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What are you currently reading

Nothing at the moment.

What did you recently finish reading?

Finished No Humans Involved.

Swan Prince, a single volume manhwa by Bi that, as the title suggests, is a genderswapped adaptation of Swan Lake. It was cute, but pretty much fluffy shoujo fantasy romance.

All four volumes of Kaori Yuki's Ludwig Kakumei. If you just went "wait, isn't that her really weird fairy tale series where the hero has a collection of preserved women's corpses?," yes, yes it is. The first couple volumes are dark and weird and misogynistic and twisted even for Kaori Yuki, are pretty openly antagonistic towards the heroines of fairy tales, and the series appears to be KY's attempted to answer "are fairy tales princes really all secret necrophiliacs?" The collection of corpses and obsession with beautiful dead things is mostly in the first volume, is mentioned a bit in the second, and then abruptly disappears altogether, and the rest of the series calms down to normal KY levels of crack and weirdness and the stories are more darkly comic parodies. There are considerably more women with lasting roles than I'd initially thought, though they tend to be on the masochistic side (unless they have a healthy streak of sadism) and a lot of the last volume is "women run around shooting people and taking over kingdoms, Lui poses dramatically." The beginning is addictive in the trainwreck horror way, then the rest is more the addictive charming dementedness you expect from KY.

As an aside, KY's sidebars are usually hilarious, but I recommend skipping a lot of them here, as she tends to talk about how she didn't care for a lot of the heroines in fairy tales and was always curious about the princes, though they also reveal a LOT of research into obscure and early versions of various stories. The most memorable of the sidebars is when she's talking about "Cinderella" and said she decided to not include a scene because she thought it sounded too painful and dark for her.* If you've read KY before (or just read up on her), your jaw may have just figuratively hit the floor. Actually, if you read this series and no other KY stuff, there should still be jawdropping, because she has far worse than anything in "Cinderella" in this series, some of which she made up for herself.

*Presumably, she was referring to the stepmother and stepsisters being attacked by birds at the wedding, as the toe and ankle lopping off were mentioned.

By Loved Unveiled by Sabrina Jeffries, a reissue of a book from 1993 written as Deborah Martin. Set during 1661, the plot revolves around Our Heroine attempting to prove that her father was not involved in an attempt to assassinate the king, and believing that Our Hero, whose family owned her father's lands before the war, and who has returned to claim them, may be responsible. Our Hero, in turn, thinks she may be a spy sent by his dastardly uncle ("dastardly" is the only proper term), who is possibly a traitor, and who told everyone that Our Hero was dead for years so that he could run off with the family jewels. Lots of "I am very suspicious of you and think you may have committed treason, but boy are you hot" hijinks ensue. I generally enjoy romance novels (and fiction in general) set in this period, and I mostly enjoyed this. "Mostly" because...uhm...I DID mention that it was written in 1993, right? For the most part, it holds up well, but the hero is prone to being an alpha jerk, and way too sexually aggressive and there's a scene that borders on dubious consent. That said....err, worse is still being published now in that regard, and there was certainly far worse coming out at the time.

What do you think you'll read next?

Not sure. I have a few romance novels and Kelley Armstrong books checked out from the library.
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This is the latest licensed offering from Kaori Yuki. As such, it's chaotic, full of beautiful, sometimes androgynous men, Goth Lolis, obsessive sibling relationships, possibly incestuous sibling relationships (there might be overlap), zombie dolls, gender confusion, gender ambiguity, utterly bizarre and somewhat creepy explanations for devotion, crossdressing nuns, adorable hedgehogs, Lewis Carroll references, and road trips. At one point, I think someone is put in a bird cage. I read these a few weeks ago, so I could be wrong.

There is a character who runs around wearing a cat mask. In a sidebar (Kaori Yuki's sidebars alone are worth the price of admission) Yuki comments that she considered putting him in a full cat suit, but thought that might be a bit much. Kaori Yuki has interesting standards for "a bit much."

I will not even attempt to explain the plot without going into extremely detailed spoilers, but it's set in a world that's supposed to be medieval France (or so Yuki she points out in a sidebar, you can't really tell) that is beset by a curse that turns people into zombie dolls. The zombie dolls can only be defeated by music. Our Heroes are a 4 person orchestra mostly made up of convicts and killers who travel around using their music to save people from zombie dolls. One would rather shoot them, but that doesn't work well.

Our Main Hero (such as he can be called) in Lucille. Despite the name and the quite feminine appearance, Lucille is male. Just remember Rosiel from Angel Sanctuary. It helps. Kaori Yuki apparently realizes that it might be easy to forget Lucille is male, and so every time he sings, he rips his shirt (or whatever else he may be wearing) open.

Despite the first bit being rather nonsensical (part of it is that you don't initially realize that there are several tall, beautiful men with long, luxurious blond hair running around) but it's actually a bit less cluttered and more organized then Kaori Yuki's previous manga. Though it's still like reading 6 volumes of any other manga condensed into one volume.
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spoilers almost defy comprehension )
Hmm…and now I have read everything of Kaori Yuki’s that’s been licensed. In about a six month period. Viz (or whoever) needs to license more now!

Hmm…after I finish X/1999, I think I’ll need to cleanse my brain with some shoujo fluff and/or shounen.
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Appallingly devoid of body parts in jars. )
Also, Kaori Yuki said that Riff is plain. Obviously, we have different ideas about what “plain” is.
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Hmm…does this count as an epic declaration of True Love?

“You have too much responsibility. Who will pay my bills?!! And manage the one hundred servants in my employ?! Who will dress me? I’d rather die myself than drink tea made by anyone but you! Who’s going to tie my shoelaces?! Tell me, who?!! …who will be there…to understand my thoughts…?”

Spoilers are Special and Unique. Even for Kaori Yuki. )
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Spoilers are surprisingly lacking on the body parts in jars front. )

Hmm...Vol 4 is shrinkwrapped.  Any particular reason that doesn't involve spoiling me?
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And this is why I love Kaori Yuki. Her characters say things like this:

You belong to me alone, so you must never get hurt without my permission. This belongs to me…the only hand that is allowed to tie my shoelaces.

spoilers involve Parrots of Doom! )
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Apparently, I read a few chapters of this years ago, as I remembered the first three chapters as I was reading them. Probably when I was reading Shoujo Beat. That said, I don’t think I can be blamed for forgetting that as this is technically volume 6, and would probably make no sense without the first five volumes.

spoilers have an eyeball collection in a jar )
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Ok, is it just me, or is Cain starting to look like Setuna?

spoilers involve heads in jars )
Hmm…and now Kaori Yuki takes a break for Angel Sanctuary, and returns with the art style in later volumes of Angel Sanctuary, right?
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This is labeled as being part 1 of volume 4, and the next volume as part 2 of volume 4. I reject Viz’s weird numbering, and substitute it with normal numbering.

Now we have this quote: “Your mind as well as your past and future are shrouded in darkness. I see and endless dark labyrinth…you’re stepping over piles of dead bodies, tramping around, looking desperately for someone.”

Spoilers possibly involve zombies. Or clones. Or maybe both. )
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By page 2, we have this quote: “The embryo of the cursed bloodline rises to the heavens dripping blood and flapping its black wings.” It seems to be referring to Cain’s birth.

Spoilers involve eyeballs in glass jars. Kinda. )
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(I originally typed "Angel Sanctuary" into the subject line...)

Though wonderfully cracked out and charmingly demented, this never really took off like Angel Sanctuary. Then again, I think Kaori Yuki tried to cram about 2/3 of the plot of Angel Sanctuary’s 20 volumes into a 3 volume series.
spoilers )
Not that I don’t still have eleven volumes of Count Cain/Godchild to go, but does anyone know if any more of Kaori Yuki’s titles have been licensed?

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spoilers abuse the exclamation mark )

I may be scared to finish Fairy Cube now.  And Cain Saga/Godchild.
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In one of the sidebars, Kaori Yuki said that things were about to get melodramatic. I was wondering if she’d read her own manga (again) but then I read the rest of the chapter. She also mentioned that Raphael was going to start wearing different clothes, but we probably wouldn’t notice. It’s entirely possible that this would have been true if I hadn’t been told about it in advance.

spoilers defy witty cut text )
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In one of the sidebars, Kaori Yuki recommends rereading the entire series at once. I’m not sure she realized what she was saying.

spoilers involve interesting leather ensembles )
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spoilers have increasingly complicated secret identities )

Incidentally, while I'm not sure I like the direction the plotline seems to be going, this picture of Raphael and Sara is gorgeous.


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