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Over the weekend, two BBC period dramas I've been looking forward to-And Then There Were None and Dickensian-came out.

All three episodes on ATTWN aired on consecutive nights.  I was a bit leery of it because, while I liked the Partners in Crime Series earlier this year, it was a somewhat passive liking, and I didn't really care for it as an adaptation of the Tommy and Tuppence books. ATTWN may have changed some details, but the FEEL was right, and it was an excellent production overall.  The only problem with it is that, when you know the story going in, it's hard to root for anyone, and easy to understand why adaptations tend to change the ending.  I hope BBC doesn't stop with the adaptations after this, and adapts more of Christie's standalone novels.  (I'm really hoping for an adaptations of The Man in the Brown Suit, but that's probably never happening.)

Dickensian is more curiosity that actual anticipation TBH.  It's pretty much a series in which characters from several of Dickens's books coexist in the same world.  From the novels I'm familiar with, it serves as a prequel to the various books.  I'v only watched the first episode so far (4 of 20 half hour episodes have aired) and I can't say I'm in love, but I thought it was good and will watch more.

Right now, I just wanted to know if they deliberately made Jacob Marley look a lot like Donald Trump, or if it was an accident.  (I mean, it's not how the actor looks normally, really...)


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