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I went into this completely spoiled. Not on purpose, but because it was impossible to not be spoiled by the time I got to it. I liked it, but I feel the animated universe has made it so I feel a bit unsatisfied by the movies. It happens On the off chance someone hasn’t seen it, and has managed to avoid spoilers…

-Am I the only one who finished the movie and went “ok, but now they’re all available for season 4 of Rebels because nothing has to be kept secret about them!

-I really appreciate that the movie had the suicide mission and committed itself to killing the entire cast, OT characters excepted (And Bail Organa, but we know what’s about to happen there) but I wonder if they’d have thought they cold get away with it if the central cast weren’t all MoC except for one white woman. Well, and a robot voiced by Alan Tudyk.

-On a similar note, this is a movie that could only exist as part of an established fictional universe It could never be a truly standalone movie, and that’s ok.

-I wish Donnie Yen had had more fight scenes.

-I love how it’s almost like someone went “wait, aren’t we supposed to have a main antagonist who has a huge billowing cape?” at the last minute, because that character felt like SUCH an afterthought.

-Why is Jyn the leader of the mission? Don’t get me wrong, I liked Jyn plenty, but she had zero experience or qualifications in the necessary areas, and was 100% emotionally compromised. It was very much a “main character is the leader because Main Character” thing

-I love how so much of the climax relied on the difficulties in transmitting large amounts of data when you have to use a landline Also, Galen, maybe you could have condensed those files a bit? I refuse to believe Star Wars technology has no data compression methods.

-It probably would have cost them a lot less money to give Billie Lourd a wig and a good makeup job instead of doing that CGI and would have been more convincing and a nice homage.

I also watched Moana and Hidden Figures recently.  Hidden Figures was obviously highly dramatized, but most of it worked.  I say "most" because the white characters are obviously there to make white people feel better and like THEY would stand up against racism in the same situation.  There' this one much-discussed scene with Kevin Costner's character where you can practically FEEL all the middleaged white men in the audience sitting up a little bit straighter, certain that they, too, would have taken a dramatic stand against injustice and segregation if they.  Moana was lovely and wonderfully mythic and definitely worthy of the "classic Disney musical" label, though, like Tangled and Frozen, it's a little TOO aware of Disney Princess tropes and cultural standing, and wants to make sure you know it knows.  People talk a lot less about Moana's lack of a love interest than they do Merida's in Brave, but I think it actually worked a lot better in Moana.  Brave reminded us every chance it got that Merida didn't have a love interest and didn't want one.  Moana never brings it up.  It treats Moana having her on adventures without a boyfriend as the norm, not as an exception to the rule that should be applauded.  It simply never comes up at all.

I watched 3 movies in April, which is 1 more movie than I watched in the previous 3 months combined.  I also removed one movie from my backlog-The Phantom of the Theatre (no relation to Phantom of the Opera, as far as I know)-but got bored.  

Date: 2017-05-01 07:16 am (UTC)
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Yes about MOANA -- just watched it for movie night with a bunch of friends; the lack of any male love interest is excellent and organic: simply not part of the story told here.

Date: 2017-05-01 03:58 pm (UTC)
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I wish Donnie Yen had had more fight scenes.

To be fair, this is true of most movies.


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