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RareWomen is live (for, like, 10 hours now). I wrote a Marnie Madden fic for The Hour (I hate my title, but thanks to feedback from betas, I think I managed to fix most of the problems I was having with it. Much as I love Marnie, I learned that she is not an easy character to write.) and received an excellent post-canon fic for the 2011 gothic horror movie The Awakening.

In other news, this evening I watched Water, part of Deepa Mehta's "Elements" trilogy (the rest of which i intend to watch in the next week or so). Set in 1938, it's about Chuyia, an 8-year-old girl who is a widowed child bride and is sent to an ashram for Hindu widows by her family, where she bonds with a middle-aged widow, Shakuntala, and befriends Kalyani, another widow who is forced to prostitute herself to bring money to the ashram, and who eventually falls in love with Narayan, a Brahmin who is a follower of Gandhi. While the romance is an important part of the plot, it's very secondary (I think John Abraham has about 20-25 minutes screentime total) and the main focus is on the lives and relationships of the widows. I thought a lot of it was excellent, but that a couple of rather triggering things at the end weren't actually necessary to get the point across.


ETA: This sheds some very different light on Water though:


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