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 I've never liked Greg Abbott and hate having him as a governor but reading about him praising Trump for his "response" to Harvey and then Trump praising him and saying what a bestie he is with a figurative "tee hee, but we shouldn't praise each other TOO much or people will think we don't care" is nauseating.

And then it seems every update I read (esp on twitter) that has comments has half  the comments from "openminded liberals" talking about how they don't want their money going to Republicans or a red state and I wish I could reach through the internet and strangle people, which is not a level of anger I'm used to having.

I'm too far inland to be affected much-just some of the showers on the outskirts (a number of states are small enough to fit between where I am and Houston, including almost the entirety of Texas Hill Country) and all my family/friends from Houston and Corpus have safely checked in as of yesterday, so I've just spent the last several days frantically keeping up with news, none of which is good.

Date: 2017-08-30 04:41 pm (UTC)
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Glad to hear your family and friends are safe. Also wow, anyone who begrudges aid because Texas is a red state is not someone I want as a political ally. Why are people so terrible?!


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