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Star Wars Rebels spoilers )

For other Spring TV shows:  Feud, about the rivalry between Bette Davis and Joan Crawford, is very good.  I'm still suspicious of Ryan Murphy every step of the way, but given that leads and the subject matter, he probably couldn't get away with much in the way of his usual antics.  I hope both Susan Sarandon and Jessica Lange  get best actress noms.

Into the Badlands had, IMO, and excellent return.  It was mostly setup for the season, but unlike most shows that skip a large amount of time between seasons and have everyone positioned drastically differently than the first season, I can't actually complain about where they seem to be going with anyone.  I have concerned for a couple characters in regards to their fates, yes, but not with what the shows is currently doing with them.  We caught up with everyone from season 1 but Waldo and Lydia.  Based on previews for the season, I'm not worried about Waldo, but I am a bit worried about Lydia.  My only complaint is that I don't care for Tilda and The Widow's new hairstyles, and that's pretty shallow  (Though Tilda's does suit the changes to her character and her current role, even if I'm not fond of it.)

The Tangled TV series is very cute and enjoyable, based on the TV movie and first episode, but I don't have a lot more to say about it than that so far, aside from that there's an excellent rejection of 100 years of toxic masculinity in the movie.  The Catch is still a very Shondaland show in both good and bad ways, but I like it.  Powerless is a delight but appears to already be on hiatus after 5 episodes.  Making History is a cute comedy about a time traveler who accidentally messes up the American Revolution, but it isn't holding my attention, so I might save it for a slow TV period.  Season 3 of Grace and Frankie has dropped, but I've only watched 2 episodes so far.  Season 2 of Underground is proving that you can improve on perfection.

I appear to have dropped both How to Get Away With Murder and Supergirl, something that I never would have thought possible in their previous seasons.  HHTGAWM sounds like the Terrible Decision they made in the mid-season finale was, indeed,a truly terrible decision that they didn't recover from, and Supergirl just...has largely ignored or sidelined most of what made season 1 good.  There are still good parts and I probably will catch up eventually, but it wont be soon.
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1. I haven’t talked much about TV here recently, but I haven’t really felt fannish about US shows? Elementary and Madam Secretary are solid shows that I have great fondness for but little interest in initiating conversation about, though it is worth noting that MS is one of those shows that’s really going after the current political climate. Bones is on its final season and it’s still Bones, which mean that, like the last several seasons, it’s worth watching for the characters that I’ve been following for a decade, but not really a lot else. Supergirl is a show I was fannish about last season but am not really fannish about this season. I still enjoy it, and there are definitely very good things about this season, but the problems we were worried about when we learned it was moving to CW came to pass.  Rosewood is also still solid and enjoyable, though I'm slightly concerned that a miracle cure is in the works.

Timeless wraps up the first season tomorrow.  It's not brilliant SciFi, but it is very entertaining SciFi, and is pretty good at calling out how much US history has erased and persecuted POC.

Star Wars Rebels continues to be great, but I wish it would fully commit itself to the Mandalore plotline that’s been building up instead of the endless build up. I’m very much looking forward to some things in the trailer that haven’t happened yet.

I still enjoy Emerald City despite its problems, and I have so many questions about the past that can’t possibly be answered in the last two episodes without putting the main plotline on hold. At least it looks like my questions about Jane might be answered next episode, though.

The only new show I’ve checked out (or really plan to) is Powerless, which is a sitcom set in the DC universe about the employees of a security firm who work on inventions to keep people and possessions safe from superhero battles. It also falls into the realm of “really like but don’t feel fannish about” but really is a delight. Of the shows I’m watching, it’s also probably the one most blatantly anti-Trump.

I haven’t watched How to Get Away With Murder since it returned from hiatus and I haven’t watched any of this season of Jane the Virgin (I’m spoiled about That Thing in JTV, though). I’ll probably watch both when Netflix gets them this summer.

Right now, I’m mostly waiting for Underground, Into the Badlands and Brooklyn 99 to return from hiatus, and wondering if Still Starcrossed will ever make it to my screen.  I think all my other shows are summer/late spring shows.

2. For a few US shows I’ve completely recently:

Netflix’s A Series of Unfortunate Events was a delight, due in large part to excellent casting and the actors’ ability to maintain an almost impossible pace for something so dialogue heavy. It’s hard to make something that requires that much dialogue and whose humor requires the narrator to step in so much to work, but they did it. My favorite character was Jacqueline, who had maybe 10-15 minutes screentime total throughout the season.

LEGO Star Wars: The Freemaker Adventures is a TV show set between The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi about a trio of scavenger siblings who come across a woman claiming to be a Jedi who survived Order 66, and help her look for the pieces of the kybersaber, a weapon that pre-dated the lightsaber. It’s an irreverent comedy that spends a whole lot of time mocking Palpatine and Vader, and the Empire in general. I kind of wish it was pat of the main Star Wars animated Universe canon, because there’s some good stuff in there.

I finally got around to watching the back half of season 5 of Haven now that netflix has it. I appreciated how fully it committed itself to its gothic horror roots and its devotion to the new mid-apocalyptic setting. I did not appreciate hoe it still felt th need to kill off any plot-important women who weren’t Audrey. It also somehow took an ending that SHOULD have been perfectly satisfactory to anyone and made it be awful and make no sense. Sigh.

3. I have been fairly fannish about kdramas and cdramas lately, though, but most of that portion of my friend’s list has migrated to tumblr, or are both here and there, so I forget to also talk about them here. Surprisingly, I’ve been fannish about Hwarang, which has been an admittedly fairly-average sageuk, but an enjoyable one, and utterly harmless. For an idol-heavy youth drama sageuk, it’s actually pretty decent, despite the almost universally-awful promotional material and trailers. It’s Silla-era and has enjoyable characters, and I’m easy there. It also has the worst fandom possible, largely due to stans of certain actors and their characters who believe the universe has horribly wronged them by not making the show and all the characters revolve around their favorite.

I’m also really enjoying Saimdang: Light’s Diary and Rebel: Thief Who Stole the People, but despite the split-timeperiods aspect of Saimdang, both are being fairly old-school in their approaches, and so things are really just getting started. (Unlike Hwarang, both are also excellent sageuks by any standard right now, but not to the tastes or the more vocal parts of kdramas fandom. As in, there are no idols, and they’re busy being Serious Business Sageuks.)

4. Slightly related to the above, I’m glad Moon Lovers brought a lot of people to sageuks last year, but frankly, that drama was mediocre. Entertaining and with some bright spots, but mediocre both as a sageuk and as a drama in general. It’s popularity was because of the popular idols in the cast, Lee Joon Ki fans, the fact that it wasn’t set in the Joseon era, and because it hit a lot of fandom’s buttons for character overinvestment, none of which are actually related to quality. I didn’t bother finishing it when I learned that the final episodes literally killed off every single female character except for the one history said that it absolutely could not kill off. But it got a lot of younger viewers interested in sageuks, and also got some not-so-young viewers in that didn’t typically watch sageuks, but now I can’t go to any drama sites with seeing other sageuks and popular ancient cdramas compared to Moon Lovers and somehow being found wanting, with people going out of their way to find ways to compare them. Hwarang fandom is probably the worst about that. But every drama I’ve seen compared to ML in the last 6 months or however long its been has, IMO, been a better drama.

5. Completely unrelated to TV, I’ve been checking flights for WisCon and the prices are almost double what they were two years ago. Hopefully they’ll go down in the next month or so, but I’m not holding my breath. (I also have no idea yet if I have roommates or need to start asking friends if they have room. I know one of my regular roommates isn’t going, but I haven’t heard back from the other yet. I don’t think most people start worrying about roommates in February, though…)
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 Almost everyone on tumblr and twitter seems to belong to one of two categories this week:


Category 2: Oh, right, this us the week I have to watch all those other shows, isn't it?  Also, politics.

(I am Category 2 and kinda amused at how fans of the other shows are stomping their feet over Supergirl being about 98% a regular episode and 2% crossover.)
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 Agent Carter and The Shannara Chronicles finished their sophomore and freshman runs respectively this week and...eeeh. Like season 1, AC could have just been better in general. They listened to fan demands for more diversity and more women for Peggy to interact with, but their efforts were rather lackluster overall, IMO. I shouldn't feel overwhelmed with relief that the sole POC character in the show didn't end up dead or ebil, or be surprised when a major character from the first season gets a passing mention. I also found Whitney Frost to be the most interesting of Peggy's antagonists by far (I enjoy Dottie a lot but don't find her very compelling as an individual) and was disappointed in how her story ended, and that we never got a reason for the things she did other than a need for more power. I am very interested in the apparent setup for the third season though.

TSC I mostly found disappointing because they're shooting for an ongoing series instead of what most of us assumed, which was a series of limited series based on different novels and characters. Even with my vague memories, I know they left most of the book canon behind long ago, but I was hopeful. There were also things that happened that I wasn't very ok with to start with, and am even less ok with with the possibility of future seasons.

Which is not to say that I disliked either one or don't intend to watch more seasons if they manage to exist, I just wanted more.

OTOH, this week's Star Wars Rebels and Supergirl were both excellent, though it's too close to my bedtime to get into either. 


Dec. 7th, 2015 08:12 pm
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I fell behind on Supergirl when they aired the 4th and 5th episodes out of order, and caught up with everything through tonight's episode yesterday and today. I have many thoughts and feelings, but will limit myself to mostly this week's episode.

spoilers )


Nov. 14th, 2015 04:55 pm
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Don't have a lot to say about this week's TV.

1. Jane the Virgin

spoilers )

2. Supergirl

spoilers )

I really need to figure out why the heavyhandedness and feminism 101 aspect of Supergirl doesn't bother me at all (other things bother me-like how they're either whitewashing Dean Cain, or have Joss Whedon standing in the background going "But don't you think Chyler Leigh looks kind of asian?" Similarly, are Lois and Lucy Lane going to be of middle eastern descent since Jenna Dewan Tatum is part Lebanese, or or does she have another role that pretends she isn't?) while it did in Agent Carter. Which I did like and am very much looking forward to the second season of, don't get me wrong. I know part of it is that Supergirl seems aware of the 101 element in certain ways, though not necessarily in enough ways, whereas Agent Carter promoted itself as incredibly feminist and progressive while having a very basic sort of feminism in it's approach and ignoring many of the issues of the time to do so. (I mean, the "intelligent, educated and talented One Special Woman in a sea of unappreciative men" thing is still pertinent, in many ways, but it's...incredibly common, and possibly the most well trod plotline for women's stories.)

3. Empire

spoilers )


Nov. 7th, 2015 11:46 am
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1. The Librarians is back and I hadn't even realized z return date had been set yet.

spoilers )

2. Supergirl officially started! I watched the pilot when it leaked and it was mostly like I remembered it, though there were a few scenes I remembered being longer before.

spoilers )

Despite its issues, I really really like it. And sure, it's pretty 101 when it comes to feminism, but let's face it, unlike the bulk of the people criticizing the show for the heavyhanded feminism (and ignoring the ones who are trying to cover for being afraid of girl cooties getting in their superhero shows) the vast majority of people who watch superhero shows and movies don't spend hours a week directly or indirectly consuming information on or discussing feminist theory and intersectionality.  And even a lot of those have decently long passages that amount to "it has this thing which is actually a really good thing but I feel compelled to explain why it isn't, or should barely count."

3. Every new episode of Scream Queens makes me hope that i'll finally lose interest in the mystery and save myself from this garbage, but nope.

4. Mark Pellegrino playing Graham Norton's father in Quantico is very weird to me, since the only other thing I've seen either in is Revolution. (Where they both played much more endearing characters.

5. Sleepy Hollow continues to be better than last season, but not as good as season 1.

spoilers )

6  I've started watching the supernatural fusion sageuk The Scholar Who Walks the Night (AKA, romance between vampire scholar and crossdressing bookseller) now that it's over. It's a bit cheesy (a lot of which, IMO, is the soundtrack. Hard not to compare it to Arang and the Magistrate's excellent soundtrack, as both are supernatural fusion sageuks starring Lee Joon Ki.), but good so far. My problem with it, though, is that the antagonist is SO BORING so far. Part of it is that the actor is...not good. At all. Like, he fails embarassingly at "dangerously evil but sexy" (It takes more than lighting and eyeliner to pull that off.) and I just cringe at all his scenes. I'm apparently meant to believe that he's so dangerous that Lee Joon Ki's vampire scholar hasn't been able to kill him in 120 years of trying. I can only conclude that, all evidence to the contrary, Our Hero is just amazingly incompetent. I mostly want him to quit boring up my screen so more time can be spent on the protagonists and Lee Joon Ki's sidekicks and even the angstmuffin prince. (Who I do like so far, but he has the potential to go very wrong for me.) Everyone else in the show ranges from competent to pretty good as far as acting goes, and then there's Cardboard Guyliner Vampire. The tumblr tag for the show is about 85% him, though, so I guess others felt differently.c

7. I'm watching season 3 of Grand Hotel (aka, the first telenovela I watched back before Hulu and Netflix started carrying any, though only the first season was available then.) and it's the last season. The first episode (well, Netflix's first episode, Netflix breaks the 70-90 minute episodes into 44 minutes, which gets awkward at times) was rather awful, but it got better after that, though it's not as good as the first two seasons were. Largely because Diego's villainy is is almost comical in how over the top and extreme it's become. I keep expecting him to try to twirl his mustache.


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