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Sorry, my sparkly tiara crushed your fragile ego & caused you to lose all semblance of masculinity.

Yesterday, the intarwebs exploded with the news that Disney, the only US company that really puts out high profile movies targeted to young girls with anything like consistency, will be rewriting "Rapunzel" to appeal to boys.  Choice lines with original thinking like this are included:

Disney can ill afford a moniker that alienates half the potential audience, young boys, who are needed to make an expensive family film a success.

Funny how that half is the only half that anyone ever worries about alienating, isn't it?  Like, can you imagine a press release or note from a publisher explaining why they rewrote stories to be more female-centric because they were worried woen/young girls would lose interest if it was too much about guys?

(The sad thing is that some of what they're saying about the storyline sounds fun, but knowing it comes from fear of too many girl cooties makes it lose its shine.)

I suspect this is part of the problem.