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 Even post-apocalyptic Wuxia manages to jump on the anti-Trump political commentary train.

A WALL.  AN ACTUAL WALL.  That "stretches the length of the Badlands" (continent?). That's keeping the main interracial family apart, with Sunny trapped to the south of the wall and trying to get back to his family on the northern side.

Maybe ITB just thought everyone else was being to subtle with their criticisms?

Moving on:

I hope they don't intend to keep Sunny, Veil and M.K. (and, to a lesser extent, M.K. and Tilda) separated the whole season.

Not much Widow this week, but it looks like they're setting up something big with her and the other barons soon.  I really like how this season is addressing the fact that wanting to create a revolution and reform society doesn't mean a lot if there isn't also someone to lead it.

That said, they also seem to be setting Lydia up for a change.  I HOPE that change is her throwing in with the Widow, but I'm not getting my hopes too high there, especially once Quinn officially reenters the picture.

They seem to be implying that M.K.'s other self killed his mother while in control, and I'm not ok with that.

In season 1, some people theorized that Quinn was Veil's biological father, and I was semi-on board with that until they started interacting and it seemed he was only really aware of her as the Doctor's daughter (and now the only doctor available to him) and Sunny's lover, but this episode had me going back to that fan theory.  Part of his interest in Veil and Henry, of course, is that Veil is the only thing keeping him alive and because of his promise/threat to Sunny, but it could also be that his illegitimate daughter was irrelevant to him (we know his opinion regarding female barons, so she wouldn't have been considered a potential heir) until she provided him with a male heir, one whose father is/was a powerful warrior known throughout the Badlands.

As dark and violent as this show is, I don't generally worry about character death for main characters.  I mean, to  revolutionize the Badlands, pretty much all the barons have to go one way or another.  I don't think The Widow will live to see the world she wants to create, but I do think she'll take the other barons with her, and I don't think her death will be until the end, assuming the show gets to write an ending instead of getting cancelled.  Quinn's clock is counting down fast, but we've known that for a while, and it's not like anyone really WANTS him to last long.  Waldo is the exception, as I keep expecting him to die to save someone.  Sunny, of course, is the most obvious candidate, but he also seems to be getting fond of Tilda, and to be completely on board with The Widow and her goals, so who knows.


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