Jan. 8th, 2017

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 I'm reading The Princess Diarist, Carrie Fisher's book about  the making of A New Hope.  It's my first of her books and it's as funny as expected, but there's one passage that really made me uncomfortable.
spoilers I guess )
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 I watched the first 2 episodes of Emerald City earlier and while I want to see what happens before I comment much on the plot, and disliked certain things, I mostly enjoyed it.  Can given trigger warnings if needed.  The trailers played it as fantasy with a bit of mystery and darkness but it's a horror-fantasy and occasionally played up the horror more than the fantasy. It's possibly even more diverse than the trailer made it look, we have a latina lead with curly hair who speaks Spanish with her adopted family in Kansas, another WOC with natural hair, and several other POC as well.  Some things have been flipped around from the books, while other elements that don't don't normally make it into adaptations are in it.

It's directed by Tarsem Singh which means it's the most incredibly lush and visually stunning TV show you will ever see on American network TV.  And that I really hope it's either a miniseries or intended for each season to be self-contained because there's no way NBC can afford a second season unless the ratings are amazing.  (Not to mention that I'm pretty sure the supporting cast is very costly.)

The internent is annoying me with it's inability to let me have a fantasy show (or historical drama with swords that's produced by the US or UK, though I've started seeing this crop up in sageuk and cdrama tags on tumblr) without comparing it to Game of Thrones, but that's another matter.


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