Climate change: The latest inventory

May. 26th, 2017 02:35 pm
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The annual inventory report [PDF] of our greenhouse gas emissions was released today. The good news: our emissions in 2015 were flat, with a slight decrease on 2014:

Digging deeper, there was a 1% decrease in agricultural emissions due to drought (meaning fewer sheep and cows), partially offset by an increase in industrial emissions. Energy sector emissions also increase slightly, though are looking pretty flat as well. None of this was a result of government policy. Instead, the main driver was the weather.

Holding emissions to a steady level rather than letting them grow is good, but if we want to beat this we need to actually decrease them. And on that front, its worth remembering that our emissions have increased by 24% since 1990, while our per-capita emissions are the 7th highest in the world. Stopping dangerous climate change means reducing emissions sharply, and that means both radically decarbonising our energy and transport systems, and reducing or massively offsetting our agricultural emissions. And that's going to make those who currently profit from destroying the global climate deeply uncomfortable.

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May. 26th, 2017 02:19 am
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Monday I went and posted back a couple of dresses that I thought I'd buy from the internet. I ordered three, sent back two. The one I kept I have already worn several times. (I also kept a pair of multicoloured palazzo trousers - a skirt for each leg! Yess!- but I need to get them taken up because they are too long).

Tuesday I was outdoors because I went to visit [personal profile] morwen, in her new flat. It was good to see her again, it had been a while.

Wednesday was the first time the air-conditioner was on this year. It was a hot and humid day.

Thursday I went out to King's Cross to meet Derek and Muffy, and there were food stalls outside, so I bought myself a Crosstown™ gin-and-lemon doughnut. We sat in the sun and talked, then took ourselves indoors, away from evil daystar, and talked more. It was good.

Later Derek and I went to a delayed NT Live screening of Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead, the Old Vic production, with Daniel Radcliffe at a cinema inside King's College. I enjoyed it, I laughed, and then I was sad. Because Rosencrantz and Guildenstern die. Hamlet in it was very cool. There was David Haig as The Player, and he was good. Funny and attention-capturing and that.

The Elastic Snaps are on Bandcamp

May. 26th, 2017 02:07 am
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Posted by Dorothy

The most concise cartoon band since the Archies made a cassette for Fun Club members back in 2012. Now here are the songs. Was this what you thought they sounded like?

So here I am again

May. 25th, 2017 09:20 pm
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And this year I did manage to get a massage from the amazing massage therapist at the place on the square, it was quite entirely wonderful.

Yesterday and earlier today it was still quite cool and cloudy, but seems to have warmed up by late afternoon.

Spent a mostly quiet and lazy day before going to the A Room of One's Own Reading.

Have managed to see and have some degree of conversation with the old familiar faces.

Have registered and must now look through the schedule to see what (apart from panels I am actually on) I want to go to.

Really, no news here, pass along.

i'm down with the new music

May. 25th, 2017 08:00 pm
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It's a little embarrassing when you hear a great song on the radio, and you google the lyrics as soon as you get home so you can find out what it was, and it turns out to have been released thirty years ago. And apparently was a big hit at the time.

Ah, well, it's new to me?

Who'd have think it?

May. 26th, 2017 02:01 pm
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When Theresa May pissed on the Fixed-Term Parliaments Act and called an election, everyone thought it was a foregone conclusion. Labour was 20 - 25% behind in the polls, so it was obvious they would lose. And then they released a manifesto which promised voters policies that had been off the table for a generation: higher taxes on the rich, re-nationalising failing privatised public services, ending austerity and rolling back cuts. And suddenly, things are different:
Labour has slashed the Conservatives' lead in the polls to just five points, the latest YouGov/Times results show.

The party has made consistent gains in recent weeks as leader Jeremy Corbyn claimed his message was finally getting through to voters.

The results show a four point change since last week when the Tories were leading by nine percentage points - the first time Labour had narrowed the gap to single figures since Theresa May called the snap election on 18 April.

It seems that UK voters like moderate, Northern European social democracy (or, as the Tories call it, "socialism"). Unfortunately, they're saddled with a political establishment that regards such policies as unacceptable, and an unfair electoral system designed to constrain choice within establishment limits. And its now clear that if UK voters want any real choice, they need to do away with both.

A constitutional change

May. 26th, 2017 01:44 pm
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There's been a landmark decision from the Court of Appeal today, one which lawyers are saying changes the New Zealand constitution. The decision? The Court has ruled that the High Court was right to declare that National's 2010 prisoner voting restrictions (the ones which were so shabby and shoddily passed that they brought Parliament into disrepute) were inconsistent with the Bill of Rights Act.

On the one hand, such a declaration changes nothing. Section 4 of the BORA is very clear that the courts can not effectively repeal laws in this way. But OTOH, it serves a valuable purpose in providing vindication to the plaintiffs while formally notifying Parliament that it has failed to do its job properly.

The full decision is here. It's interesting reading, both for its long analysis of the court's power to declare inconsistency, and for its takedown of the Speaker of the House's assertion that it violates Parliamentary Privilege. It also has formal guidance for future courts on when such declarations should be issued. I don't think we'll see a flood of such declarations, because in most cases BORA issues are resolved by the ordinary processes of analysis for justified limitations or interpretation to ensure consistency with the BORA. They will happen only in extreme cases. But this is an extreme case, where Parliament essentially ignored its obligation to guard our rights. As the Court notes:
[B]ecause it underpins equality and sustains consent to government, the right to vote is a core prerogative of citizenship in a free and democratic society. The undiscriminating limitation imposed by the 2010 Act on so central a right demanded justification. None was forthcoming.

In a case where Parliament has so manifestly failed, and has overriden protected rights for apparently no good reason, it is entirely appropriate for the Courts to say so. As with other judicial reminders that the law is an arse, hopefully Parliament will now pay attention and change the law appropriately.
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In case anyone has not seen this link: there is a blog this week doing a Big Gay Fiction Giveaway where you can get about 80 m/m books for the low, low price of completely free. I mean, you have to give them your email address and presumably they sign you up for a bunch of authors' newsletters, but there are some good things there, like KJ Charles' first Magpie book. I personally am looking forward to one that apparently has a rancher falling in love with a werehorse. Also there's one that appears to be gay Oliver Twist.

The Stony Trumps Hate auction is still going on. Sadly, even though I really, really wanted to win [personal profile] garrideb's vid auction, she's up to $90, which is more than I can afford, and since I have, like, eight possible ideas rather than one solid idea (seriously, I have a list of 616 vids in the order I would like to see them), I don't think I can get anyone to go in with me on this. I am sad. So I will try to win Amonae instead because I would really, really like someone to make me a comics vid. I just really want a comics vid so much.

Also I am trying very hard not to panic about this but I am the highest STH auction, as the people competing over me have devolved into two groups now: a Double Time sequel ([personal profile] magicasen) versus a Star Trek AU sequel ([personal profile] kiyaar). There is, uh, a lot of money at stake here. I think the Star Trek AU is losing, although honestly I really can't tell anymore.

I have no idea when I'm going to write this, whichever it is, as my fic writing output at this point is scheduled through at least September (or later, depending on how long Cap-IM BB runs for me), but it's going to be fun and I should probably try to stop screaming internally, right? Right.

[Art] A Duck, A Gull, A Hare.

May. 26th, 2017 09:35 am
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These were all inked during Inktober last year.
So much fun colouring them.
I livestreamed the colouring of all of these over at Instagram,
and had really great crowds join me throughout the day.
Also honestly how have I never drawn a Mandarin Duck before,
they're so awesome. :D

Mandarin Duck as Totem
Original available at Etsy

 photo 2017 - Mandarin Duck as Totem 600x_zpspx6iqemw.jpg

'Love can be such a bright, brilliant emotion. I teach about eternal love. I don't teach lessons about love that fades, but instead, love that remains, stays steady, flames bright no matter what. I champion fealty and loyalty to one's loved one, will show you why opposites attract, or why two people can fit together like a perfect puzzle even when they're already whole. I also teach about the beauty of the liminal, how to find wisdom in the dawn and dusk, in the mist and fog. I will guide you through confusing places, and you can follow my bright plumage, or, if you get along better with my female counterpart (or myself when I'm in eclipse plumage), you can follow the flashes of green-blue upon her wings. See me at the surface, and I will teach you about the beauty of love, but I am a duck, and we are made to delve deeper, friend. Come with me, learn what lies beyond.'

More under the cut. )

Mediterranean Gull as Totem
Original available at Etsy

 photo 2017 - Mediterranean Gull as Totem 600x_zpscm0wi9z5.jpg

'You might think, to look at me, that I am a bird that whispers the secrets of the sea, or squawks them, but I'm the Mediterranean Gull, and you'd best get to know *me!* I cry the secrets of the coast, the shoreline, the cliffs, but especially the reeds, the marshes, the swampy wet places where sea meets land. I'm not about those huge open seas, nor am I about endless land, I love the meeting places. Perhaps you'll not be surprised then, to learn that I also teach about meeting places! How to socialise, interacting with others, loving others and hating them, walking through a social life of literal pecking orders and subtler nuanced association. I am not as brazen as some of my gull counterparts, but I'm not quiet either! I will be near you, and I will talk happily. Do you want someone to walk along the beach with you? To forage through the reeds? To find gems of wisdom in the places other people neglect? Look at how we can become so successful, commanding the places that people put second, to their detriment. I am joyful, determined and outspoken, but respectful and understanding too. I might look like so many of the others, but you will learn that I am only ever myself - as you are too.'

More under the cut. )

Mountain Hare as Totem
Original available at Etsy

 photo 2017 - Mountain Hare as Totem 600x_zpsdfkyodve.jpg

'I am integrated into my ecosystem, to the point where the way I live from place to place is variable, as it should be for you as well, if you are hopping from ecosystem to ecosystem. I am aware of my place, I respect it, we have a relationship of mutuality. On the surface, you may think me silly and hilarious, with my hopping antics, my wild racing across the fields or meadows or forests. I am happy in the higher places, I'll never be all that content at sea level, and you may find yourself drawn to the wisdom of hills and mountains and rises. Whether gentle or steep, we know how to appreciate a good hike to see the view beneath us, don't we? It's not always an easy life, I feel you know this well. I am hunted, and I am prey. But there are those who look out for me, and I look out for myself, too. I'm watchful, wary, made to inhabit my environment as perfectly as possible, whether white as new-fallen snow, or as grey-brown as a stone in a grassy field. Look for my moon and goddess wisdom too, if you wish, look deeper, into how I am anchored with the legends of the land and fertility. Oh, we can go so far together, you and I, across the fields or meadows or forests.'

More under the cut. )

Have a good one, guys!

May. 26th, 2017 01:22 am
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How to Plan Your Retirement

May. 26th, 2017 01:00 am
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Posted by Scott Meyer

I’m shocked that nobody has made a movie about an old man who commits some crime in an attempt to use prison as a nursing home, and that Robert DeNiro hasn’t starred in it.


As always, thanks for using my Amazon Affiliate links (USUKCanada).

More movies!

May. 25th, 2017 08:51 pm
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1. Emma, Josh and I watched Suicide Squad on HBO. It was alright.


2. Josh and I went to see Alien Covenant today. We both really liked it, but we both also really liked Prometheus so take that as your fair warning. LOL

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Posted by David Mikkelson

General Douglas MacArthur did not actually claim in a 1955 speech that the next war would be an 'interplanetary' one.

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May. 25th, 2017 08:20 pm
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I did not cancel on capoeira, the painkillers worked. Which turned out to be a good thing because although everyone was hanging around in street clothes when I got there procrastinating starting, a new student soon appeared! New student uses I Only Know Regional! It's Super-Effective! At getting us all to do endless basic drills anyway. I got some small nudging, did the drills, we did some singing, I managed not to pass out. It was fun!

Also now that I think about it I kind of like the idea that I've become either advanced enough or familiar enough that we do the get there sit around in street clothes sharing a moment of "I don' wanna" before we get started. It doesn't help my confidence that I can help Groot teach at all, but it's fun!

I need to get better about my drawing discipline (there was a plan to do fifteen minutes of sketching every lunch that lasted for about a week) but I am at least getting better at my life model quick sketches. I was very good and did not buy the necklace I saw at Ten Thousand Villages, I looked at it and checked the price and marked it out for later and I will buy it after some time when I haven't just spent a bajillion dollars on new makeup and a few clothes. It will probably still be there in a month or two.

I also kind of want that pink unicorn essence primer, never mind that I don't use makeup primer although I plan on trying it given that I got a free sample of Tarte's, it's pink and it comes in a shiny bottle and it screams "Hello I am a lovely and powerful courtesan" or something.

... no wait, I take it back, I think it does the same thing the serum I already have does. Also at some point I need to make a list of all the shit I need to try or try to do. So far it's primer, waterline eyeliner, side by side comparison of translucent powder baking vs layering my own foundation powder over my face, and working on pressed shadow normal person eyeshadow. Actually since I need to take pictures for my tutorial tonight I might just do a side by side test of the translucent powder vs my usual powder.

My brain is so tired. And GoogleDocs is being a pain when I try to load my files. And it's cold out and I just want to curl up under blankets and sleep until the weekend or something. And instead I have writing to do, and languages, and so on. Maybe I will go to sleep early though. I woke up early thanks to the cats galumphing around like pinballs.

doesn't feel like friday

May. 26th, 2017 08:52 am
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At this point, I don't even know what Friday should feel like.

My week has been crazy busy - or feels that way. And then a group of women from church are apparently doing something tonight and I've been invited.

Tomorrow night, I am ABSOLUTELY STAYING HOME. There will be no stirring. Not the slightest step off the property once I get home from the osteo.



May. 25th, 2017 11:00 pm
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Thank you for many messages for Maru.

I celebrated his birthday with a cake on the night of 24th.

Maru:[But I cannot eat it.]

Don’t worry.
I cooked your cake!

This is heart-shaped cake of horseflesh and white meat.

As this cake is big, please eat together.

However, she looked for her dish.

Hana:[Where is my dish?]

Here you are!


Hana finished eating it in no time and plunged her face into his plate.

Hana:[I help you!]


Maru:[No, thank you.]




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