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Star Wars Rebels spoilers )

For other Spring TV shows:  Feud, about the rivalry between Bette Davis and Joan Crawford, is very good.  I'm still suspicious of Ryan Murphy every step of the way, but given that leads and the subject matter, he probably couldn't get away with much in the way of his usual antics.  I hope both Susan Sarandon and Jessica Lange  get best actress noms.

Into the Badlands had, IMO, and excellent return.  It was mostly setup for the season, but unlike most shows that skip a large amount of time between seasons and have everyone positioned drastically differently than the first season, I can't actually complain about where they seem to be going with anyone.  I have concerned for a couple characters in regards to their fates, yes, but not with what the shows is currently doing with them.  We caught up with everyone from season 1 but Waldo and Lydia.  Based on previews for the season, I'm not worried about Waldo, but I am a bit worried about Lydia.  My only complaint is that I don't care for Tilda and The Widow's new hairstyles, and that's pretty shallow  (Though Tilda's does suit the changes to her character and her current role, even if I'm not fond of it.)

The Tangled TV series is very cute and enjoyable, based on the TV movie and first episode, but I don't have a lot more to say about it than that so far, aside from that there's an excellent rejection of 100 years of toxic masculinity in the movie.  The Catch is still a very Shondaland show in both good and bad ways, but I like it.  Powerless is a delight but appears to already be on hiatus after 5 episodes.  Making History is a cute comedy about a time traveler who accidentally messes up the American Revolution, but it isn't holding my attention, so I might save it for a slow TV period.  Season 3 of Grace and Frankie has dropped, but I've only watched 2 episodes so far.  Season 2 of Underground is proving that you can improve on perfection.

I appear to have dropped both How to Get Away With Murder and Supergirl, something that I never would have thought possible in their previous seasons.  HHTGAWM sounds like the Terrible Decision they made in the mid-season finale was, indeed,a truly terrible decision that they didn't recover from, and Supergirl just...has largely ignored or sidelined most of what made season 1 good.  There are still good parts and I probably will catch up eventually, but it wont be soon.
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 I haven’t watched the new episode of HTGAWM yet, but i feel like when i do, it will almost be a form of protest viewing?  Kind of a “I REFUSE to give up on all the other characters I like just because of your HORRIBLY ILLCONCIEVED AND BADLY EXECUTED TERRIBLE IDEA ALL AROUND shock value character death that completely destroyed logically plotting and character development and narrative arc and probably got you cancelled” thing.


(I genuinely think that move will get the show cancelled.  Mind you, I think it will get renewed for a 4th season because people will still finish the season to get answers, but I also think a lot of them won’t be coming back next season unless the show does something to salvage itself.)


Oct. 15th, 2016 11:08 am
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 Supergirl, Madam Secretary and Elementary have all aired their season premieres, but haven't aired anything else.  Like everyone else I know, I hated that one thing Supergirl did, but otherwise thought all 3 had good premieres.  

Rosewood is clearing the slate of last season's dangling subplots pretty fast, which is good, but makes me wonder about their season-long plans.  (One thing hasn't been resolved, but I assume they're going for a big payoff there.)  I can't say I'm enamored of the new captain, but I don't hate him, either.

Star Wars: Rebels is playing pretty heavily into building up to events in A New Hope, and has started incorporating a bit of the no-longer-canon EU into the current canon.  I doubt they'll incorporate a large amount of it (a lot can no longer be canon) but I think it's a good idea to bring some of it in.  I do wonder how much longer the series will continue? We're getting closer and closer to the OT, and while they theoretically could simply continue following the crew of The Ghost as doing things for the rebellion separate from the events in OT, Leia knows about Kanan and Ezra as of last season, and I can't see how they'd work things out so that she doesn't tell Luke about them if they're still around.  (I loved Leia's appearance last season and hope she shows up again, but it did not bode well for the crew of The Ghost in the long run, I don't think.)

How to Get Away With Murder
is doing pretty well with adjusting the big mystery of the first half of the season to being about finding out who died, not who the culprit is (hopefully the answer isn't the same).  Everyone in the show except Michaela and maybe Asher and Bonnie is on a terrible self-destructive trajectory right now, if at different speeds, and I fear for them.  Except Frank.  Frank can completely self-destruct and die and make me happy, though I will admit that this week's revelations about what he's actually up to right now is the first thing to make me just very slightly interested in the character.

For whatever reason, hulu doesn't seem to have Quantico this season.  I think I'm just going to wait for Netflix to get the full season, unless that changes.  Empire I just...kind of forgot to watch.  It's always been a show where the actors and characters were stronger than the show itself, but it lost me a lot of the time last season.  I also deliberately spoiled myself about whether or not someone died after the finale and was not pleased.  I'll probably wait until the season is over and streaming somewhere and see if I feel like watching it then.

The only new series I've tried out is Timeless, though I hope to watch the aired episodes of Pitch before hulu takes the pilot down.  I am enjoying Timeless but don't have a lot to say, aside from sideeyeing tumblr A LOT for all the people who are effectively saying that a black man pointing out how much US history has sucked for black people is comic relief.  Matt Lanter, who voices Anakin in The Clone Wars plays one of the main characters and it is SO WEIRD for him to not be animated.  (Also, cartoon!Anakin somehow looks just like both him and Hayden Christiansen.)

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I finally watched the HTGAWM season premeire (Only a week after it aired. I'll be able to say the same about Rosewood in about an hour.) and the most shocking thing about it was that everyone suffered real-world academic consequences for being TV drama leads. (That and the fact that Frank's makeover let me understand why people might find him attractive. He's still my least favorite, though, and I hope he's the dead character this season.)


Oct. 31st, 2015 01:05 pm
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1. I watched the Sleepy Hollow and Bones crossover. I liked the Sleepy Hollow plot more, but thought the crossover part worked better in Bones. Ichabod and Abbie fit decently well with the plot there, but Sleepy Hollow pretty clearly only had Booth and Brennan in a couple scenes to have a second part of the crossover.

2. I liked this week's Minority Report a lot, and not only because Vega and Agatha actually had scenes together.

spoilerish' )
3. So, in Jane the Virgin, did anyone else wonder for a moment if the narrator revealed his identity?

spoilers )

4. How to Get Away With Murder was...well, it was certainly an episode.

spoilers )

5. Star Wars Rebels wasn't as good as it could have been, but was still pretty good.

spoilers )

6. Since several of my shows were on hiatus this week and I didn't bother with Blindspot (maybe later), I ended up watching all of Tokyo Ravens. It was fairly predictable and a standard "magical high school school adventure series," but I enjoyed it.

post-anime novel spoilers )

7.  I am still watching Quantico, but am mostly enjoying the ladies (But how did Danny Matheson turn into such an uberdouche, and why did the show decide to make that garbage on Sunday "shippy"?)and hoping the present day plot doesn't go horribly wrong.


Oct. 25th, 2015 02:35 pm
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Like most Star Wars fans, I've seen the new trailer for episode 7...a few times, but I've mostly been reblogging gifsets on tumblr.  I do, though, want to link to this article, which explains why one line and one shot (well, two shots.  The other being a very similar shot with another character)  made me go from excited because it's Star Wars in general to extremely excited for this particular movie.

1. Blindspot mostly bored me this week, so I might be done with it unless I hear something that makes me want to come back.

2. iZombie finally had a brain that entertianed me this season, but I still don't care about most of the plot stuff going on, with one exception.

spoilers )

3. Rosewood, Jane the Virgin and Madam Secretary all fill me with joy though in different ways.

4. This week's Empire was...hmm...

spoilers )

5. I'm enjoying Minority Report more with each episode, so of course it's looking increasingly likely that it will be cancelled.

6. How to Get Away With Murder was also hmm...

spoilers )

7. Star Wars Rebels

spoilers )

8. I watched Angel Beats, a PA Works series about teens in an afterlife that's endless school, where they try to stay there instead of moving on out of fear that they won't be reincarnated as human. It has some definite Haibane Renmei vibes but is an overly energetic "school action club" type show until later on when it focuses on the literal soul searching and figuring out if they should move on from their current afterlife. I liked it, but it was too short to carry off some of what it wanted to with the characters.

9. I checked out Tokyo Ravens when it first aired but wasn't impressed, but decided to give it another shot. I'm not too far into it, but I'm enjoying it well enough. I don't see it becoming anything close to a favorite, but it's entertaining.

10. I added the new Utawarerumono series to my watch list and am liking it so far. It's billed as a direct sequel to the first anime, but it's more like it's an adaptation of the game that's a direct sequel to the game the first series was based on, that relies on a plotline that was omitted from the first anime series.


Oct. 9th, 2015 10:08 pm
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The third episode of Blindspot was pretty "meh," and agent whatshisface's dialogue was awful. I'm giving it another episode or two, but I lost a lot of my energy for the show this week. OTOH, I really enjoyed the new Minority Report, and am sad that it's apparently doing terrible in the ratings.

This week's Empire was, IMO, a lot better than the first two episodes of the season.

iZombie's season premeire did not impress me much. The Brain of the Week seemed to just be an excuse to make a lot of racist jokes and avoid and consequences or the need to address it because we know "the real Liv" would never say those things. I'm also not really a fan of Major, and it looks like the progression that led to his plotline overpowering everyone else's in the later part of last season is going to be even more prominent this season. Madam Secretary, OTOH, had a very strong premeire.

spoiler )

Sleepy Hollow was largely enjoyable, but the Betsy Ross scenes made me cringe. It's like they took the problems with Katrina and amplified them, but with a less talented actress. Katrina, IMO, was a character with the potential to be good played by an actress who was good enough that she could have made a well written character great, but wasn't quite good enough to salvage such an inconsistently written character. She was also very much a modern woman in (fake) period clothing, which is, of course, not inherently bad, but so far, Betsy Ross is almost a caricature of the "gutsy period heroine with modern sensibilities" type.  (Granted, we haven't really learned much about her opinions or life yet, but the dialogue and approach are definitely there.) I'm crossing my fingers that they'll get better with her, but the show doesn't really have a good record with women who aren't Abbie and Jenny. (I mean, I liked Reyes a lot, but she wasn't always handled well.  Macey and Cynthia they did a good job with, but forgot all about them for most of season 2.) I do enjoy Pandora, but mostly for Shannyn Sossamon.

That said...

spoilers )

How to Get Away With Murder is actually stressing me out a bit. I'm so worried about everyone! Also, in the flashforwards, I'm pretty sure Annelise told them to do it, but we'll see. Friendship things in the present still fill me with delight, though. Also, nice to see that my assumption about the murder siblings was right, and Sherri Saum was a nice treat.


Oct. 2nd, 2015 05:47 pm
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I ended to make full posts on the other pilots I watched, but Real Life interfered.

1. My opinions of Blindspot and Rosewood's second episodes are about the same as my opinions of their pilots.

2. I'm enjoying Minority Report and it's easy on the eyes in various ways, but that's about it so far. The show can't seem to make up it's mind about precrime. It seems to really endorse it and talks about the lives it saved/could save, but then shows how much it sucked for anyone actually involved. Also, Dash comes across as a lot younger that the other precogs, even though Arthur is his twin, and Agatha is close to them in age.

3. I really liked the pilot of Quantico. The male characters are mostly blended together in my head, but I like the ladies a lot, and am interested in theplot. I think it also did a better job setting up the two-timelines structure than a lot of other shows that do that do. Warning for suicide.

4. Scream Queens is awful and racist and classist and ableist and homophobic and thinks all these things are genuinely funny (and, with one or two exceptions, has no room to really interpret it as criticizing the hateful mindsets. It isn't even "This is wrong and you know it's wrong and I know that you know it's wrong so it's ok to do it" [which has plenty of it's own issues].) but I can't stop watching with trainwreck fascination. Also, lots of consent issues with Jamie Lee Curtis's character, because apparently when an older person who regularly uses institutionalized power to coerce people of the opposite sex to have sex with them is a woman, it's funny. I mean, the show knows these people are horrible, they just think their expressions of horribleness are truly funny.

5. How to Get Away With Murder is off to a good start this season, though I'm very disappointed that they're going to do Laurel/Frank again. At least Famke Janssen and her plot came along? I'm choosing not to think about possible interpretations of the flashforwards and am instead focusing on the students (plus Oliver) becoming actual friends. The Connor/Michaela and Laurel/Michaela stuff in particular delight me.

6. I don't know what to make of the direction Empire's plot is going, but at least it's as entertaining as ever.

7. I was close to giving up on Sleepy Hollow after last season, but decided to give the premeire a chance. i liked it more than a lot of Season 2, but it's still a far cry from season 1. At least they remembered that Jenny has spent her entire adult life (when not institutionalized) hunting down magic artifacts, and that Abbie had life goals before Ichabod came along. I enjoyed Shannyn Sossamon and hope that her character actually gets good development. All I really have to say about Betsy Ross so far is that her wardrobe makes Katrina's look historically accurate.

8. Hwajung ended. The first 37 or so episodes were stronger than the later episodes, which involved a lot of timeskips and cramming things in to cover the Sohyeon story and get to the beginning of Hyojong's rein, but I enjoyed it throughout. They ignored everything about the realy Princess Jeongmyung in order to make her a potlically active heroine, but for fictional entertainment purposes, I can't make myself object. Not sure what my next sageuk will be.

10. My airing anime finished (the non-ending of Gangsta. is going to be making me shake my fist for a long time. It wasn't even a cliffhanger ending, it was a "whoops, we forgot to write an ending.") and all I have coming up are the second seasons of K Project and Noragami, unless someone has something I'd like to recommend as things get going.
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 PSA that Netflix now has the first season of How to Get Away With Murder.
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 137 x How to Get Away With Murder (1.1-1.5)


here ) 

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Lots of stuff ended,this week, either for the season, or forever.

1. My opinion of Agent Carter was pretty consistent throughout. I enjoyed it, I want more of it, but was consistently disappointed in how it chose to present 1946. If there is a second season, I hope they have Angie becoming a spy, or at least getting involved in that part of Peggy's life. (I actually thought they might start to go there, at one point.) Really I just hope they develop her more. I like her a lot, but am aware that, without carryover feelings from Nikita, I'd mostly just find her amusing.

2. Sleepy Hollow never regained the charm of the first season, though it did improve somewhat in the second half, despite problems. The finale had some very fun parts, and the end set up good possibilities if the show gets removed, however...

spoilers )

3. This season of Parks and Rec is the only one I've followed as it aired, as opposed to binging on the whole season. I'm sure a lot of people didn't like the time jump, but it's one of the few times I think a time jump was actually a good idea, and things had really gotten a bit stale in some areas in the last couple of seasons. Aside from that one realtionship that should never be fractured being fractured at the beginning of the season, I really enjoyed the season, and mostly enjoyed the finale. really, there were only 2 things about the finale that I didn't like.

spoilers )

4. Empire is still great. There are things in it that I have issues with, and when my coworkers find out I watch it, every single one of them says they didn't think it was the kind of show i'd like. And really, they're right? It isn't my normal kind of show, but Taraji Henson as Cookie makes everything better, though I am starting to get attached to other characters.

5. The 100 is also still great, and recent developments have certainly been interesting. Apparently, I even like Jasper again? I'm starting to get a feeling of dread about the next few episodes, though.

6. How to Get Away With Murder went from a show I appreciated but didn't think I'd get invested in to one that I felt I had to brace and prepare myself for this week. The finale was mostly amazing, but the very long, lovingly filmed choking scene was right up there with the scene that kept switching between the autopsy and the sex scene earlier in the season. SIGH. It's getting a second season, to no one's surprise, and I'm thrilled, despite my yech-ness over that part.

7. A week or so ago, I also watched the first season of Grantchester which is a mystery series set in the 50s in which a strapping young vicar (who has PTSD from the war, is a borderline alcoholic, and is in love with an upper class girl who's finally given up on waiting for him to make a move) teams up with an atheist inspector to solve crime.

The relationship between the leads went something like this:
VICAR: So, uhm, for reasons I cannot disclose, I believe the guy who committed suicide was actually murdered.
INSPECTOR: This is a very bad sports week for me, so you have very bad timing. Also your evidence is circumstantial and your theories aren't that logical.
VICAR: I shall run around visiting people in my concerned vicarly way, and maybe you won't notice that I'm also investigating.
INSPECTOR: I have jail cells, you know. I might introduce you too them once I finish banging my head against this pillar here.
VICAR'S HOUSEKEEPER: I very loudly disapprove of the company he's keeping this week, but you can't lock him up, because he has to write a sermon.

VICAR: Inspector, I know that this murder involves my sister, as well as the woman I'm pretending not to be in love with, and her friends and family, and you think my sister's boyfriend did it, but I promise not to interfere this time.
INSPECTOR: Actually, it's a funny thing. Did you know people are more willing to talk to vicars than inspectors? Especially vicars who they know? Especially when it's a bunch of young ladies having a handsome young man wanting to make everything ever better for them? Wanna come?
VICAR: YES PLEASE. I mean, uhm, I know I don't act like it, but I actually do have a full time job that's important, and NO WAIT I AM COMING.
VICAR'S HOUSEKEEPER: You will have him home by dinner, and then he will write his sermons.


INSPECTOR: Hey. vicar, did you know there was another murder?
VICAR: No, that is awful.
INSPECTOR: Come along, then.
VICAR: Come what now?
INSPECTOR: Funny thing, but people STILL seem to be more comfortable talking to handsome young vicars than grumpy middleaged inspectors.
VICAR: But, I mean, I really do have a job and-are you actually dragging me away?
VICAR: But my parishioners!
VICAR'S HOUSEKEEPER: The dead man was one of those, you know.
VICAR: Who's side are you on, anyway?
VICAR: But my sermons!
VICAR'S HOUSEKEEPER: Funny thing, I JUST finished helping your new curate settle in to his new bedroom.

It was a bit odd watching it a couple weeks after watching the third series of Father Brown, which is set around the same time and features a catholic priest and his friends and sidekicks running around, solving murders and annoying the local inspector. Between the two, I do think Father Brown is better (but it's not exactly a fair comparison since I've seen 6 episodes of Grantchester and around 40 of Father Brown) but Grantchester is certainly a more fannish type of show.
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1. Galavant decided that instead of the miniseries it advertised itself as, it wanted to be an ongoing series instead, and ended with multiple cliffhangers that resulted in it going out with a sizzle instead of a bang. It had a rough start and some bad patches, but overall, I enjoyed it and hope that it does get a second season.

2. The Librarians OTOH, had an excellent end to the first season, and it ends in a way where we aren't left with dangling plotlines and too many unanswered questions if it doesn't get renewed, but that also doesn't make a second season difficult. Anyone who missed that this is by a lot of the same people who did Leverage.

3. How to Get Away With murder, The 100 and Jane the Virgin have all returned from hiatus, and all remain excellent. Empire is also getting better with every episode, and keeps reassuring me that it knows that Cookie winning (either directly or through Jamal) is the only way this can end in a satisfying way.

4. State of Affairs remains awful, but I keep watching it. Katherine Heigl sometimes looks like she's in actual pain while saying her lines, while Alfre Woodard is sitting there all "I am strong. I am talented. I AM POTUS. I shall conquer this script..."

5. Star Wars: Rebels is still good and is fleshing out the non-Ezra and Kanan characters more. I just grow increasingly fearful that, despite being more kid friendly than The Clone Wars, it's all going to end in blood and tears.

6. Sleepy Hollow is...around, I guess. Aside from the appropriation involved in the Villain of the Week, I enjoyed the latest episode more than I have a number of the episodes this season, but still not as much as I enjoyed season one.

7. Netflix has season 2 of Beauty and the Beast streaming, so i've started watching that from where I left off a while back (Episodes 2.9-onward). I'm really enjoying it, so far, despite the fact that it has the first female character who I've actively disliked in years.


Nov. 4th, 2014 10:38 pm
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How to Get Away With Murder 1.4-1.6: I think episode 6 finally pushed me over to starting to develop an investment in the show, as opposed to respecting it a lot, but not being attached.

spoilers )

Jane the Virgin 1.4:

spoilers )

Sleepy Hollow 2.7: let us never speak of this Eldritch Horror again. And hope the writers of this episode are shipped off to a show none of us watch.

Also, it's reached the point where I start actively disliking Ichabod and Katrina when they start talking about there being hope for Henry. Look, guys, I get the in-canon justification of your feelings, but even ignoring all the things he's done to you (and the stuff he's done to Katrina alone is more than enough to kill any chance of my buying redemption for him) and the people who have died/almost died because of him just this season, the guy is literally trying to destroy the world because he's mad at his parents for dying. Guilt that neither of you have really done anything to deserve has to stop somewhere.


Oct. 3rd, 2014 11:06 pm
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Haven 5.1-5.4: Well, that metanarrative sunk into the pits of Fail pretty fast, didn't it? At least Emily Rose seems to be having a lot of fun. I do like Mara and am invested in the mythology, but this show keeps piling its problems on top of each other and patting itself on the back.

Also, I refuse to believe that Vince and Dave, the career conspiracy theorists and myth hunters, don't recognize the word "Croatoan."

How to Get Away With Murder
1.2:I think "appreciate" is more accurate than "like" for me with this show so far, but I'm going to keep watching it. I do think I got a better feel for some of the characters than in the first episode, but not enough yet to be strongly attached to any of them. And it really needs to calm down with the shaky cam and overactive cuts. (Also, I'm glad I know very little about practicing law, criminal or otherwise, so that I can suspend my disbelief enough to believe that a group of first year law students would be given such important roles investigating high profile murder trials.)

Madam Secretary 1.2: Definitely the show Political Animals wanted to do. I'm not sold on the international issues they have Elizabeth dealing with (and suspect this will continue), but I am sold on Elizabeth as a character and her approach to her job, and with how they're having her family adjust to and deal with their change in lifestyle. I hope it continues along this track so I can point to it as proof that you can have interesting conflict and compromise and teenage drama and/or adjustment problems without it being about drugs and cheating and whatnot.

Sleepy Hollow 2.2:

spoilers are longer than the rest of the post combined )
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Madam Secretary: Tea Leoni stars as Elizabeth Faulkner Mccord, a college professor and former CIA analyst who is approached by POTUS to be the new Secretary of State after the previous one dies in a plane crash. There are a bunch of familiar faces in the cast, the most important of which (to me) is Bebe Neuwirth and Elizabeth's Chief of Staff. The pilot is mostly about Elizabeth settling into her new role , but also introduces a conspiracy that will probably play a larger role as the show moves forward. There's potential for a lot of Drama with how her family deals with the changes in their new lives, but it was handled ok here, and hopefully won't get annoying.

mild spoiler )
TBH, it didn't actually live up to my expectations (which were pretty high) but it was good, and has the potential to be the show Political Animals thought it was.

How to Get Away With Murder: This is a very "I am high art" show right now and...well, it is good. Somewhat-amoral law professor uses her students to help her win cases, framing it as a competition to get ahead in her class. Meanwhile, there are flashforwards with four of her students dealing with a murder that they either just committed, or are covering for someone else. It's very well written and has an interesting plot, but the pilot was so busy that I don't think I really have a good feel for any of the characters. The show, though, seems to want to intrigue me and make me wonder how characters get from the main plot to the flashforwards, as opposed to care about the characters, so we'll see how it goes. Also, jumpy cam. Not really a good stylistic choice, IMO.

Between the two, I think How to Get Away With Murder is probably the stronger show overall, but I prefer Madam Secretary because I have a much better feel for the characters, and the beginnings of an investment in them and their relationships, which How to Get Away With Murder didn't give me.

I'm up to...uhm...I think 5.18 of The Good Wife and have seen that one spoiler that couldn't be avoided, and its aftermath. It was certainly an interesting way to handle that kind of development. There are things in this season that I'm not sure about, but aside from the almost total lack of interaction between Alicia and Kalinda, I think I do like it more than season 4.


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