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Continuing with comparing and contrasting Rebel: Thief Who Stole the People and Tree With Deep Roots, as of episode 14 of Tree. (More direct spoilers for both shows here than before, I think.)

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I've been watching the 2011 sageuk Tree With Deep Roots, which is a political thriller about the creation of Hangul, which Six Flying Dragons is a prequel to. Tree should be watched before 6FD though. My first “I wish I’d watched this while it was airing” moment with it was the fight at the end of episode 7/beginning of episode 8. Because while I recognize that the flying/mid-air clashing effects were fairly advanced and cutting edge for 2011, they are…very dated, especially since I watched and rewatched the more advanced versions of that technology in Gil Dong and Mori’s fights in Rebel: Thief Who Stole the People earlier this year.

Speaking of Rebel, as I’ve been discussing with @dingax, who I’m watching Tree with, Tree is almost an inversion of Rebel. Or more accurately, Rebel is an inversion of Tree.

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1.  kdrama folks, does anyone know if Withs2 dropped Girl K/Killer G?  I was checking to see if the last ep was subbed yet yesterday and couldn't find the series at all.

Girl K, for the curious, is a three episode series about a girl who infiltrates a secret organization as an assassin to avenge her mother.

It may be pertinent to your interests.

2.  On a similar vein, I suspect I'm the only person on my DW or LJ lists who watches sageuks  who isn't particularly interested in Tree With Deep Roots.  I liked Jang Hyuk in Chuno (not as much as everyone else seems to have, but still) and the mystery aspect sounds interesting, but I can't see the mystery being carried for 24 episodes given the pace of kdramas, and it looks to be extremely light on women.  Based on what I've seen, there's one supporting female character and the lead girl, who's mute for part  the series.  I'll check it out prepared to be very pleasantly surprised, but don't really have any enthusiasm.

3.  I've started watching Rumpole of the Bailey.  It's very entertaining, but also very much a product of its time.  Very, very much.

4.  Revenge needs to have more shots of Victoria and Emanda in the same frame, smiling sweetly at each other as they pretend they don't know the other is a ruthless BAMF with plots and secrets.  So i can have an icon of it without having to splice one together.

5.  I'm partway through book 5 of the House of Night books I posted on the other day.  (You know, the one with "vampyres.")  Book 4 actually stated to do something with the mythology and matriarchal society besides bash us over the head with Feminism 101.  I mean, it still bashes us over the head with Feminism 101, but now there's a plot beyond Zoey juggling 3 boyfriends, hunting down every bad teen trope and cliche ever and the woman with a history of sexual abuse naturally being The Evil.  Also, the protagonist joined forces with Catholic nuns who run a cat charity, so now we actually havwomen who aren't bashing and/or plotting against other women!  Not that there's actually less of that.  Also, it's very telling when you think the heroine is better off after all her friends have rejected her, and still think she was better off without them once they liked her again.  (On that vein: do people actually find The Twins entertaining?  I mean, I don't due to their mutual inability to speak more than 3 sentences without finding a way to bash, threaten, or slutshame another woman, but I'm pretty sure I'd still findthem grating otherwise.)


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