it did not bode well for the crew of The Ghost in the long run, I don't think.)

How to Get Away With Murder
is doing pretty well with adjusting the big mystery of the first half of the season to being about finding out who died, not who the culprit is (hopefully the answer isn't the same).  Everyone in the show except Michaela and maybe Asher and Bonnie is on a terrible self-destructive trajectory right now, if at different speeds, and I fear for them.  Except Frank.  Frank can completely self-destruct and die and make me happy, though I will admit that this week's revelations about what he's actually up to right now is the first thing to make me just very slightly interested in the character.

For whatever reason, hulu doesn't seem to have Quantico this season.  I think I'm just going to wait for Netflix to get the full season, unless that changes.  Empire I just...kind of forgot to watch.  It's always been a show where the actors and characters were stronger than the show itself, but it lost me a lot of the time last season.  I also deliberately spoiled myself about whether or not someone died after the finale and was not pleased.  I'll probably wait until the season is over and streaming somewhere and see if I feel like watching it then.

The only new series I've tried out is Timeless, though I hope to watch the aired episodes of Pitch before hulu takes the pilot down.  I am enjoying Timeless but don't have a lot to say, aside from sideeyeing tumblr A LOT for all the people who are effectively saying that a black man pointing out how much US history has sucked for black people is comic relief.  Matt Lanter, who voices Anakin in The Clone Wars plays one of the main characters and it is SO WEIRD for him to not be animated.  (Also, cartoon!Anakin somehow looks just like both him and Hayden Christiansen.)

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I love how some people act like referring to Donald Trump as Donald isn’t much different from referring to Hillary Clinton as Hillary, when it’s actually the compete opposite.

We refer to Hillary Clinton as Hillary for multiple reasons. One, much like referring to the second President Bush as “Dubya” helps us to easily differentiate who we’re talking about from his father, a close family member who held the same office, referring to Hillary Clinton as “Hillary” helps us differentiate between her and her husband, who previously held the office she is currently running for. At this precise moment, referring to her as “Hillary” also helps create a presumption of victory precisely because of the “Dubya” comparison. Second, whether she intended to or not, “Hillary” has become a brand and and institution all her own. If you live in the US, it’s very unlikely that that the name Hillary makes you think of someone other than Hillary Clinton, unless you know a Hillary personally. Third, it reminds us that she became known as “Hillary” to the public because of her political career, and that she holds multiple official titles and has been awarded many honors. Like what do we call her? Former First Lady? Former Senator? Former Madam Secretary? NEVER MIND LET’S JUST GO WITH HILLARY IT’S EASIER. Love her or hate her, the name “Hillary” immediately tells you who we’re talking about, and that she’s been in politics for decades.

On the other hand,we have “Donald.” Donald who, Donald Duck? That’s the “Donald” most Americans know, and he certainly isn’t running for president. When Hillary referred to him as “Donald” during the first debate, it served two purposes. It pissed him off because he’s so obsessed with his deliberately created “Trump” brand, and it reminded us that there is no “Donald” public face. He’s held no public office and has no political experience to refer to. Expecting her to refer to him as “Mr. Trump” as if he were her political equal is ludicrous. It’s not a preference or politically allegiances thing, Donald Trump is not Hillary Clinton’s political equal, and expecting her to refer to him as such at such a major debate is absurd. Donald Trump’s entire public identity, though, is tied up in “Trump,” not “Donald.” “Donald” is no one. “Donald” is an animated duck, or that nice old man down the street who asks how school is going for your kids even though they graduated 5 years ago. The last thing Donald Trump wants anyone to be calling him on TV or in debates is “Donald,” but it’s what’s happening now.

Hillary robbed him of his brand and has his supporters and some of the media calling him “Donald” as if it’s the same as calling her “Hillary” and it has to be eating him alive.
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I've started watching The K2 (I'm around 20 minutes into episode 2), and airing kdrama about a presidential candidate's secret daughter (who was locked away in a Spanish convent by her stepmother) and a former secret service agent who becomes her bodyguard, and the main thing I've gathered is that in Spain, it's totally normal for desperate women in white nightgowns with bloody feet to run through the streets like a gothic heroine fleeing a wicked baron's castle (or in this case, a convent where she's beng ilegally imprisoned?) regardless of what time of day it is.

Brief notes:

1. The fairy tale elements aren't as prominent as they were in Yong Pal, the previous series by the writer, but they're there, this time more along the lines of Snow White or Cinderella than Sleeping Beauty.

2. Hobo!Ji Chang Wook, you rescued Gothic Heroine from three pursuers already, why did you just thrown up your hands at the fourth? (Hopefully that will come back to bite him in the arse later on.)

3. Gothic Heroine's Scum Dad wants us to believe he's a tragic figure who loves but can't see his daughter in the same breath he states that he knows where she is and that she's desperate to escape, ut that basically too busy or whatever to go to her, and can't be bothered to do more for her than to forbid her being killed by Wicked Stepmother. I hope Scum Dad is the actual villain of the piece.

4. I agree with most comments I've seen that Wicked Stepmother completely steals the show and I hope she ends up more antagonist/eventual ally than villain. However, I've been following the tags off and on for the last week and am uncomfortable withow a lot of posts seem to be falling into the trend of disregarding/undermining the narrative of an abuse victim in favor building up the abuser. (Which, actually, is pretty common among fandoms for fairytale retellings/themed things in recent years regarding Wicked Stepmother characters, though that's at least in part because they're typically played by the more experienced actresses with larger followings.)

5. I can't remember how many episodes of Yong Pal it took for Yeo Jin to escape her medically induced coma, but I hope Gothic Heroine gets unleashed with just as much scorched earth vengeful spirit going for her, but without getting punished for it.

6. The only name know is Gothic Heroine's, which is Anna (because they say it so much), but I'm going to continue to call her Gothic Heroine until they get the poor girl some decent clothes and she doesn't have to spend all her free time plotting ways to escape a Spanish convent.
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I might have unintentionally traumatized two 60+year old conservative Republican Texas men tonight. (Said men being my father and uncle.)

My uncle is in town and my parents and I went with him to a local steakhouse that he likes. It was recently remodelled, and he and I both had to go to the restroom (at different times) while we were waiting for our food. I knew the restrooms had been moved just not where, but he hadn't realized that. While he was talking about looking for the restroom and not knowing they had moved, I mentioned that I knew they had been moved when I got there because the dining room we were in was where the women's restroom used to be, and the stained glass window behind us was in the old doorframe.

My father and uncle both went completely white and then quickly started talking about 40-year-old homecoming games. (I should mention that the renovations were done over a year ago, so the room has been scrubbed clean of girl cooties many times over, and hundreds of people perfectly aware of where the restrooms used to be have eaten there since.
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I finally watched the HTGAWM season premeire (Only a week after it aired. I'll be able to say the same about Rosewood in about an hour.) and the most shocking thing about it was that everyone suffered real-world academic consequences for being TV drama leads. (That and the fact that Frank's makeover let me understand why people might find him attractive. He's still my least favorite, though, and I hope he's the dead character this season.)
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The latest in the Neverending apartment drama is that I've been sent a bill for my next rent and utilities that shows me as still owing utilities and the late fee for the bill that wasn't paid late from last month.

It's like they WANT to make sure no one wants to renew their leases.
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I don't have it in me to actually watch the presidential debate, but I'm following tags on tumblr and it sounds like it's going exactly how I expected it to go.

Almost willing to put money on all the media saying Trump was dynamic and passionate and kept getting caught up in the moment, and Hillary being condescending and both Trying Too Hard and just not lika le enough. "Almost" because, I mean, they might actually catch up with reality this time.
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On Litsy as meganbm123 (same as Twitter) for anyone else who's there, but I haven't done anything there yet.
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One of the problems with working varying kinds of customer service in a call center for 13 years (including periods where I monitored calls) is that you pick up the ability to yell the difference between representatives who are irritating because they have to follow certain procedures and can't only do what you want but don't quite know how to satisfactorily convey "I'm really really sorry I'm doing my best but I have to do it this way or i'll get in trouble!", and customer service representatives who really aren't paying attention and are ignoring anything you say that doesn't fit one or two exact things and doesn't want to explain or discuss things, and knowing the difference makes the latter 1000% more annoying.

For the record, discounting customers who are simply rude and /or jerks* the majority of complaints I hear about customer service reps from people seem to be more likely the former than the latter. Most customer service reps know that they have to do things that annoy their customers, they just don't have an option.

*These are the people I most frequently see with "how I dealt with the rude/annoying customer service person who angered me by doing something that the tiniest bit of critical thinking would reveal to be something they are required to do, so I harassed them at their job now give me a pat on the back" stories.
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Viki basically cutting off fanchannels is pretty much sending cdrama fen who need subtitles back to the early 2000s, where you had maybe a 10% chance of a show you wanted to watch getting subtitled, as opposed to the roughly 70% of the last few years.

Ice Fantasy, at least, is safe, and Novoland and Love 020 are completed, I just have to finish watching them. The Mystic Nine is coming from elsewhere anyway, so that's not hurt any, but I may be sunk as far as Sparrow or The Legend of Chusen go, after I finish the episodes that are already subtitled. (Unless someone knows somewhere else to get subbed cdramas these days?)

I suppose I should look at it as a chance to start catching up on my huge backlog, but I don't feel like being that positive about it.
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Trying to find a new health insurance plan so that it will go into effect with only a few days between my old one ending (Monday) and the new one starting would be the most emotionally trying things I've done in ages if it weren't for all the (now resolced) apartment issues the last few weeks.
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Everyone please offer up whatever prayers or wishes best suit you that I will not throw a screaming hissy fit tomorrow when I call my apartment's office to ask why the new bathroom faucet that I was promised 2 weeks ago (because of a whole from the corrosion I was told not to worry about before) has NOT BEEN put in, even after I called earlier today to ask why not, and was promised it would be taken care of. They did, however, come back to pick up the plumbing parts they left while I was at my parents (thanks to main line problems causing bad clogs ) and mark the work order as completed. I MEAN HI, THERE IS A TWO INCH HOLE IN THE BASE OF THE FAUCET THAT IS NOT SUPPOSED TO BE THERE.

And yes, this is what they weren't doing last week while they were harassing me with late fees for a bill that wasn't even due yet.

Honestly, at this point, if I could afford to, I would move and pay the fee for breaking the lease.

ETA: going to watch season 3,  of Carmilla now (I think the whole season is out?) and hope I end up feeling calmer and less ragey.
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Quick note that avistaz has open registration this weekend (and if you see this after that ends, I almost always have invites) as well as a lot of free downloads, but I don’t know when either ends.


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