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Under a cut for spoilers for both Star Wars Rebels and The Clone Wars.  I forgot with the Ahsoka post that a coupe of people who follow me are still catching up with both.  Apologies if you saw unwanted spoilers.

Sometimes my strongest feeling about this is my ANGER and OUTRAGE that this was dropped on us LITERALLY in the last scene we have that deals with Mandalore in The Clone Wars. The first time I watched that final arc, I noticed Bo Katan not looking overly pleased when Pre Visla was focusing on the “get rid of Satine” part of his plan to take over Mandalore, despite being very on board with the plan in general, and then we get to the part where Obi wan realizes that Bo Katan is Satine’s sister and on rewatches I’m just “does no one in Death Watch know that Bo Katan is Satine’s sister?* Does he know and not care? Does he know and assume she doesn’t care? Did Bo Katan believe she WOULD be able to kill her sister if needed? WILL I EVER GET ANSWERS? NO I PROBABLY WON’T!”

There is SO MUCH POTENTIAL in this story. We get very little in the way of characterization for Bo Katan-we know she can be ruthless, that she’s very devoted to Mandalore’s warrior past because she’s allied with Pre Visla, who she also seems to very loyal to outside of just being members of Deathwatch**, and that she likes to banter. Satin, of course, had several episodes devoted from her development, and from Bo Katan’s comments in her final appearances and knowing Satine, we can fill in a lot of the blanks. When Bo Katan and Corky rescued Satine from her cell and Satine had that moment of weakness with “Bo…” and then admitting they used to be friends, my brain went in the exact opposite direction from “sisters” and I thought they were very slashable childhood friends who became enemies as adults due to political and ideological differences as adults (and, you know, one became a terrorist…), and then we had Bo Katan’s brief look of devastation when Obi Wan realized who she was and said he was sorry for her loss, and suddenly “sisters at war with each other” sounded a thousand times more angsty and tragic.

And then their story stops right when we find out there even IS a story. Like, we had all those random episodes with Jar Jar Binks and droid adventures! Why couldn’t we have traded in at least one or two of them for episodes developing Bo Katan and hinting that she hand Satine had An Angsty And Dramatic Past and still not revealed the sisters aspect until the same final scene. (I mean, I know Bo Katan mainly came into being because Filoni wanted there to be a female character with armor for people to cosplay as-or at least, I seem to recall reading that- so it’s possible they only came up with her being Satine’s sister at the last minute.) I feel so robbed.

Bo Katan is supposed to appear in the back half of this season of Star Wars Rebels so I hope we get more there. I also hope SHE gets to kill The Cockroach*** once and far all, or that it’s a joint effort between her and Obi Wan, instead of that being solely Obi Wan’s revenge, assuming he does finally die. There’s supposedly a book about her early years floating around in Dave Filoni’s mind or something, and I hope that book eventually gets written and published and has lots of Bo Katan/Satine backstory and angst.

*Actually pretty smart to keep that secret, if so.
**Part of me still clings to the idea that Sabine Wren could be their biological daughter, even though I know that isn’t happening.
***I actually enjoy Maul as a villain in the animated series (but found him completely forgettable in the movie) but HE NEVER DIES even when he should and keeps living while other character die and so he’s The Cockroach.
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