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January 30 - I remember you used to read a lot of comics in the past. What were your favorites and least favorites? What drew you to the genre?( [personal profile] saturnofthemoon  )

I got into comics through the 1992 X-Men TV series (and Cadillacs and Dinosaurs about a year later) when it first aired, though I think it took me a while to realize that the cartoon was based on something. So, I mean, pretty much 12 year old me liking cartoons drew me to the genre. Can’t really say there were particular trends or fictional needs involved, though there was most likely some escapism from things going on with my family at the time involved, not that I was remotely aware of that aspect at the time.

I was mostly an X-books girl, my favorite being Generation X, though there are also some Excaliber arcs that were dear to me, and I loved the original Age of Apocalypse storyline at the time. Outside of the X-books, aside from the first series of New Warriors, the Busiek and Nicieza runs of Thunderbolts, and certain Captain America things (the run where he was partnered with Rachel Leighton/Diamondback, the Nomad spinoff and what I read of Ed Brubaker’s run before drifting away) I never really got into things outside of the X-books, though there were various things I liked along the way. I never really meshed with DC, despite being really into various parts of Wonder Woman and Birds of Prey, and early Fables, plus a few short-lived books over the years, like the Manhunter series starring Kate Spencer.

Outside of The Big Two, I was really really into Crossgen before it crashed and burned, love Usagi Yojimbo despite being horribly behind, and also loved a few indie titles, particularly Castle Waiting, Xenozoic Tales and Thieves and Kings. I dabbled here and there with Image comics , especially Top Cow, where I had a very tumultuous relationship with the Witchblade-related titles for several years.

I honestly can’t say what the me-of-today would think if I first encountered any of those now, given how long ago I first encountered them, especially given how tied many of them were to the time they were released. (Except Usagi Yojimbo and Castle Waiting. I feel safe saying I would still find them excellent if I first read them now.)

Anyway, aside from sometimes picking up X-books that have Jubilee in them, I haven’t read a superhero comic in years (I do fully intend to read the new Generation X series, though) but am reading the new Star Wars books and Saga off and on, along with the occasional non-mainstream comic, usually a standalone GN. I actually started drifting away right as a lot of friends started getting into-or being more vocally into-cmics due to the popularity of the Marvel movies. (Though my losing interest in something around the time people I know are getting into it has become a bit of an accidental trend. It also happened with The Vampire Diaries, Person of Interest and The 100. No idea what that says about me.)
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