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So far this year, US TV has been rather liberal about killing off female characters, but this week probably takes the cake.

All the dead ladies so far that I know of (excluding guest stars and such) have been either POC, LBBT or mentally ill, or a combination of the above.

It's like Bigfoot stomping around, trying to stomp out the baby steps TV and movies have been making lately.

For better or worse, I only watch 2 of the shows in the article and 1 other show that has pulled this this year.


May. 8th, 2015 06:31 pm
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1A. Secrets and Lies ended. Well, the season did, at least. I had thought it was a miniseries going in, and seem to recall it being promoted as such. Pretty much, I didn't realize it was possible to feel that betrayed and let down by a show you found faily all over the place anyway, and didn't actually like.

1B. It was renewed, and I'll probably end up at least trying out season 2 in the hopes that the one element of the finale that I liked gets followed up on.

1C. Agent Carter and Galavant were also renewed, and I'm pretty sure they were also originally promoted as miniseries? At least I mostly liked both of them, though, and can hope the second seasons will be better about the things I didn't

2. Madam Secretary's first season also ended, and was a much better ending. I've seen some people call it anticlimactic, but I don't think it really was. I think we're just conditioned to expect cliffhangers, and for parts of the BIg Mystery to carry over into the second season, not leave things resolved, especially when another season is already a done thing. Fandom seems to have skipped over this one for the most part, which makes me sad, but at least it apparently has decent enough ratings.

3. Hwajung is probably my favorite thing I'm watching right now. For those who don't like to start sageuks until the leads have grown up, they grow up at the end of episode 7. I am pleased to report that the crossdressing exiled princess heroine who wants revenge is also a conartist who braves volcanoes and Edo era checkpoints (hey, those things were scary!) I can see some of the things I liked best about Queen Seon Deok as influence here (well, the 51 episodes of QSD that I acknowledge exist), particularly in regards to character dynamics and how Jungmyung thinks and plots, but not to a really obvious degree. I made a few picspams for tumblr for it.  Two general ones for the first episode, and one for episode 8 that's more character specific.
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4. Interesting article about the influence of Nancy Drew.

5. I took a break from Murder She Wrote because the narrative POV of Jessica's writing and adventuring in it really, really irked me, but I'm watching season 6 now. An interesting thing about watching older shows is that they're prone to reusing the same guest actors in multiple roles. Today, with DVDs and streaming services being the norm, it's really noticeable. But 20+ years ago, the episodes wouldn't be spaced far enough apart that you wouldn't immediately go 'this producer was the lady in prison back in X episode of season 1, and this guy was the cheating husband in Y episode, the hapless cop in Z episode, and the evil brother in T episode."

Also, people's hair looks they they could have conceivably done it themselves. I mean, you know wardrobe got their hands on them, but it LOOKS like they could have done it themselves, as opposed to completely broke people's "disheveled" look making them look like they just spent 3 hours at the salon.

6. While they don't have much in common besides being historical mysteries with a civilian female lead solving crime with a police officer who initially doesn't care for their butting in, I think fans of Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries might like Victoria Thompson's Gaslight Mysteries.
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1. OMG Jane the Virgin and the fantasy sequences.

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2. iZombie continues to be great. I'm glad Liv's mom is getting fleshed out more and will take this week's commentary about solving the murder of one white person being treated as more important than finding dozens of missing teenagers, the majority of whom are PoC and/or poor, as an apology for the terrible racism of the Asian gangsters episode.

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3. About 4 1/4 minutes into this, there's footage from season 3 of Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries:

4. Vaguely related to the above How to Write Killer Historical Mysteries by Kathy Lynn Emerson, while meant for aspiring writers thinking about writing historical mysteries, is a pretty entertaining read with lots of information about writing historical fiction in general, and some great observations on how to craft characters in historical mysteries to make them able to go around everywhere investigating. Also, while there's no overt feminist approach to the book, it was nice to read a piece about writing in general that never seems to consider the possibility of addressing writing historical fiction and people's roles in history by sidelining women.

5. Speaking of historical fiction. some people have been reading and saying good things about Allison Weir and Phillippa Gregory. Should I give them a try? (It...should be noted that, while I never saw the Hollywood version of The Other Boleyn Girl, I saw the BBC version and didn't care for it at all.)
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1. I know a lot of people dislike Cassandra Clare, and why, but this rant about slutshaming women who have sex, write sex scenes, and enjoy reading sex scenes, and the idea that things meant to entertain teenaged girls is the lowest common denominator has some pretty good bits.

2. Related: What (Straight)Women Want ( no relation to sexist Mel Gibson movies) according to years and years of reading fiction.

3. Via [personal profile] retsuko , a list of anime and manga recs for people who aren't fans of anime and manga that doesn't make my eyes glaze over with boredom.  Most of what I haven't read or watched, I have no interest in reading or watching, and there are other things I'd have on there, but, IMO, it's better than most.

4. I shouldn't start a new kdrama before finishing Ja Myung Go and the telenovelas I've been watching, but I checked out a new sageuk Hwajung out of curiosity. The plot is about Jeongmyung, a Joseon princess who is exiled after her half-brother, Gwanghae, usurps the crown, grows up as a boy, and returns years later as a boy. The first episode focuses mostly of the political and personal circumstances that lead to Gwanghae's coup. (Though really, it's another prince's coup. Played by the same actor who played Mishil's scheming brother in Queen Seon Duk.) Different things I've seen have promoted either Gwanghae or Jeongmyung as the main character. I opt to believe that it's Jeongmyung, with a greater focus on Gwanghae in early episodes because Jeongmyung is a little girl in them, and because Cha Seung Won is a much bigger star than Lee Yoon Hee. I'm actually really looking forward to seeing Lee Yeon He in a leading role, as I've only seen her as the younger versions of sageuk women before.


I have pretty much no historical reference for the one.  I know some bits about Gwanghae, but that's it.

5. Is anyone else planning to watch CW's The Messengers? I'm not really sold on the trailer, but I do like JD Pardo, and it has potential. (If nothing else, CW will probably treat him better than Revolution did.)


6. Speaking of CW, I enjoyed this week's iZombie a lot, but suspect I would have been more excited about it if (A) I had ever watch a single scene of Merlin (though I did quite like the actor) or (B) had ever understood why anyone would like Dick "prove you're a man by raping an unconscious girl" Casablancas.  (He never even had "love to hate" or "at least he's amusing" status for me, but I know a lot of people enjoyed him.)

Meanwhile, petition to get protective details for Clive and Ravi. (Liv should be fine.)

7. Rarely written fic is due in 2 weeks. I have 0 words, but a vague idea? I need panic induced adrenaline to set in.


Oct. 18th, 2014 08:02 pm
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1. I had 3 friends join Flight Rising during the registration window, and 2 even joined me in Water. I am very eager to see what you guys do with your lairs.

2. Speaking of Flight Rising, just as I was finally getting used to the last new genes, they came out with a new one.

3. I've now checked out Akatsuki no Yona, Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works, Your Lie in April, and Shirobako for this season's new anime, and only have the second season of Psycho-Pass and In Search of the Lost Future left to check out. Though I probably shouldn't be starting new series when I haven't finished any of the four from last season that I'm still catching up on (Ao Haru Ride, Glasslip, Barakamon, and Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun. At least I ran out of Fairy Tail to binge on, at least until Hulu adds more.

4. John Grisham apologized for his comments about child pornography that were made earlier in the week, but I'm about as convinced by it as his disgruntled fans appear to be. I ranted about it a fair bitthe other day on twitter, but dude, you can't really take some of that stuff back, no matter how much crow you eat.

5. I don't have a link for it, but apparently Adam Baldwin is working on something or other for Dark horse. Oh, to live in a world where you lost jobs when you attack a woman and sic 200k followers on her and act like the death threats she receives for it were all in her head because her ex-boyfriend decided to air her dirty laundry (real or fake) and you decided she was corrupt. (I assume everyone is familiar with GamerGate. If not, just go search any combination of "GamerGate" Adam Baldwin" and "Zoe Quinn." Warning for ending up with awful anti-women/female gamers treatises, including gifs and photo edits that appear to want to portray Baldwin as a heroic hunter of women. First example google gave me. I've seen much worse, that one is mild and missable if you don't get the context.
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 In my mid-late teens, I watched Hercules: The Legendary Journeys very, very faithfully-recording numerous episodes on VHS-and was of the opinion that Kevin Sorbo was among the hottest things ever, even though, characterwise, I preferred a number of other Hercules and Xena characters to Hercules himself.  I rewatched the series in my late twenties and still found it quite enjoyable, though there was considerably less crushing on Sorbo that time around.

Today I read this.

My inner 15-year-old is crying and burning her VHSes, because even with her extremely conservative, republican, black-and-white-morality worldview upbringing*, she knew better than that.

*Family gatherings are a political/worldview nightmare for adult Me, folks, let me tell you...
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 Maggie Q is set to star in a miniseries about Ching Shih, a historical Chinese pirate.  I...admit this makes the pain of Nikita's cancellation lessen a bit, but not much.

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Poking around the tumblr tags for the airing anime that I intend to check out to see if there were any I could mark off already ("It's a giant robot anime and Joan of Arc is the damsel in distress waiting for Oda Nobunaga to rescue her." Byyyyyyeeeeee.) I came across this oh so terribly charming review of the first episode of The Pilot's Love Song. I can't decide if it's a parody of the stereotypical fanboy clutching pearls because ucky girl cooties were getting all over his anime and because studios are doing a better job of realizing girls watch more than magical girl shows that comes across as a bit too sincere, or if this is genuine. (All the reviews are pretty much like this one, though, so...)

Some of my favorite bits:

If it weren’t for the fact anime is dangerously tipping in the direction of becoming more and more feminine along with the rest of the trendy pop world, I might have liked this more than I did.


...that doesn’t mean I have a problem with emotion. I just have a problem with being ruled by it instead of logic as is the case with 3D women.


Unlike 3D women I can still see the art and beauty of a series even if it doesn’t cater to my superficial intrests.

Unfortunately it comes at a bad time in anime where we otaku need to see that studios aren’t going to change the proven successful culture of catering to men’s intrests by trying to please these temporary trendy female anime fans popping up recently. I don’t want to see anything they could attach to and have their presence force anime to become seasons of black butler and hetalia clones forcing us men out of the precious anime industry we built or into homosexuality.

Half of me says this has to be a parody that stays very in character for other series, the other half is more cynical and exhausted. (It's like that dude who said he only used literature by other white dudes in his courses and wouldn't include works by women or POC in his curriculum because he didn't understand them, or whatever his reasoning was. Sounded to ridiculous to be true, yet was.)
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  Wanna be an aggravated Buffy fan?  Take a gander at this list of 117 Buffyverse characters, ranked from worst to best.  Just remember:  Kennedy is the worst and every misogynist to ever appear in an episode and pretty much every male character to manage to make it to a third episode in either Buffy or Angel (at least half of whom I didn't even remember existed) is a better character than her.  (Like Riley, I'm actually pretty neutral on Kennedy as a character, it's just that seeing her listed as the absolute worst character and seeing a bunch of the ones ranked better makes me want to throw something.)

Oh, and the guy who tried to rape the central and titular character of the Buffyverse is better than the character herself.

(There's actually a lot there that annoys me, but...)
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 For people who share my taste in British mystery series:  Amazon currently has all of Rosemary & Thyme for $36.99, all of the Geraldine McEwan Marples for $45.94, Partners in Crime for $28.86, and the first 6 seasons of Foyle's War for $65.99.  While I was going "omg I can't afford all of these!" Amazon also informed me that the first season of Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries is $24.78, but I have that. There's also "Diana Rigg at the BBC" for $28.99 which includes all of The Mrs. Bradley Mysteries and...other stuff that I'm sure is good, but am not familiar with.  But that's about the same price as what you'd pay for just Mrs. Bradley.

It looks like they also have good prices for Poirot and The Murdoch Mysteries, but I haven't looked closely at those yet, as I'm not quite sure which Poirots I need, and haven't decided if I want to own Murdoch Mysteries just yet.

(Ok, 2 of those aren't British series, but I don't think their inclusion is hurting anything.)

Now to whittle my shopping cart down to something I can actually get.

And Sundry

Aug. 13th, 2013 08:44 am
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 1.  Barbara Mertz, AKA Elizabeth Peters, AKA Barbara Michaels, has passed away at the age of 85.  She published 38 books under the name of Elizabeth Peters, 29 books under the name of Barbara Michaels, and 3 non-fiction books on Egyptology under her real name.  While I haven't read many of her Barbara Michaels books and none of her non-fiction (I intend to change both, but keep getting distracted) and the attitudes of when the earlier Peters books  were written tend to be obvious in the most cringeworthy way at times, her mysteries were a big part of my life in terms to fictional consumption and expectations for female leads in mysteries in my late teens, and Amelia Peabody is and always will be one of my favorite literary characters.  

2.  Male comic creators are being douches about women in comics (and POC, because representation is just tokenism*, but this article focuses on their comments about women).  News at 11.  I read a longer article yesterday about Mark Millar's dismissing the use of rape in fiction as being problematic by claiming it's just a good way to show villainy, but the comments were pretty much defending rape culture and shaming the objection to the casual use of rape in fiction, and I just never want to see the panels used for examples again.

3.  Related, it is explained how Jerry Conway is Very Very Wrong On The Internet (and at life) by claiming that Joan of Arc is the only female knight in history.  I do wish she'd also taken Eastern history and literature into account, though, because there's a whole lot more there.

4.  I'm finishing up a rewatch of The 10th Kingdom, and 13 years later, it's as delightful as ever, despite the fact that the trolls get even more annoying every time I watch it.  The opening credits are also still pretty impressive, despite how far CGI has come.

5.  I've tracked down a 1986 Finnish adaptation of The Snow Queen and a 1966 Russian one (both movies.)  Has anyone seen these?

*And it pains me so much that a panelist at WisCon said this in response to an audience member rattling off a list of shows with major female characters-mostly lead characters-between the ages of 35-50~, in response to claims that they didn't exist.

and sundry

Jun. 17th, 2013 04:56 pm
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1. Thanks to the wonders of kindle and the internet, I've acquired a decent selection of wuxia novels to try out (a couple of these aren't actually wuxia, but I'm including them anyway):

Open to: Registered Users, detailed results viewable to: All, participants: 7

What should be my first wuxia novel?

View Answers

Legend of the White-Haired Demoness
3 (42.9%)

Legend of the Condor Heroes
0 (0.0%)

Return of the Condor Heroes
0 (0.0%)

A Deadly Secret
0 (0.0%)

Ode to Gallantry
0 (0.0%)

Romance of the Three Kingdoms
1 (14.3%)

The Book & The Sword
0 (0.0%)

Journey to the West
3 (42.9%)

The Legendary Siblings
0 (0.0%)

(My personal inclinations are Legend of the White-Haired Demoness and Legend of the Condor Heroes, but I bow to the advice of people who have actually read wuxia novels before.)

If you know of a wuxia novel that's available in English (either through licensed translations or fan translations with working links) that you'd think I'd like but don't have listed, please feel free to rec them.

2.I'm very behind on kdramas and do terribly at trying to watch airing dramas (when I try to, I manage to stay roughly on top of things until around episode 10, and then I flake and wait until it's done. Since I don't even do a good job of keeping up with shows I can watch as soon as they air and son't have to wait for subtitles for, this shouldn't surprise anyone) but I think I'm going to try to follow Sword and Flower as it airs. It's about a princess who sets out to get revenge on the military dictator who killed her father and then inconveniently falls in love with his son. Not sure how long it's is, but hopefully they'll keep it in the 16-20 episode range, as I think that's about as far as they could stretch that premise. trailer:

3. This isn't brand new news, but The Bletchley Circle has been picked up for a second season. Based on wikipedia, it'll be 4 episodes and they're adding Hattie Morahan to the main cast though hopefully not at the expense of the existing female leads.) Also, new episodes of Poirot and Marple have aired in the UK, though I haven't watched them yet.

4. I am very behind on TV in general and not doing a good job of applying myself when when it comes to fixing that (and am managing to fall even further behind despite several of the shows being on hiatus) but I have now watched all of the first 3 seasons on Community and Pretty Little Liars and have almost finished season 2 of The Good Wife, and while I'm overwhelmed at the idea of trying to write up my thoughts on them, please feel free to ask for my thoughts on anything up to those points. (Aside: only ask about paintball in Community if you want squealing and handflapping, and I don't recommend asking about Toby or Ezra in Pretty Little Liars if you like hearing positive things about them.) I've also almost finished Fox Volant of Snowy Mountain, and it's pretty solid and I've been enjoying it well enough, but it's not overly engaging and I have no strong thoughts or feelings on it or most of the characters.

5. So, I haven't watched The Fall and don't really intend to, but I am curious about opinions of those who have on this article (unsurprisingly by a dude) which argues that The Fall is feminist, effectively, for not glorifying the serial killer who kills women and for having the female lead tell him he's nothing but a pathetic misogynist. Mind you, this is my reading from the article, and you and I may watch it and come out with VERY readings, but apparently, the bare basics of awareness is what we aspire to now? The article:

Note: I didn't look at them just now in bringing up the link, but based on what was there this morning I do not recommend reading the comments, as they were very faily and triggery and several commenters were trying to make the focus all about violence against men. (Which I do think theere's issues with violence against men in the media and how it's "ok" for women to hit men because they're physically weaker, as seems to be Hollywood's reasoning, but I don't think that comes anywhere close to the media's issues with violence against women, or the portrayal of women's corpses in many things.)
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All pupose meta comment-a-thon (this one is TVD heavy, especially the first couple pages, but there's a lot of other stuff later):

And another for female characters. Considerably fewer threads, but a nice variety in what is there. (Oh, Orphan Black why did hinky consent issues have to be one of the first things I ever heard about you?)
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 1.  Apparently, the issues with LJ the last couple days is that LJ was doing maintenance on accounts in "clusters," and anytime a post made to a community in one of the clusters appeared on your friendslist, it gave you an error.  Not that they bothered to actually tell anyone what communities would be affected so that either moderators could halt posting for the duration, or could unfollow them.  (You have to hunt to even figure out that that's what was going on.)

2.  Related, while i don't have the hate for LJ that others do these days (Give me time?) I wish more of the "LJ is dead/sucks, I'm moving" people had moved to DW instead of tumblr.  Mind you, I like tumblr for what it is (as long as tumblr savior is working, which largely depends on people actually using a tag like "kpop" or "teen wolf" or supernatural" along with all their personal tags) though I sometimes find it overwhelming and have to stop for a while, but I will never truly love it until it works out a decent comment/interaction system, and allows me to have scads and scads of userpics like LJ and DW.  Or at least several options.

3.  Thanks to this article, I am now anti-interested in the upcoming Dracula series.  I mean, I was never really interested, a it takes a lot to get me interested in vampires and I'm apparently one of the few people out there who doesn't find Jonathan Rhys Meyers appealing on any level, but this sounds like even Oz the Great and Powerful paid more attention to the source.  (To clarify:  I have no issues with adaptations  taking liberties with their source materials.  For one thing, few things will work the exact same way in multiple entertainment mediums, and for another, even if I don't agree with the interpretations, I've always thought one of the main points of adaptations was for different interpretations of a work.  I do, however, expect even liberal adaptations to make me think they have a clue about what the source actually is, as opposed to 4th generation derivatives based on pop culture that may or may not have even skimmed the source.)  Like, the upcoming Sleepy Hollow is certainly a liberal adaptation, but like Elementary, it sounds like an INTERESTING spin meant to update the source and possibly address some of the issues within the source.

4.  Along the same vein, CW's upcoming series, Reign, about Mary Queen of Scots when she lived in France, sounds like it makes all the ahistorical period dramas of recent years sound like perfect depictions of actual history.  I may or may not check it out, though, as CW does good with entertainingly cheesy/angst, at least for a while, depending on what else is around when it pops up.

5.  But what I really want is a good epic fantasy show that has lots of women and doesn't just go the medieval(Europe)-lite route and isn't about a dude's destiny.  Probably never going to get it, though.

6.  Has anyone seen Blancanieves, the Spanish film that a B&W silent movie adaptation of Snow White with matadors?  I need to know if it's worth making sure I see it before WisCon in case it can be used for my fairy tale retellings panel.

ETA:  I forgot that Phryne Fisher is the kind of woman who keeps a nude portrait of herself in the parlour.
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 Know what's cool?  Amazon having decent prices on a lot of new/still airing TV shows with female (often in multiples) leads that not enough people are watching.  (What's not cool is having to remind myself that no, I actually DON'T have a lot of money to spare, most of what looks like fun money in my account is for WisCon.)

Season 1 of Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries for $26.94.  1920s flapper runs around solving mysteries and flirting with stoic detective.  Exceptionally fun, and i think the only show I've seen in which the heroine is promiscuous for no reason other than that SHE LIKES SEX (no angst or self-punishment or any such) and with an ongoing romance plot where the female half of the equation regularly hooks up with other men without once being judged by the dude or the text, or showing us her sexlife through his POV.  Also, hats and adorable sidekicks galore.

Call the Midwife Season 1 for $22.86.  1950s London, midwives who work out of a convent.  Based on the memoirs of Jennifer Worth (which are also a good read).  Sometimes lovely fluff, sometimes whimsical, sometimes utterly depressing, there's a large variety of personality types between the midwives and the nuns both, and tons of focus on women's relationships and the  changing world.

Parks and Recreation Season 1 for $11.49.  Presumably well known enough that I don't need to explain much?  Hilarious and sometimes awkward adventures of a small town civil servant who aspires to be president and make all women in the government ever proud.  Equally hilarious friends and coworkers galore.

Pretty Little Liars Season 1 for $14.96.  Take a Chrisopher Pike book, update it a bit, and then make it all about 4   BFFs trying to solve the murder of their friend, passing the Bechdel test in about 4 out of 5 scenes, while also having a ton of focus on their relationships with each other and their mothers, lots of gothic imagery, and just all around cracky and sometimes cheesy awesomeness.  Oh, and one is a lesbian WOC who gets a lot of action.

The Bletchley Circle for $15.59.  3-part miniseries (which will hopefully eventually have a second season?) about 4 women who were Bletchley Park codebreakers who reunite in the 50s to catch a serial killer.  A bit too devoted to the procedural aspect for me at times, but rather fabulous and a good look at what it was like to go back to being "ordinary" women after the war, especially if you did awesome stuff you can never tell anyone about.  Also, if you ever went "how would people treat Sherlock Holmes if he were a woman?" well, its a few decades later and Susan has considerably better people skills, but this is the closest to a direct take I've seen on that.

Continuum Season 1 for $26.14.  Time travelling cop saving the future from time travelling terrorists!  It has something of a bad habit of focusing more on the male supporting characters than the female, but most characters are interesting in their own right, and Kiera's awesomeness makes up for the rest.

Body of Proof Season 1 for $15.63.  Like Bones, something of a "female Sherlock Holmes" protagonist, with the brilliance largely focused on one medical field.  And, aside from Bones, the only case of a "genius/wrangler" setup where the wildcard genius is the female lead.  Protagonist is a former brain surgeon who can no longer practice due to injuries sustained in a car crash, and now works as a medical examiner and solves crime.  Adorable partners and coworkers galore.

Nikita Season 1 for $16.93.  Best known series in the list?  Unbelievably awesome ex-assassin working to bring down evil organization and save friends.  What  makes Nikita herself extra-awesome is that someone decided to take the trope of the damaged, stone-cold badass assassin on a mission and ditch the "stone-cold" part and create a character who, despite all the angst and traumatic background and badassery, is a warm and caring person who always sees the good in people and inspires loyalty as much for her warmth and determination to help you as for her badassery and drive.  Other great assassins and ex-assassins and soldiers and evil psychologists galore.

The Good Wife Season 1 for $25.55.  I've only seen the first 4 episodes of this so far and so can't say a lot about the series as a whole, but what I've seen I've liked a lot, despite early reservations about the premise.

Honorable mention:

The Hour Series 1 for $26.34.  Honourable mention because the technical main character is a dude.  (Who is quite annoying in the first season, but I found him more likable in the second.)  If you ever thought you might like Mad Men, but wished there was more focus on the female characters and that the men were less douchey, you'd probably like this.  Despite my description, this really isn't "BBC trying to have their own Mad Men," which it often gets described as (though the first episode does have something of a "wants to be Mad Men" feel to it).  I'm sure MM was something of an inspiration, but its less about nostalgia and deconstructing nostalgia, and more of a cold war-like thriller from the POV of journalists, many of whom are struggling with their assigned roles, and the creation of a new form of news programming.  Fair warning:  Series 2 was made with the belief that a third series was in the bag, and ends with a cliffhanger, and then BBC went and cancelled it.

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 1.  Links to English translations of Jin Yong's wuxia novels, including amazon links where applicable, and mobi downloads.  WARNING:  Clicking on other authors' pages might just make you sad that you can't read, say The Bride With White Hair, and other such novels.

2. Snakes and snake gods/goddesses/etc. in East and west Asian mythology.  Includes a brief summary of how the" White Snake" legend has evolved over the centuries.

3.  NBC put out a "Women of Revolution" trailer focusing on Charlie, Nora and Rachel.  A lot of it is stuff from previous episodes, but there's also a bit of new footage:

I need to remember not to go anywhere near the main LJ comm when the episode with one of the new scenes airs.

4.  This appears to be a self-published author's self-congratulatory attempt at career suicide.  (Warning for a lot of woman-hating language, and jokes about hitting women.) 

5.  The middle post in this tumblr exchange is a hilarious diatribe about how Elementary fandom is unfairly mean to Sherlock fandom.  Now, I generally find "look at my fandom/character/etc, now look at yours, now look at mine again, SEE HOW MINE IS SO INHERENTLY SUPERIOR?" posts to be obnoxious in general, and the one that started the exchange is no exception.  But really, claiming that Elementary fandom is mean to the Sherlock fandom is a bit much.  Sherlock fen were accusing anyone even thinking about watching Elementary of being homophobic, of betraying ACD's vision, of having no taste, etc., before Elementary was even FILMING, and it hasn't stopped.  (Most Sherlock fen I know like both shows, and I don't see why people who only watch one can't just ignore the other.  I generally find it very easy to do.)  My favorite part of the post is about how Sherlock fandom obviously has redeeming value because it has over 20k more fic at AO3.  Of course it does.  It's a hugely popular slash fandom that's been around for years, while Elementary is still airing its first season.

6. Yesterday, I watched Colombiana, a movie that was simultaneously made just for me, and not as good as I was expecting.  I have no idea how it slipped under my radar.  Trailer:

Part of me couldn't help comparing it to Revolution, as both have the main character being sent on a long journey by their dying father to find the super-dangerous uncle they've never met.  Not that the two have anything else in comon at all.

And sundry

Feb. 1st, 2013 05:17 pm
meganbmoore: (2 of a kind)

1.  I wanted to have lasagna for dinner, but I don't have the ingredients and that football game is Saturday, and the grocery store's parking lot was packed, so no lasagna for me.  Woes.

2.  10 of the most bizarre fairy tale adaptations.  (Print only.)  You can guess which I've read, and which 3 I now intend to read.

3.  I've been watching the original The Bionic Woman, and it holds up considerably better than I was expecting.  There are bits that make me cringe and/or roll my eyes, but I'm largely enjoying it.  The episodes of The Six Million Dollar Man that Jaime appeared in are also included.  Interestingly, while The Bionic Woman generally does a good job (so far) of not objectifying Jaime, The Six Million Dollar Man is perfectly to objectify Steve, who acquired an unflattering pornstache at some point.  It's also rather amusing to see how much EVERY SINGLE CHARACTER ships Jaime/Steve, given that they aren't even in the same series.  (My introduction to the franchise was actually when I caught a TV movie in the 90s in which they finally got married a couple decades later.)

4.  Apparently Do No Harm, the latest modern remake of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde had utterly horrible ratings for the pilot.  I'm not surprised, as it sounded rather unimaginative and very "the exact same thing, but in modern times."  (Then again, "the exact same thing, but in modern times" seems to be working pretty well for Sherlock, so you never know.)

5.  I refuse to ever use the title "five things to make a post," but apparently I still feel there should be a 5.


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