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 Almost everyone on tumblr and twitter seems to belong to one of two categories this week:


Category 2: Oh, right, this us the week I have to watch all those other shows, isn't it?  Also, politics.

(I am Category 2 and kinda amused at how fans of the other shows are stomping their feet over Supergirl being about 98% a regular episode and 2% crossover.)
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 My new laptop doesn’t seem to like the version of photoshop elements that I use for photoediting, and the latest versions don’t have a photobin, which I need. Anyone have any suggestions for similar alternatives?
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 Good news:  Was finally able to get a new laptop today (Dell Inspirion), which has been badly needed for at least a year.  My old laptop is almost 10 years old.

Bad news: I can no longer escape Windows 10.  Though at least it seems less awful than Windows 8?

I also got the first seasons of Supergirl and Into the Badlands for $10 each,  The only other DVD set I was hoping to get was Underground, which I couldn't find at BestBuy at all.
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 Posts have been relatively sparse here (as compared to previous years) the last 6 or so months not so much because I, like most of DW and LJ have been thoroughly seduced by tumblr s much as it is that my father started looking into buying a local awards shop back in May, and I started training there while still working fulltime at my old job, and then we took over about 2 months ago. Extra hours + learning a whole new trade = less time and energy for writing about things (and reading, for that matter, as even subtitled TV requires less brainpower than books or writing about books and TV).  We've started what is supposedly one of the two busiest times of the year for the shop because of people wanting personalized Christmas gifts, especially stainless steel tumblrs (the other busiest time being April and May for graduation) so if I completely disappear for a week or two, that's why. I have been posting more to tumblr, as I feel less compelled to write longer and more informative posts there, and have been keeping up with the few books I've read the last few months over at litsy.  I do have a lot of icons made that I need to upload and post (and some tumblr picspams) and several series I wanted to write up beyond individual episode reactions or reactions to the first few episodes of a drama (In particular: Underground, Love 020, Wanted, Age of Youth, The Flower in Prison and Thuderbolt Fantasy and Squad 38, and probably some of the shows I'm watching now one I finish them, though I also need to buy myself paid time so I can create new tags for them.)  Hopefully I'll at least get a few things up during my 4 day weekend, we'll see.
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Nothing since The Flower in Prison ended, but I plan to check out Legend of the Blue Sea and Night Light, both of which start this month.


Ice Fantasy
The Legend of Chusen
Rookie agent Rouge
When A snail Falls in Love


Toto nee-chan

English language TV (most of which is about to go on hiatus):

Brooklyn 99
The Doctor Blake Mysteries
How to Get Away With Murder
Madam Secretary
Star Wars Rebels

And I broke out my Marple and Poirot DVDs for some comfort rewatching, so I suspect I'm going to fall very behind of everything.
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 I've only been following social media enough since Tuesday to to keep up with any new developments (this whole safety pin movement sounds  like its mostly somethingthat well intentioned but that will mostly help frustrated white allies feel useful, and is doomed to failure because loudly broadcasting a covert movement everywhere robs it of any usefulness) and catch the occassional fandom post.  I played flight rising a lot this week after only doing the minimal amount for months.

I live in a VERY  Republican part of Texas. My county voted overwhelmingly for Trump despite the fact that Latinx became the majority by a small margin a couple years ago, though I do know some Latinx who couldn't vote because of transportation/ID issues, and some who were nervous about going out to vote. Most other moderate/liberal white women I know we're planning to either abstain from voting or protest vote.  I logged onto Facebook this morning for the first time this week and it was full of locals and relatives praising their win against a rigged election and biased media. Despite my having been pretty open about my feelings re: Trump with my parents, my father was still shocked to learn I hadn't voted for him.

Earlier I was at Wal-Mart and was alone in an aisle with a lady probably in her 50s. I noticed she was looking at me but didn't think much of it until, in a very assertive voice, she said "so what do you think of our new president?" and then stared at me waiting for an answer. I stuttered for a moment trying to find a safe, neutral answer before saying "no comment." (Probably not the best answer, but she caught me off guard.)  She made A Face and said "oooh" in a disgusted tone before promptly spinning her cart around and stomping off.

I'm a pasty white person who is obviously femme and has no obvious physical or mental disabilities, and I still felt my stomach drop and looked around nervously, despite objectively knowing that I was most likely not in any danger. I have had strangers idly comment about elections to me in stores before (because TEXAS. I mean, I gather that this is really unusual elsewhere?) but not someone obviously looking to get into something over it if given room.
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 I've been trying and failing to distract myself from following election with steadily increasing horror for the last 7 hours.  I've managed to read a chapter and a half of the new October Daye novel and watched 1 episode of The Legend of Chusen and poked a bit at Farmville, but mostly I've been refreshing tumblr and election trackers at a rate that uses up my tablet's battery faster than it can recharge.  I went from feeling upbeat about the election and even able to make jokes about it this morning to having the most stressful and upsetting day I can remember in my adult life.  As it currently stands, there's still a chance of Clinton miraculously pulling ahead, but it seems very unlikely. I honestly don't think Donald Trump will last a whole 4 years before being removed one way or another, but he could cause a lot of damage in a short time, on top of the enormous amount of damage he's already done just by exposing how much hate and bigotry people were somewhat keeping to themselves up to recently. Even if Clinton somehow wins, that's still there and it will take us years to recover from it.

One of the worst parts is the 3rd party/protest voters, who knew perfectly well a third party never stood a chance in this election but thought they were taking up some sort of moral higher ground.  These are largely people who feel "safe" enough that a Trump presidency won't affect them negatively.  I hope they develop enough self-awareness to figuratively drown in buyer's remorse.

I'm going to try going to sleep now, but I doubt it'll work.
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 how are these last 2 updates to CBS's live election updates even real:

1:55 p.m. ET Donald Trump’s campaign filed a lawsuit against the Clark County registrar, accusing him of intentionally coordinating with Democratic activists “in order to skew the vote unlawfully in favor of Democratic candidates.”  

The suit alleges that the polls were open beyond closing time on Friday, the last day of early voting, and an emergency hearing on the matter is scheduled for 2 p.m. ET in the matter.

1:50 p.m. ET Eric Trump, the son of GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump, briefly posted a photo of his Election Day ballot to Twitter Tuesday, showing off his vote for his father.

But in New York, where Trump voted, it’s illegal to take a picture in a polling station or to share a completed ballot with other potential voters.

So-called “ballot selfies” are illegal in over a dozen states, and several more ban photography outright at polling stations. In many states, the violation carries potential fines or jail terms.

Trump’s illegal social media post was short-lived: some hours after the ballot selfie was posted, it was deleted.

Oh yeah....

(If you scroll down far enough, there's a picture of Donald and Melania voting where it looks like he's trying to look at her ballot.)
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I'm watching the first season of The Magicians (currently 4 episodes in) and it's absolutely horrible, but in that way where it could have been a good show. The premise is pretty much a Harry Potter/Narnia crossover fic with a side of horror, which is completely workable, if not overly original. The main problems are:

1. The main character is the walking embodiment of every trait fadom has ever criticized Super Special Straight White Dude Protagonists of having, right down to she show supporting him in a rant about how his female best friend irrevocably wronged him for not reciprocating his romantic feelings for her. It tried to make him a little different by giving him struggles with depression, but his depression is directly related to his Super SpecialNess to being realized, while vilifying others who have experienced the same feelings of displacement and not belonging in the normal world. Four episodes in, the show has given me no reason whatsoever to justify his warranting being a major character, much less the main character, beyond the fact that he's the only Straight White Guy around.

1b. It would be nice if he and his future love interest would stop casting spells that result in other people being hospitalized. It would also be nice if they found a way to do it without making I'm the voice of moral authority and shaming her.

ETA: I think the d ath  in episode 8 may have cured me of my need to hate watch this show.

2. So we have Brakebill, the magic college full of students who get welcomed and taught everything magical. Then we have the hedgewitches, a bunch of angry people who are angry being cause Brakebill told them "sorry, you don't approach magic the way we like, so now we're going to try to wipe your minds and make you forget magic exists and send you back" except that these people still know magic is real and have to hunt and study for months to find one workable spell. So far, I'm meant to see the hedgewitches as villains to a degree and Brakebill as being morally superior, but I don't really have a reason to do so. The show needs to either acknowledge that the hedgewitches are justly gry even if wrong in their actions, and Brakebill has become close-minded and elitist, or give me an actual reason o side with Brakebill beyond because the show said so.

On the positive side: there are interesting supporting characters, most of which would be much stronger protagonists than the actual protagonist, the horror elements are actually pretty well done, and I am interested in the not-Narnia backstory and how it ties into the not-Hogwarts Brakebill plot. As a relative bonus, the main character is played by the actor who played the president's son in Madam Secretary, so I am grateful that this show came along and made his character quickly and completely disappear from there. ETA: I think the death in episode 8 cured me of my need to continue hatewatching the show.
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 Avistaz is deleting unused invite codes on 11/10, and I currently have 11, if anyone wants it.

(Note: if you were watching/planning to watch a cdrama on a viki fa channel that was taken down, there's a high probability it was added to avistaz at some point/has since been salvaged (or will be soon) as long as you don't mind torrenting.) 

Any takers?
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The K2 and Moon Lovers were dramas with such huge potential that ended up such disappointments.

Two days ago, someone asked me whether or not I’d rec Moon Lovers and my answer was a longer version of “It’s a mess but it’s an entertaining mess with enough bright spots to make up for it.” (My favorites being the playboy musician Goryeo prince in love with the vengeance-seeking Baekje princess turned gisaeng, assassin and spy, and the Goryeo princess who starts a minor ambitious antagonist but later explodes in a flurry of righteous anger and ambition and a lot of hate for the men who keep trying to control her) But now I’ve read spoilers for the last 4 episodes and just...want nothing to do with the rest of it. It sounds even messier than the rest and possibly in a hurry to kill of as many female characters as possible. And, well, while both men and women have died because History Said So, no men have died for the primary purpose of furthering another character’s arc, but multiple women have. I just hope casting directors were paying attention to Kang Han Na during this, because she’s perfect for sageuks.

Then there’s The K2, which I thought/hoped would be an improved version of Yong Pal, which had the same writer, and a similar setup in terms of initial character positions and allegiances. Instead it dumped most of what was good about Yong Pal and replaced it with inconsistent and poor characterization more often than not. I was led to expect a drama about a politicians secret daughter who seeks revenge against her ambitious and ruthless stepmother and a bodyguard torn by loyalties between both. And I’m pretty sure the creators really did think that was the show they were writing. Instead they didn’t get the plot started until around episode 9, couldn’t be bothered to give the heroine more than the sketchiest development (what characterization there was mostly came from Im Yoon Ah trying her hardest with little to go on) and gave the most development to the villainess, who they gave sympathetic development to then told us she was irredeemably evil. I don’t even know what to make of the characterization of the male characters, as they seemed to be making their personalities up as they went along, along with the plot. Then the PD did an interview where he actually criticized Song Yoo Na for being a good actress and said it was annoying because her outacting everyone else was leading to fanon interpretations that he didn’t want.

These were my most (only, really) anticipated kdramas of the last round of dramas. Hopefully the next round will be better, and I might check out a couple others that people have talked about. Hopefully the next batch is better. At least The Flower in Prison hasn’t let me down? I haven’t watched last weekend’s episodes yet, but nothing about the first 47 episodes makes me expect disappointment for the last 3.
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This afternoon I started Good Girls Revolt on Amazon. The series is based on Lynn Povich's book about how she and several other female researchers sued Newsweek for sexual discrimination in 1970. Aside from Nora Ephron, the real women have been replaced by fictional counterparts. I was aware of the suit before hearing about the show, but had never really looked into it. The pilot was heavyhanded, but no more so than most, and there was an annoyingly male-gazey sex scene, but I enjoyed it otherwise. I will probably read the book even if the rest of the series doesn't work for me, though hopefully it will.

But I can just FEEL those concern trolls wringing their hands about how it might give women the wrong idea about the past and how people talked and behaved then.* You know the ones I'm talking about. They like to reference Mad Men and Game of Thrones a lot. I last spotted them after the first episode of Victoria aired. I haven't looked at anything for the show yet, but I'm sure I'll spot a few as soon as I do.

*Not, of course, that there's anything wrong with objecting to something for over-modernizing a period drama, I'm just talking about the ones who get SO CONCERNED about how period dramas designed to appeal to modern women will just give women the wrong idea about the past, bonus points for if they throw in that such things are bad for feminism.
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Apparently I have to stop being indifferent towards (and sometimes irritated by, depending on fandom) Harry Potter for the next few days since my nephews are Harry and Ron for Halloween.
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To make up for the bad news a while back with viki deleting fanchannels, DramaFever has licensed The Princess Weiyoung, and Viki licensed The Legend of Chusen, which was half-way subbed when the fanchannels were taken down. (Hopefully the same subbers will come back, but given how some people were acting towards them in the comments section, I wouldn’t blame them for not coming back.)

Here's the trailer for Princess Weiyoung:

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I'm at my parents' and Fox News and it's on mute but Donald Trump is making a speech and I can still see him waving his hands around out of the corner of my eye and there's helpful text to tell me what garbage he's spewing. (I mean, they probably just broke out the same text as his last speech. Same stuff.)


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