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I ended to make full posts on the other pilots I watched, but Real Life interfered.

1. My opinions of Blindspot and Rosewood's second episodes are about the same as my opinions of their pilots.

2. I'm enjoying Minority Report and it's easy on the eyes in various ways, but that's about it so far. The show can't seem to make up it's mind about precrime. It seems to really endorse it and talks about the lives it saved/could save, but then shows how much it sucked for anyone actually involved. Also, Dash comes across as a lot younger that the other precogs, even though Arthur is his twin, and Agatha is close to them in age.

3. I really liked the pilot of Quantico. The male characters are mostly blended together in my head, but I like the ladies a lot, and am interested in theplot. I think it also did a better job setting up the two-timelines structure than a lot of other shows that do that do. Warning for suicide.

4. Scream Queens is awful and racist and classist and ableist and homophobic and thinks all these things are genuinely funny (and, with one or two exceptions, has no room to really interpret it as criticizing the hateful mindsets. It isn't even "This is wrong and you know it's wrong and I know that you know it's wrong so it's ok to do it" [which has plenty of it's own issues].) but I can't stop watching with trainwreck fascination. Also, lots of consent issues with Jamie Lee Curtis's character, because apparently when an older person who regularly uses institutionalized power to coerce people of the opposite sex to have sex with them is a woman, it's funny. I mean, the show knows these people are horrible, they just think their expressions of horribleness are truly funny.

5. How to Get Away With Murder is off to a good start this season, though I'm very disappointed that they're going to do Laurel/Frank again. At least Famke Janssen and her plot came along? I'm choosing not to think about possible interpretations of the flashforwards and am instead focusing on the students (plus Oliver) becoming actual friends. The Connor/Michaela and Laurel/Michaela stuff in particular delight me.

6. I don't know what to make of the direction Empire's plot is going, but at least it's as entertaining as ever.

7. I was close to giving up on Sleepy Hollow after last season, but decided to give the premeire a chance. i liked it more than a lot of Season 2, but it's still a far cry from season 1. At least they remembered that Jenny has spent her entire adult life (when not institutionalized) hunting down magic artifacts, and that Abbie had life goals before Ichabod came along. I enjoyed Shannyn Sossamon and hope that her character actually gets good development. All I really have to say about Betsy Ross so far is that her wardrobe makes Katrina's look historically accurate.

8. Hwajung ended. The first 37 or so episodes were stronger than the later episodes, which involved a lot of timeskips and cramming things in to cover the Sohyeon story and get to the beginning of Hyojong's rein, but I enjoyed it throughout. They ignored everything about the realy Princess Jeongmyung in order to make her a potlically active heroine, but for fictional entertainment purposes, I can't make myself object. Not sure what my next sageuk will be.

10. My airing anime finished (the non-ending of Gangsta. is going to be making me shake my fist for a long time. It wasn't even a cliffhanger ending, it was a "whoops, we forgot to write an ending.") and all I have coming up are the second seasons of K Project and Noragami, unless someone has something I'd like to recommend as things get going.


Jul. 26th, 2015 09:21 pm
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1. After the early meh-to-me episodes, I got into Wayward Pines once it got over "ZOMG! MYSTERY!" and got to the actual plot. And then the epilogue happened and taught me my lesson about considering trusting M. Night.

I will say, though, that there appears to have been a woman on staff whose main duty was to go around and thwap people upside the head with a rolled up newspaper when it looked like they were about to Do It Wrong with the women. Not that it was perfect, but there were a lot of times it looked like it was heading into terrible cliches, and then saved itself.

(Also, How dare you, show, make me think you're about to end with morally ambiguous frenemy secretly bisexual coleaders, and then take that from me. HDU.)

Uhm...if you watch it, just stop the second Ben wakes up in the last episode, and I guess you'll be OK?

2. Despite also technically ending on a cliffhanger, The Messengers had a much more satisfying and rewarding finale, even with the literal Deus Ex Machina. I'm still not thrilled with the SURPRISE! plot twist midway through and wish Zahir had had more development, but overall, I enjoyed the series, and wish it'd been given more of a chance.

3. Dark Matter and Killjoys pretty much had the same 5th episodes, though I think Killjoys did it better.

Over in Dark Matter, my liking for 6 of the 7 cast members is steadily increasing, but my feeling for One are on a starkly opposing trajectory. The latest episode made him crossover from "annoyed" to "dislike" though. I'm also really tired of people comparing Three and Five to Jayne and River. I always thought the Five/River comparisons were stretching it (River Tam is neither the first nor the last "mysterious teenaged girl" to pop up in a SciFi show), but they're really stretching it now that we know more about Five and how she does the things she does (ie: actual skills developed over months/years, not because someone did something to her head). Three/Jayne had more basis since Three actually does exhibit a lot of the same traits and behaviors as Jayne, but while Jayne's assholishness and selfishness were largely sincere with "not so bad" and fairly genuine loyalty coming through when absolutely necessary, since around the third episode, it's been pretty obvious that a lot of it with Three is an act, and at this point, it seems to mostly being an act.

spoiler for episode 7 )
4. I watched season 6 of The Good Wife. The performances are still strong and I've always mostly watched because the actors are really, really good at what they do with their characters, forcing me to like almost every character, but the plot really is all over the place now. When the season was airing, I saw people commenting that it was like the characters were in two different shows without realizing it, and that's very true.

5. Hwajung has finished up with Gwanghae's rein, and started on Injo's. While the show is taking the typical sageuk liberties with Princess Jeongmyung's life, from what I can tell, it's actually being truer to history in other ways than is often the norm for sageuk biodramas. I'm currently deciding whether I was to watch The Scholar Who Walks the Night as it airs (or rather, as DramaFever gets it on their 2 week delay, since I can stream it on my TV through Hulu then) or wait until it's finished and binge.
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 167 x Hwajung (episodes 11-20)


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Jul. 16th, 2015 05:39 pm
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1. I never thought the addition of a Ladyspy to one of my shows would be the thing that finally got me to be pretty sure I won't be checking out the next season, but Sleepy Hollow may have just pulled it off. Tumblr post and commentary that explains how they pulled it off. 

2. For US shows I'm currently watching: Stitchers, The Astronaut Wives Club, Wayward Pines, Beauty and the Beast, Dark Matter and Killjoys. I don't really have much to say about any of them, but Stitchers, and The Astronaut Wives Club both improved for me a lot after the pilot.

3. I finished Soo Baek Hyang and will post substantially on it...soon. Hwajung is still great, and the politics interest me more than they usually do in Joseon-set sageuks. (I tend to find the political aspect more interesting during the Three Kingdoms era.) I've mostly been making tumblr picspams for it, though.

4. Taraji Henson and Viola Davis rightly got Best Actress Emmy noms. Trai Byers did not, nor did any of the not-Scoobies (as I tend to think of them at times) from HTGAWM, both of which make me very sad. Jane the Virgin got nothing, which is even worse. I guess I'm happy that Tatiana Maslany got nommed and I'm happy for those who are excited, but my main reaction was "ok, good."

5. I'm somewhere in season 10 of Murder She Wrote. This show is still a lot of fun, but the "Look, we understand TECHNOLOGY!" aspect to a lot of the episodes in more recent seasons keeps me from enjoying it as much as I did before. The absence of "LOOK! TECHNOLOGY!" in earlier seasons was such a nice break from more contemporary mystery shows.
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 151 x Hwajung (eps 1-10)


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1. I watched the 5th and final season of Covert Affairs. While I was iffy about parts of the first half of the season, I really enjoyed the second half. You can tell they were hoping there might still be a 6th season when they wrote the ending, but I'm pretty content with how things ended up.

2. Beauty and the Beast is back! I thought the return was pretty good.

spoiler )

3. The 4th and 5th episodes of Wayward Pines were better than the first 3. I think the show would have benefitted enormously from spending less time trying for "WTF?" and trying to be MYSTERIOUS and SHOCKING and gotten to the revelations in episode 5 around episode...2. 3 at the latest.

spoiler )

3. Netflix put up the back half of season 2 of The Fosters and hulu is getting the new episodes, so I'm actually current there. I did watch I think 9 episodes in 1 day, which was a huge mistake, given how emotionally draining it is.

Is it a spoiler to say that I'm glad someone finally commented on how ridiculously luxurious Wyatt's hair is (boy is practically a walking hair product commercial. Fabio sees his hair and runs to look at the billionty romance covers he posed for to remind himself that he will always be the cultural icon for men with long, luxurious locks.) even though I didn't care for the circumstances at all?

4. While I really enjoy CW's The Messengers, I didn't care for the reveal in the latest episode at all.

5. I tried out Jejoongwon a sageuk from a few years ago that had sounded interesting at the time, about the formation of Joseon's first western medicine hospital, but was mostly bored by the first episode. I decided to give the second episode a chance, but realized halfway through that I'd paid attention to maybe 5 minutes out of 30-something. Does anyone have any opinions as to whether or not I shouod give it another chance?

6. I also watched the first episode of Wolf Hall, the Masterpiece series about Thomas Cromwell, and was also and sadly bored by it.

7. I thought the second and third episodes of Stitchers were stronger than the first, though certain parts of the worldbuilding that were established in the pilot (particularly regarding Kirsten's condition) are already breaking down. Salli Richardson-Whitfield and Allison Scagliotti are still the main reasons to watch.

8. Hwajung is still my favorite thing I'm watching, and I should actually say something of merit about it instead of just repetively saying I like it. (Do tumblr picspams count?)

9. Not TV, but I finally got around to watching the latest Cinderella movie. After the Snow White movies from a few years ago and Maleficent, I expected something a bit more...revisionist, and maybe even deconstructive? It was a pretty straightforward adaptation, though, and an enjoyable one. I appreciated how they just completely ignored any ideas about "historical accuracy" in the costuming and went "this is a movie about a girl who goes to a ball in a pumpkin pulled by mice" and just went to town on the costumes. It was less of a mashup of the original Disney version and Ever After that the trailers and reports would imply, and that's ok, though there were scenes that were clearly modelled after Ever After scenes, to the point where I was surprised when they played out differently (such as Ella watching her father leave down the drive) as well as other Cinderella adaptations. I thought the cast was pretty good (though I was strangely and shockingly underwhelmed by Cate Blanchett until the last half hour or so) and it did what it wanted to do well.


May. 8th, 2015 06:31 pm
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1A. Secrets and Lies ended. Well, the season did, at least. I had thought it was a miniseries going in, and seem to recall it being promoted as such. Pretty much, I didn't realize it was possible to feel that betrayed and let down by a show you found faily all over the place anyway, and didn't actually like.

1B. It was renewed, and I'll probably end up at least trying out season 2 in the hopes that the one element of the finale that I liked gets followed up on.

1C. Agent Carter and Galavant were also renewed, and I'm pretty sure they were also originally promoted as miniseries? At least I mostly liked both of them, though, and can hope the second seasons will be better about the things I didn't

2. Madam Secretary's first season also ended, and was a much better ending. I've seen some people call it anticlimactic, but I don't think it really was. I think we're just conditioned to expect cliffhangers, and for parts of the BIg Mystery to carry over into the second season, not leave things resolved, especially when another season is already a done thing. Fandom seems to have skipped over this one for the most part, which makes me sad, but at least it apparently has decent enough ratings.

3. Hwajung is probably my favorite thing I'm watching right now. For those who don't like to start sageuks until the leads have grown up, they grow up at the end of episode 7. I am pleased to report that the crossdressing exiled princess heroine who wants revenge is also a conartist who braves volcanoes and Edo era checkpoints (hey, those things were scary!) I can see some of the things I liked best about Queen Seon Deok as influence here (well, the 51 episodes of QSD that I acknowledge exist), particularly in regards to character dynamics and how Jungmyung thinks and plots, but not to a really obvious degree. I made a few picspams for tumblr for it.  Two general ones for the first episode, and one for episode 8 that's more character specific.
cut for spoilers and caps )
4. Interesting article about the influence of Nancy Drew.

5. I took a break from Murder She Wrote because the narrative POV of Jessica's writing and adventuring in it really, really irked me, but I'm watching season 6 now. An interesting thing about watching older shows is that they're prone to reusing the same guest actors in multiple roles. Today, with DVDs and streaming services being the norm, it's really noticeable. But 20+ years ago, the episodes wouldn't be spaced far enough apart that you wouldn't immediately go 'this producer was the lady in prison back in X episode of season 1, and this guy was the cheating husband in Y episode, the hapless cop in Z episode, and the evil brother in T episode."

Also, people's hair looks they they could have conceivably done it themselves. I mean, you know wardrobe got their hands on them, but it LOOKS like they could have done it themselves, as opposed to completely broke people's "disheveled" look making them look like they just spent 3 hours at the salon.

6. While they don't have much in common besides being historical mysteries with a civilian female lead solving crime with a police officer who initially doesn't care for their butting in, I think fans of Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries might like Victoria Thompson's Gaslight Mysteries.
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1. I've watched the first 2 episodes of The Messengers and am enjoying it. The basics are that a "meteor" strikes earth and when it does, several people die and are reborn with superpowers. Since angels and demons are the "in" thing, we learn that they're representatives of archangels meant to avert the apocalypse. I'm sideeyeing some things(sooooooo much could go wrong here) but so far I like it. It's a very CW take of Serious Business Apocalypse, so take that as you will.

2. Speaking of CW, I'm still watching and loving Jane the Virgin and iZombie though I don't really have much to say about either, and I'm very ready for The 100 and Beauty and the Beast to come back.

3. Reign fans, should I bother? It seems everyone who loved the first season is hating the second.

4. The second week of Hwajung was great, and I learned this week that The King's Face, which I heard good things about while to was airing, is also about Gwanghae, and leaves off somewhere around where Hwajung starts. I'm somewhat tempted to watch it, but will probably just be weirded out by watching 2 different takes on him at the same time.

5. Waiting for Hwajung episodes, though, has got me back to watching Ja Myung Go. I've been watching it off and on for almost a year. It hasn't taken me so long to get through it because it's bad, but because I know it'll end with almost everyone dead. (Also, while I sympathize with the male lead, I just can't get invested in him, and much prefer a couple of the secondary male characters, and as a result, I can't really get into the main romance, as much as I'm into pretty much everything else in the show.)

6. I found out last week that Hulu has all of Castle streaming, and so I'm current with that show for the first time ever. Possibly more importantly, it looks like they have season 3 of Body of Proof too, and I'm watching that this week.

7. In movie news, has anyone seen/does anyone plan to see The Age of Adeline? It looks interesting;

8. It is entirely possible that, after turning in my Rarely Written assignment a couple hours ago, I started to completely redesign my Hay Day farm. It's a very "down the rabbit hole' project. (And one I might abandon halfway through, since my flight's festival is this week on Flight Rising.)
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1. I know a lot of people dislike Cassandra Clare, and why, but this rant about slutshaming women who have sex, write sex scenes, and enjoy reading sex scenes, and the idea that things meant to entertain teenaged girls is the lowest common denominator has some pretty good bits.

2. Related: What (Straight)Women Want ( no relation to sexist Mel Gibson movies) according to years and years of reading fiction.

3. Via [personal profile] retsuko , a list of anime and manga recs for people who aren't fans of anime and manga that doesn't make my eyes glaze over with boredom.  Most of what I haven't read or watched, I have no interest in reading or watching, and there are other things I'd have on there, but, IMO, it's better than most.

4. I shouldn't start a new kdrama before finishing Ja Myung Go and the telenovelas I've been watching, but I checked out a new sageuk Hwajung out of curiosity. The plot is about Jeongmyung, a Joseon princess who is exiled after her half-brother, Gwanghae, usurps the crown, grows up as a boy, and returns years later as a boy. The first episode focuses mostly of the political and personal circumstances that lead to Gwanghae's coup. (Though really, it's another prince's coup. Played by the same actor who played Mishil's scheming brother in Queen Seon Duk.) Different things I've seen have promoted either Gwanghae or Jeongmyung as the main character. I opt to believe that it's Jeongmyung, with a greater focus on Gwanghae in early episodes because Jeongmyung is a little girl in them, and because Cha Seung Won is a much bigger star than Lee Yoon Hee. I'm actually really looking forward to seeing Lee Yeon He in a leading role, as I've only seen her as the younger versions of sageuk women before.


I have pretty much no historical reference for the one.  I know some bits about Gwanghae, but that's it.

5. Is anyone else planning to watch CW's The Messengers? I'm not really sold on the trailer, but I do like JD Pardo, and it has potential. (If nothing else, CW will probably treat him better than Revolution did.)


6. Speaking of CW, I enjoyed this week's iZombie a lot, but suspect I would have been more excited about it if (A) I had ever watch a single scene of Merlin (though I did quite like the actor) or (B) had ever understood why anyone would like Dick "prove you're a man by raping an unconscious girl" Casablancas.  (He never even had "love to hate" or "at least he's amusing" status for me, but I know a lot of people enjoyed him.)

Meanwhile, petition to get protective details for Clive and Ravi. (Liv should be fine.)

7. Rarely written fic is due in 2 weeks. I have 0 words, but a vague idea? I need panic induced adrenaline to set in.


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