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I liked this a lot more than I did Skypeia.

-At last, Robin gets her angsty childhood flashbacks! I'm currently more interested in the gap in history than other Big Plot Things going on.
-Really not thrilled that the plot required Robin to be fairly inactive through most of it.
-The main thing that I got out of the epilogue where we checked in with all the characters from previous arcs was that everyone but Robin has a home to go back to someday, if they want. (And ditch the bounties.)
-Sanji on the train was the first time I thought Sanji was particularly cool? I mean, I like all the Straw Hats (though sometimes Usopp still annoys me) but I mostly think of him as a girl crazy dork who's good at kicking things. (SANJI STOP KICKING CANNOBALLS! THEY MIGHT BLOW UP WHEN YOU DO THAT!)
-I like Franky. I'd like Franky a lot more if he'd put on some pants. And ditched the rocket fart. And I'm never going to unsee the streaking chapter...
-Speaking of that chapter, just what did Franky and Robin get up to as prisoners that made her automatically go to THAT tactic during the streaking? (Maybe it was payback for the rocket fart...)
-In and of themselves, I've really enjoyed both of Nami's big fights (Against Kalifa here, and then back during Barroque works.) but how about she gets to fight against someone besides the extremely sexualized female villain?
-Luffy continues to be the worst pirate ever. Though apparently everyone in his family makes a better pirate than him, even the ones who aren't actually pirates.
-I'll start caring about the pirate lords stuff once it starts involving characters I care about. (Sorry, Shanks and Ace, but there hasn't been enough of either of you for me to form an attachment yet.)
-That's some makeover you got there, Koby. (Helmeppo too, I guess, but I forget he exists most of the time.)
-nice to finally see Smoker and Tashigi again.
-I am apparently heartless, because I was entirely unmoved by the big Luffy/Usopp fight, and my biggest concern about the Merry Go falling apart was the fate of Nami's trees.
-I forget, is that sword of Zolo's that was ruined the one he got back when Tashigi first showed up? Because i'm pretty sure she's going to be a teensy bit unhappy if so.

Date: 2014-08-29 11:04 am (UTC)
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Though apparently everyone in his family makes a better pirate than him, even the ones who aren't actually pirates.


Although Garp does explain why Luffy has such a blatant disregard for destruction of public property.


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