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January 23 - talk to me about cdramas you think I'd like! (daughtersofthedragon @ tumblr)

Unless I’m misremembering, you’ve already watched some or all of Love020, all of The Princess Weiyoung, and some of The Legend of Hua Mulan, or I’d rec those. These aren’t necessarily the absolute best cdramas ever, but they’re accessible (both in terms of content and ease in finding with English subtitles), dramas I liked, and have good actors and characters and no bad writing/terrible endings.

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[personal profile] yifu  asked "If you could pick an all-ladies crime-fighting team from wuxia canon, who would the members be?"

Here is my (probably totally predictable) lineup:

Huang Rong- Legend of the Condor Heroes & Return of the Condor Heroes
Lian Ni Shang-Legend of the White Haired Demoness/The Bride With White Hair
Yan San Niang-Strange Hero Yi Zhi Mei
Wang Yan Yu & Xia Ling Shuang-Paladins in Troubled Times

I guess this could be said to be a Leverage-esque wuxia ladies crimefighting team, given that almost all of them have at least some criminal element in their past. Actually, there's a thief, a criminal mastermind, and a mountain bandit mixed in there, plus Huang Rong, whose youthful impulses weren't always on the upstanding side.

Huang Rong would be more in the Return of the Condor Heroes era, where she's pretty much the top dog in the martial arts world, and the rest are her super-elite crimefighting team. Except Ni Shang doesn't always bother showing up for missions (and when she does, she sometimes ends up leaving important people hanging upside down from trees and such) but she sends a dozen or so of her personal army of warrior maids to help out when she isn't in the mood. Yan Yu is the field leader, but Ling Shuang is the one who always deals with local authorities because Yan Yu makes them antsy. (They know her plots are effective, but she has plotted the destructions of martial arts sects and local governments, and made invasions fail before, and that can make people nervous.) Though sometimes the authorities get annoyed when their wives don't realize Ling Shuang is a girl at first at start ogling the hot young man.* San Niang isn't allowed to deal with local authorities because they annoy her so she steals from them, but she's the best infiltrator/scout ever.

*Ling Shuang is pretty much wuxia!Oscar in this regard.

I've only had a few takers, so there are still plenty of slots left if anyone else wants to leave a prompt.
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Where's my GIF of Catelyn Stark bashing Jaime Lannister over the head with a rock?  Because that's how I feel.

If the backstory were the main story, I'd ditch this show and never look back.

As it is, while my enjoyment of the main story remains the same and my only complaint with the main story is that, aside from San Niang, the cast is all men (men I like except for the antagonists, but that's a separate matter) there's no way this can ever go on my list of favorites now.


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50 x Camelot
50 x City Hunter
50 x Game of Thrones
50 x Nikita
50 x Paladins in Troubled Times
50 x Strange Hero Yi Zhi Mei/Vigilantes in Masks


the rest at my lj

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Strange Hero Yi Zhi Mei or Vigilantes in Masks (I prefer the former version myself) is something of a wuxia version of Robin Hood, but actually reminds my a lot of Leverage. The main character, Le Ge Xiao, is a former government official who Tragically Lost A Loved One because of his employers and is now a drunken bum. A Super Upstanding Dude Worried About the Little People asks him to undertake a Very Important mission to save…uhm…I think it was flood victims? Anyway, to save people! To do so, LGX recruits Totally Not Evil Shady People from his past (and who he’s encountered in his drunken bum phase) to help him, but whoops! Super Upstanding Dude Worried About the Little People is actually Evil and frames them for crimes. And then they go around the country helping people and hatching elaborate schemes that involve subterfuge and fake identities. Oh, and the heroine, San Niang, is on a one woman mission to save LGX from his self-destructive tendencies (boy does he have them) and potential liver poisoning.

See? Leverage.

I like it a lot, but there are too few women in the main cast (only San Niang) and it’s way too fond of reminding me that LGX’s wife was fridged for two men’s angst without giving her much characterization beyond the Beautiful and Perfect pedestal they have her on in flashbacks. Give her something to do already show. You are a Guo Li series, and so I know you can do much better on this front.

Anyway, the last few episodes are my favorite so far, as they’ve been all about San Niang’s past and her fraught relationship with her shifu/mother-but-she-claims-not-to-be-but-they-know-better (I’m fairly certain San Niang’s father is going to be revealed to be the main villain.)

Also, for a show that technically has no romance in the main plot, the writers ship San Niang/LGX to a ridiculous and shameless degree. We’ve already had two fake marriage plots and I’m losing track of the excuses they’re coming up with for San Niang to hold/cradle LGX’s bloody, half dead body, or just holding each other in general. We’ve even had hijinks in the dry ice fog that I think were supposed to be it’s-CPR-no-really despite not even pretending to look like CPR and having to apparent reason for it. (It actually played out more like the “you stay here, Delicate Damsel, while I go save the day” with LGX as the Delicate Damsel. For various It Only Happens In Wuxia reasons, he is blind and poisoned.)

Just look at the extending ending credits!

I haven’t seen wuxia credits that devoted to shipping since Return of the Condor Heroes. (I like them because it’s the fun kind of shamelessness, and because LGX seems to think she’s some kind of superwoman who can handle anything and everything and has to have it pointed out to him that even super awesome people have their limits.)

Sadly, the remaining 17 episodes don't have subtitles yet.
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75 x The Borgias
75 x Paladins in Troubled Times
75 x Strange Hero Yi Zhi Mei/Vigilantes in Masks
75 x The Vampire Diaries


the rest at my lj


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