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Beauty and the Beast 1.20: (err...I think that's the latest episode's number)

-OMG Joe you and your entitlement suck so much. Though I seem to recall liking him in the first half of the season. I was really hoping Tess was going to break up with him at the end there, and I actually suspect she may have been before he said he was transferring that dude.

-My reactions to the whole body/grave thing: WAIT DID MUIRFIELD STEAL HER MOM'S BODY? (Are Vanessa and Evan zombies slaving away in Muirfield's basement somewhere?) Which I think of before "Vanessa faked her death." Though the reality is probably that someone didn't want Muirfield to get ahold of her body.

-Was not pleased to see a surge of controlling behavior from Vincent, though I am glad it's done with. (For now, at least.) I suspect that his reactions to Gabe have more to do with Muirfield's experiments and Gabe's DNA probably being involved in the altering of Vincent's than anything actually about Gabe himself. (Not that I think he's completely trustworthy.)

-Good to finally see Heather again.

Continuum 2.3: The true tragedy of this week's flashbacks was that poofy thing they did to Kiera's hair. The braid itself was fine, but the top poof is not my thing.

-Ok, fine, the real tragedy was her sister. SHOW WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT?

-So are they saying now that Alec's father was a time traveler. OLD ALEC, ARE YOU LIKE JOHN CONNOR?

-IDC about whatever issues Alec is having, but at least his trip there had an interesting revelation.

-Alec's mom, why are you bothering to visit Julian in jail? Unless you are secretly a timetravelling mastermind, in which case, carry on.

-Julian is probably remembering every bad thing he's ever heard about young guys tossed in jail and wondering at all these big scary men vowing to protect him.

-I like seeing Travis out and about and gathering armies now (and he somehow makes carrying around a suitcase full of heads seem totally normal) and Sonya wanting to seek non-violent solutions, which I think is more in character for her, even though I'm not sure how far that'll get her. Also, isn't Travis going to need more of that serum soon? I doubt he or Jaz actually knows how to make it.

-I feel Kiera has been primarily reactive the last couple episodes, even though, when I sit down and look at actual events, I realize that that isn't the case. I suppose it's because the plot right now seems to mostly be propelled by Alec's stuff (don't care) and Liber8 (do care, but not at the expensive of Kiera being central).

Defiance 1.4:

-So, I get my wish for more Amanda and Kenya, but at the expense of Tommy, Christie and Irisa? Boooooooo. (I mean, the tradeoff part, not the more Amanda and Kenya part.

-I was really hoping we'd keep it at prostitution just being another business and not going with the judging, but nope. Though still less than there could be.

-So, it looks like Amanda and Kenya's mother might still be alive out there somewhere? Though I imagine Amanda did take Kenya to the river, just in case.

-At this point, I don't mind Nolan, but enjoy him significantly less than pretty much everyone else, and enjoy Datak, but am very worried that their antagonism-eventually-frenemies is going to take over the show.  Sadly, I get the feeling that they're going to make them the "dream team" like Eureka did with Carter and Stark.

-Especially since I now want the Amanda/Stahma show. (I mean, if Datak can have all the women he wants, Stahma can too, right?) And i want those scenes of Kenya and Stahma hugging in the street already.

-Wait, how does that knitting thing Stahma was doing work, anyway? It looked like she was just poking her thing, but with no crossing or tying or anything to hold stitches.

-The show can stop with the "racism is displayed by the First Nations man being racist to aliens played by white people" any day now. Glad to get a look down that shaft, though, and for the 3rd McCawley kid to get some development.

Elementary 1.21: Did Holmes just burn a GI Joe at the stake?

Dude, what did you do before Watson came along when you dislocated things?

I liked this more than I did M, but am not as much of a Sherlock Holmes fan as I suspect I should be to fully appreciate some of it. Currently, I'm betting Irene faked her death to get Moriarty to call off the hit on Holmes. Also, moran seems to be...atypical of Moriatry's agents ,given the other 2 we met this episode. I guess he got the "dirty" jobs?

I liked that Joan was included in Holmes's acting out this time.

Did Bell even have any lines at all?Person of Interest 2.21: It worries me when a show only has 4 regular characters and one is MIA in the seasons penultimate episode.

-Hey look, Reese and Carter were actually on the same screen for the first time in 1/4 a season! And are apparently on a firstname basis now.

-So Reese bugs all his friends? Is this like when he spent the first 10 episodes stalking Carter all the time? (I wonder if Shaw checked herself for bugs, just in case.)

-Nice jailbreak there, Shaw. (I half expected to see Fusco headed over to spring Reese while they were on their way out.)

-Finch, you programmed The Machine to kill itself every day? This might make you bad father material.

-Poor Machine.

-I'm not sure Root really understands what a sociopath is.

-Who else expected Shaw to pop up behind Root when Root was wishing she had her own loyal little superspy? (There will be a spinoff next season, right? RIGHT?)

-I almost feel for HR now that they're directly attacking Carter.

Revolution 1.16:  This was a lot better than last week's episode, not that that would be hard to pull off.

-Nice to have Tom back in full force. The last couple episodes were definitely missing something without him. (I wonder if he was telling Jason the truth about Julia, though.) Jason seems to be doing a better job of standing up to him now. (Funny how a few months free of abuse and the liberty to explore other options helps with that.)

-Monroe threatening Randall was unintentionally hilarious.

-I'm glad Charlie snapped herself out of her downward spiral, instead of someone else doing it for her. (And that she quasi-snapped Miles out of his.)

-The thing about Miles is that he doesn't care diddly squat about the rebels, or about helping people, except that Charlie is there. Ever since she popped up in that bar, his actions have been centered around 2 things. (1) keep Charlie alive, (2) make sure Charlie's goals are achieved, with a side of "let me try to talk Nora and Rachel out of dangerous decsions, too." Right now, that's getting rid of the republic at all costs. I really hope this gets addressed at some point in time, because he'd obviously go right back to trying to drink himself to death if she either died or quit. (Actually, he pretty much still is, just a bit more slowly.)

-Did Nora just punish Miles for bad behavior by threatening to leave, then reward him with sex for good behavior? I think she did. (Miles's face was "Ooh, sex! Wait, don't look excited. There might be a trick involved.") I...well, honestly, I think I'd be really annoyed by that, except that I've pretty much been assuming that they've been having sex again for a while now.

-But we still really need to give Nora more to do. Bigtime.

-I actually wanted Charlie, Nora and Jason to go rogue for a couple episodes. Alas.

-The Aaron reveal actually feels a bit more desperate than the secret baby and double fridging from last week. Though more likely to have actual plot relevance, I suppose.

-Either they're planning to have that leg kill Rachel, or they hope we won't realize that that kind of break is going to leave little bits of bone floating around inside, and that there's no way Aaron could have set it properly. And that's not even touching on th probability of infection.

-RUN GRACE RUN. What is down there, anyway? Killer robots? (Actually, that's probably a "yes".) Whatever it is, Grace knew about it.


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