Jan. 21st, 2017

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My “currently watching” queue on Netflix is empty as of earlier today (well, except for Ice Fantasy, but I’m just leaving that on to play when I think of it when I go to bed or work so it gets the viewer count because I want Netlfix to get more ancient/wuxia/xianxia cdramas without editting out 80% of the show.) and I feel very accomplished about that. I mean, that’ll change pretty quickly, but still!

I also got my first ever order from Lush today, which is neat except for the part where a couple of the bath bombs were broken. Bath bombs I’ve bought locally before have always been individually wrapped in one way or another, but these were all in a tin with shipping peanuts in the tin but no wrapping. I mean, the pieces are there so I can still just toss all the broken pieces in the bathtub at once, but that part of it is disappointing.

ETA:  Looking more closely at the Lush order (as in, actually moving the bathbombs around instead of what I could just see from the top) 5 of the 12 bath bombs are broken, though one not as badly as the others.  There's a bear shaped one that was beheaded...


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