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The Catch 2.1

-The problem with this show (Well, one of the problems.  It has its share, but the good outweighs the bad for me.)  is that the mob family with bisexual siblings at war with each other where everyone thinks stabbing each other in the back* is a sign of love has become the most interesting part, but the show clearly still thinks the romance is the most interesting part.  I mean, the romance is certainly betterthan I expected it to be at the begining of last season, but it still isn't all that.


-I'm relieved they wrote Dao out instead of killing him off, which is what concerned me when I first heard the actor was leaving, but what about Reggie?  Is he going to be an off-sceen casualty of whoever is after the Kensington Firm?

-I have such hopes for Margot possibly working with Alice and Val, and am almost certain to have them all crushed.

-IDC about Alice's brother and his creating an unneeded triangle with Danny and Sophie, but maybe that will change.

*And everyone has the exact same taste in both men and women?  We're 3-for-3 as far as Rhys and Margot go.
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I agree with you, the criminals are the best part of the show. Ben/Alice just frustrates me, confuses me, and occasionally makes me angry.
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I. Um. What network is this on? This show might hit my buttons. (If only it also had a science fiction element too!)