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This journal? It's only "friends only" once in a blue moon. Pretty much if I just talk about personal stuff. I'm not overly picky about who reads most of my stuff...if you don't like my opinions, you don't have to read my LJ, and I see little reason to keep myself from making new friends on the off chance someone will leave a nasty comment because they don't like my opinion. I do, however, like knowing when I get friended, or when someone wanders in from a mutual friend or community. I'm always up for another person to squee over something with, or to have a debate with, as long as it's a respectful debate that keeps a person and their opinions separate. (In other words, if I loathe a character you adore, or I adore a character you think is wretched scum and should die, that's cool, just keep in mind that liking or disliking that character is one of several thousand qualities and opinions each of us has.)

My interests range from classic movies to urban fantasy, to mysteries, to us comics, to fantasy, to anime and manga, to 18th-19th century british romances, to asian live action dramas and more...essentially, if it interests me, I'll probably check it out, and I'll probably post on it.

The posts themselves range from two or three line comments to pages of squeeing and meta or massive(or smaller) posts of picspams and youtube vids.

Mosts of my posts are about whatever I'm into at the moment-of late, primarily-but not exclusively-anime, manga, YA and adult fantasy, fiction in different genres set circa 1800-1940s, and live action asian dramas.

As a fair warning, while it is typically plot, humor or action that will draw me to something, if there's a canon pairing I like, then 9 times out of 10, that's what I'll end up talking about the most. On the flipside, if it's all about the angst, romantic or otherwise, with the plot as an excuse, then it'll probably put me to sleep. 

Date: 2016-07-26 05:27 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] penlessej
Figured after reading this that it would only be polite to drop a line and say that I found your journal through my network (unsure of through who exactly however). My journal as well is rarely friends only, but the friends only posts tend to the deeper and more personal ones.

I commented on one of your entries about Pokemon Go, in case you are wondering what this is all about.


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