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 I've never liked Greg Abbott and hate having him as a governor but reading about him praising Trump for his "response" to Harvey and then Trump praising him and saying what a bestie he is with a figurative "tee hee, but we shouldn't praise each other TOO much or people will think we don't care" is nauseating.

And then it seems every update I read (esp on twitter) that has comments has half  the comments from "openminded liberals" talking about how they don't want their money going to Republicans or a red state and I wish I could reach through the internet and strangle people, which is not a level of anger I'm used to having.

I'm too far inland to be affected much-just some of the showers on the outskirts (a number of states are small enough to fit between where I am and Houston, including almost the entirety of Texas Hill Country) and all my family/friends from Houston and Corpus have safely checked in as of yesterday, so I've just spent the last several days frantically keeping up with news, none of which is good.

Oh joy

Feb. 3rd, 2016 03:16 pm
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I just found out that my primary care physician left the hospital over a month ago. Supposedly, I was sent “notice by mail in October or November" (their exact words) but I didn't get it. I also had 2 prescriptions filled at the end of November, one of which I had to speak with the office about, and nothing was said then. I found out when I got a call from my pharmacy today asking for my new physician’s name, since my old one wasn't there anymore.

After speaking with 3 very disinterested people at the hospital, one VERY grudgingly transferred me to the department for getting a new physician, where I got a message saying to leave a message and someone would call me back within 48 hours.

Those of you who were following me on LJ the last time I had to get a new physician might remember all the trouble I had then because a lot of doctors in town “don’t feel comfortable” approving medication for ADD. (If you don't remember, that's ok because it's been a LONG TIME.) The entire process and getting conflicting information and sent to multiple people resulted in multiple anxiety attacks over a period of several weeks. One of them was while I was trying to make an appointment with a psychiatrist and was bad enough that she asked if I needed to have someone pick me up and take me somewhere safe until it was over. (I never mentioned or considered self-harm, I was just that obviously panicked by that point.)

So, yes, I expect this to be a lot of fun. Thankfully, I wasn't getting a refill for my ADD medication-I have 6 weeks left for that, and will hopefully have this all sorted out by then, aND i hAve a full bottle of my sinus meds. (What I was calling for was vitamin D because my levels were low at my last checkup. I was going to get bloodtests next month but we’ll see how that goes, and at least I can get a weaker over the counter version to keep getting some D until I get a new doctor.)


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