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Just scratching the surface of what I'm behind on, but progress is progress?

Elementary 1.18:

HI ALFREDO IT'S NICE TO SEE YOU AGAIN. Anyone else a bit disappointed that we didn't get the scene where Holmes and Alfredo are bargaining compensation for those lessons? I hope Alfredo keeps popping up.

I enjoyed Joan solving her first case a lot, and that her reactions to most things were completely different from Holmes's, especially getting arrested. (Holmes seemed to think that's something to be proud of.)

I'm pleased that Joan's circle of friends includes multiple WOC, though, like Carrie, I doubt we'll get to see much of them.

They need to give Bell more to do. Even if it's just standing around in tight grey shirts.

Once Upon A Time 2.15-2.16: I liked the episode about Snow's mother about as much as I expected to (A LOT). I liked Cora's backstory less than expectedm due to the fact that, as much as I like Cora's ruthlessness and ambition, that was the biggest "missing the point of your source material" yet of the series. The fact that I can consistently care less about Rumples and now Neal every episode is approaching the miraculous.

But Cora/Rumples is about 50 times as convincing as Rumples/Belle. Not that I ship it or am particularly interested in it, just saying. And at least Cora still screwed Rumples over. (But I wish I was convinced we were safe from a "Rumples is Regina's biodaddy" reveal. Only the consistent casting of latino actors for Henry Sr. gives me hope/security.)

I'd be really into the "Emma Swan, Magician" possibilities, save that it's bonding with Rumples or whatever, and tying into the "bio families are real families" message that the show likes so much. (Because, you know, Rumples, who was perfectly willing to let Henry stay in a magic coma forever a few months ago qualifies more as Henry's family than THE WOMAN WHO RAISED HIM-regardless of how good or bad a job she did [I think she loved and cared for him as best as she was able to and as she understood love. I also think that her understanding of love and caring and parenting is extremely warped and, at best, very misguided and misinformed thanks in large part to Cora and Rumples]. All because a few hundred years ago Rumples father Henry's biological father, who let his teenaged girlfriend go to jail for his crime "for her own good.")

Very much looking forward to what they do with Snow and Regina next. I know I'm still a couple episodes behind, but I'm not particularly interested in what I understand to be the main plots of the next 2 episodes. ("The Stranger," and August. Part of me is still recovering from the abject boredom and pointlessness of the Whale episode a while back.)

Person of Interest 2.17-2.18: I have no deep thoughts, but I hope the HR plotline is wrapped up by the end of this season.

I remain amused at how saving Leon is apparently Reese's new hobby. (I guess Carter said no more stalking her on his motorcycle.) Leon really shouldn't be getting excited by people trying to kill him, though. HE MIGHT BE OUT OF TOWN NEXT TIME, DUDE.

Not thrilled at how little Carter is having to do with the rest of the main cast, lately. I have no idea whether or not Beecher is a dirty cop, but I don't care for how this plotline has taken over her screentime.

White Collar 4.14-4.16:  Hilarie Burton really does the Audrey Hepburn look well, doesn't she?  (Still not thrilled with how her hair keeps getting lighter and lighter.  Though I think she was usually blonde before WC?  And yes, when people change their hair in my shows', I obsess over it.)

I think the episode with the romance novel rejects is my favorite of these episodes, just for the sheer crack and Elizabeth's talent at faking Stockholms. And i'm glad that elizabeth asking Neal to lie is out in the open and they've dealt with it. (And that Peter knew all along. Unlike some, I have no issues with what elizabeth did. It wasn't right and it was unfair to all involved, but I understood why she did it, and don't think that it was so muxh that instance as it was all the trouble that Peter ends up involved in that initiates with Neal's stuff, even if she doesn't actually hold any of it against Neal.)

I hope Calloway is just ambitious and pragmatic, and not corrupt.

I do not care at all about James or his plot (all it has going for it is that almost anything is better than 2 of our protagonists plotting to sell of Nazi treasure and abscond to a tropical island) but wow, dude, great way to alienate your kid forever. Well, Neal was already pretty much alienated forever, but he was at least giving you a chance until then. (I can only imagine how fandom reacted to Neal referring to Peter as a father figure.)

I'm not really thrilled that they've pretty much written both Sara and Alex out this season, though at least Sara's was considerably less "Final" feeling than Alex's. Given that Sara is apparently a big favorite on the creative end, I can only assume that Hilarie Burton is wanting to find a steadier gig and they wanted to give her closure, but leave room to bring her back. (And how DO multiple grown men manage to walk in on 2 half-dressed people with an established sexual relationship and not know what;s going on, anyway? At the very least, Mozzie should be used to walking in on them. He should just be grateful that for once, he didn't walk in as the clothes were starting to come off.

The trailer for Graceland that was at the end of the WC finale looked quite dull.

I've also been catching up with Pretty Little Liars.  You may recall that I was very in love with it a while back, and then suddenly stopped talking about it.  That's because it was group watching, and we all got sidetracked.  But I'm about 1/4 of the way through season 3 now, and loving it.  But wow, what is it with Melissa and pedophiles?  Like EVERY SINGLE GUY she's been interested in has chased after at least one teenaged girl way too young for him, and some more than one.  Is the woman just a pedophile magnet, or something?  I'm actually very fond of Melissa, but her taste in men is just horrific.  (Oddly, while I don't care for Ezra and find Aria/Ezra icky in general, not to mention boring, it's also very much a "wrong because of their ages" thing?  Like, I don't get the same pedophile vibe from him that I do from Ian, Wren or Garrett, and actually get why they're compatible?  It's just the NO STOP DATING YOUR STUDENT DUDE, GEEZ part.  I suppose it helps that Aria was the pursuer there and Ezra spends half his time apparently inwardly berating himself, BUT WHY MUST THE PLOTLINE EXIST?)

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Even if it's just standing around in tight grey shirts.


(Also, are the OuaT episodes from S2 and not S1? Was briefly confused while reading.)


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