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I came home from Easter travel to Star Wars Trailers.

The Last Jedi, which I would be more excited about without fandom's obsession with a certain character for the last year and a half, which is no doubt returning fullforce:

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Star Wars Rebels spoilers )

For other Spring TV shows:  Feud, about the rivalry between Bette Davis and Joan Crawford, is very good.  I'm still suspicious of Ryan Murphy every step of the way, but given that leads and the subject matter, he probably couldn't get away with much in the way of his usual antics.  I hope both Susan Sarandon and Jessica Lange  get best actress noms.

Into the Badlands had, IMO, and excellent return.  It was mostly setup for the season, but unlike most shows that skip a large amount of time between seasons and have everyone positioned drastically differently than the first season, I can't actually complain about where they seem to be going with anyone.  I have concerned for a couple characters in regards to their fates, yes, but not with what the shows is currently doing with them.  We caught up with everyone from season 1 but Waldo and Lydia.  Based on previews for the season, I'm not worried about Waldo, but I am a bit worried about Lydia.  My only complaint is that I don't care for Tilda and The Widow's new hairstyles, and that's pretty shallow  (Though Tilda's does suit the changes to her character and her current role, even if I'm not fond of it.)

The Tangled TV series is very cute and enjoyable, based on the TV movie and first episode, but I don't have a lot more to say about it than that so far, aside from that there's an excellent rejection of 100 years of toxic masculinity in the movie.  The Catch is still a very Shondaland show in both good and bad ways, but I like it.  Powerless is a delight but appears to already be on hiatus after 5 episodes.  Making History is a cute comedy about a time traveler who accidentally messes up the American Revolution, but it isn't holding my attention, so I might save it for a slow TV period.  Season 3 of Grace and Frankie has dropped, but I've only watched 2 episodes so far.  Season 2 of Underground is proving that you can improve on perfection.

I appear to have dropped both How to Get Away With Murder and Supergirl, something that I never would have thought possible in their previous seasons.  HHTGAWM sounds like the Terrible Decision they made in the mid-season finale was, indeed,a truly terrible decision that they didn't recover from, and Supergirl just...has largely ignored or sidelined most of what made season 1 good.  There are still good parts and I probably will catch up eventually, but it wont be soon.
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1. I haven’t talked much about TV here recently, but I haven’t really felt fannish about US shows? Elementary and Madam Secretary are solid shows that I have great fondness for but little interest in initiating conversation about, though it is worth noting that MS is one of those shows that’s really going after the current political climate. Bones is on its final season and it’s still Bones, which mean that, like the last several seasons, it’s worth watching for the characters that I’ve been following for a decade, but not really a lot else. Supergirl is a show I was fannish about last season but am not really fannish about this season. I still enjoy it, and there are definitely very good things about this season, but the problems we were worried about when we learned it was moving to CW came to pass.  Rosewood is also still solid and enjoyable, though I'm slightly concerned that a miracle cure is in the works.

Timeless wraps up the first season tomorrow.  It's not brilliant SciFi, but it is very entertaining SciFi, and is pretty good at calling out how much US history has erased and persecuted POC.

Star Wars Rebels continues to be great, but I wish it would fully commit itself to the Mandalore plotline that’s been building up instead of the endless build up. I’m very much looking forward to some things in the trailer that haven’t happened yet.

I still enjoy Emerald City despite its problems, and I have so many questions about the past that can’t possibly be answered in the last two episodes without putting the main plotline on hold. At least it looks like my questions about Jane might be answered next episode, though.

The only new show I’ve checked out (or really plan to) is Powerless, which is a sitcom set in the DC universe about the employees of a security firm who work on inventions to keep people and possessions safe from superhero battles. It also falls into the realm of “really like but don’t feel fannish about” but really is a delight. Of the shows I’m watching, it’s also probably the one most blatantly anti-Trump.

I haven’t watched How to Get Away With Murder since it returned from hiatus and I haven’t watched any of this season of Jane the Virgin (I’m spoiled about That Thing in JTV, though). I’ll probably watch both when Netflix gets them this summer.

Right now, I’m mostly waiting for Underground, Into the Badlands and Brooklyn 99 to return from hiatus, and wondering if Still Starcrossed will ever make it to my screen.  I think all my other shows are summer/late spring shows.

2. For a few US shows I’ve completely recently:

Netflix’s A Series of Unfortunate Events was a delight, due in large part to excellent casting and the actors’ ability to maintain an almost impossible pace for something so dialogue heavy. It’s hard to make something that requires that much dialogue and whose humor requires the narrator to step in so much to work, but they did it. My favorite character was Jacqueline, who had maybe 10-15 minutes screentime total throughout the season.

LEGO Star Wars: The Freemaker Adventures is a TV show set between The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi about a trio of scavenger siblings who come across a woman claiming to be a Jedi who survived Order 66, and help her look for the pieces of the kybersaber, a weapon that pre-dated the lightsaber. It’s an irreverent comedy that spends a whole lot of time mocking Palpatine and Vader, and the Empire in general. I kind of wish it was pat of the main Star Wars animated Universe canon, because there’s some good stuff in there.

I finally got around to watching the back half of season 5 of Haven now that netflix has it. I appreciated how fully it committed itself to its gothic horror roots and its devotion to the new mid-apocalyptic setting. I did not appreciate hoe it still felt th need to kill off any plot-important women who weren’t Audrey. It also somehow took an ending that SHOULD have been perfectly satisfactory to anyone and made it be awful and make no sense. Sigh.

3. I have been fairly fannish about kdramas and cdramas lately, though, but most of that portion of my friend’s list has migrated to tumblr, or are both here and there, so I forget to also talk about them here. Surprisingly, I’ve been fannish about Hwarang, which has been an admittedly fairly-average sageuk, but an enjoyable one, and utterly harmless. For an idol-heavy youth drama sageuk, it’s actually pretty decent, despite the almost universally-awful promotional material and trailers. It’s Silla-era and has enjoyable characters, and I’m easy there. It also has the worst fandom possible, largely due to stans of certain actors and their characters who believe the universe has horribly wronged them by not making the show and all the characters revolve around their favorite.

I’m also really enjoying Saimdang: Light’s Diary and Rebel: Thief Who Stole the People, but despite the split-timeperiods aspect of Saimdang, both are being fairly old-school in their approaches, and so things are really just getting started. (Unlike Hwarang, both are also excellent sageuks by any standard right now, but not to the tastes or the more vocal parts of kdramas fandom. As in, there are no idols, and they’re busy being Serious Business Sageuks.)

4. Slightly related to the above, I’m glad Moon Lovers brought a lot of people to sageuks last year, but frankly, that drama was mediocre. Entertaining and with some bright spots, but mediocre both as a sageuk and as a drama in general. It’s popularity was because of the popular idols in the cast, Lee Joon Ki fans, the fact that it wasn’t set in the Joseon era, and because it hit a lot of fandom’s buttons for character overinvestment, none of which are actually related to quality. I didn’t bother finishing it when I learned that the final episodes literally killed off every single female character except for the one history said that it absolutely could not kill off. But it got a lot of younger viewers interested in sageuks, and also got some not-so-young viewers in that didn’t typically watch sageuks, but now I can’t go to any drama sites with seeing other sageuks and popular ancient cdramas compared to Moon Lovers and somehow being found wanting, with people going out of their way to find ways to compare them. Hwarang fandom is probably the worst about that. But every drama I’ve seen compared to ML in the last 6 months or however long its been has, IMO, been a better drama.

5. Completely unrelated to TV, I’ve been checking flights for WisCon and the prices are almost double what they were two years ago. Hopefully they’ll go down in the next month or so, but I’m not holding my breath. (I also have no idea yet if I have roommates or need to start asking friends if they have room. I know one of my regular roommates isn’t going, but I haven’t heard back from the other yet. I don’t think most people start worrying about roommates in February, though…)


Oct. 15th, 2016 11:08 am
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 Supergirl, Madam Secretary and Elementary have all aired their season premieres, but haven't aired anything else.  Like everyone else I know, I hated that one thing Supergirl did, but otherwise thought all 3 had good premieres.  

Rosewood is clearing the slate of last season's dangling subplots pretty fast, which is good, but makes me wonder about their season-long plans.  (One thing hasn't been resolved, but I assume they're going for a big payoff there.)  I can't say I'm enamored of the new captain, but I don't hate him, either.

Star Wars: Rebels is playing pretty heavily into building up to events in A New Hope, and has started incorporating a bit of the no-longer-canon EU into the current canon.  I doubt they'll incorporate a large amount of it (a lot can no longer be canon) but I think it's a good idea to bring some of it in.  I do wonder how much longer the series will continue? We're getting closer and closer to the OT, and while they theoretically could simply continue following the crew of The Ghost as doing things for the rebellion separate from the events in OT, Leia knows about Kanan and Ezra as of last season, and I can't see how they'd work things out so that she doesn't tell Luke about them if they're still around.  (I loved Leia's appearance last season and hope she shows up again, but it did not bode well for the crew of The Ghost in the long run, I don't think.)

How to Get Away With Murder
is doing pretty well with adjusting the big mystery of the first half of the season to being about finding out who died, not who the culprit is (hopefully the answer isn't the same).  Everyone in the show except Michaela and maybe Asher and Bonnie is on a terrible self-destructive trajectory right now, if at different speeds, and I fear for them.  Except Frank.  Frank can completely self-destruct and die and make me happy, though I will admit that this week's revelations about what he's actually up to right now is the first thing to make me just very slightly interested in the character.

For whatever reason, hulu doesn't seem to have Quantico this season.  I think I'm just going to wait for Netflix to get the full season, unless that changes.  Empire I just...kind of forgot to watch.  It's always been a show where the actors and characters were stronger than the show itself, but it lost me a lot of the time last season.  I also deliberately spoiled myself about whether or not someone died after the finale and was not pleased.  I'll probably wait until the season is over and streaming somewhere and see if I feel like watching it then.

The only new series I've tried out is Timeless, though I hope to watch the aired episodes of Pitch before hulu takes the pilot down.  I am enjoying Timeless but don't have a lot to say, aside from sideeyeing tumblr A LOT for all the people who are effectively saying that a black man pointing out how much US history has sucked for black people is comic relief.  Matt Lanter, who voices Anakin in The Clone Wars plays one of the main characters and it is SO WEIRD for him to not be animated.  (Also, cartoon!Anakin somehow looks just like both him and Hayden Christiansen.)

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 I get so disturbed sometimes when I remember that this is supposed to be the more child friendly Star Wars cartoon.

spoilers )

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 Agent Carter and The Shannara Chronicles finished their sophomore and freshman runs respectively this week and...eeeh. Like season 1, AC could have just been better in general. They listened to fan demands for more diversity and more women for Peggy to interact with, but their efforts were rather lackluster overall, IMO. I shouldn't feel overwhelmed with relief that the sole POC character in the show didn't end up dead or ebil, or be surprised when a major character from the first season gets a passing mention. I also found Whitney Frost to be the most interesting of Peggy's antagonists by far (I enjoy Dottie a lot but don't find her very compelling as an individual) and was disappointed in how her story ended, and that we never got a reason for the things she did other than a need for more power. I am very interested in the apparent setup for the third season though.

TSC I mostly found disappointing because they're shooting for an ongoing series instead of what most of us assumed, which was a series of limited series based on different novels and characters. Even with my vague memories, I know they left most of the book canon behind long ago, but I was hopeful. There were also things that happened that I wasn't very ok with to start with, and am even less ok with with the possibility of future seasons.

Which is not to say that I disliked either one or don't intend to watch more seasons if they manage to exist, I just wanted more.

OTOH, this week's Star Wars Rebels and Supergirl were both excellent, though it's too close to my bedtime to get into either. 
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 On the one hand, I enjoyed this week's Star Wars Rebels more than the previous Zeb episode.

On the other hand, exactly how does "more kid friendly than The Clone Wars" translate as "MOAR GENOCIDE AND MASSACRES! BRING 'EM ON!!"


Oct. 31st, 2015 01:05 pm
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1. I watched the Sleepy Hollow and Bones crossover. I liked the Sleepy Hollow plot more, but thought the crossover part worked better in Bones. Ichabod and Abbie fit decently well with the plot there, but Sleepy Hollow pretty clearly only had Booth and Brennan in a couple scenes to have a second part of the crossover.

2. I liked this week's Minority Report a lot, and not only because Vega and Agatha actually had scenes together.

spoilerish' )
3. So, in Jane the Virgin, did anyone else wonder for a moment if the narrator revealed his identity?

spoilers )

4. How to Get Away With Murder was...well, it was certainly an episode.

spoilers )

5. Star Wars Rebels wasn't as good as it could have been, but was still pretty good.

spoilers )

6. Since several of my shows were on hiatus this week and I didn't bother with Blindspot (maybe later), I ended up watching all of Tokyo Ravens. It was fairly predictable and a standard "magical high school school adventure series," but I enjoyed it.

post-anime novel spoilers )

7.  I am still watching Quantico, but am mostly enjoying the ladies (But how did Danny Matheson turn into such an uberdouche, and why did the show decide to make that garbage on Sunday "shippy"?)and hoping the present day plot doesn't go horribly wrong.


Oct. 25th, 2015 02:35 pm
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Like most Star Wars fans, I've seen the new trailer for episode 7...a few times, but I've mostly been reblogging gifsets on tumblr.  I do, though, want to link to this article, which explains why one line and one shot (well, two shots.  The other being a very similar shot with another character)  made me go from excited because it's Star Wars in general to extremely excited for this particular movie.

1. Blindspot mostly bored me this week, so I might be done with it unless I hear something that makes me want to come back.

2. iZombie finally had a brain that entertianed me this season, but I still don't care about most of the plot stuff going on, with one exception.

spoilers )

3. Rosewood, Jane the Virgin and Madam Secretary all fill me with joy though in different ways.

4. This week's Empire was...hmm...

spoilers )

5. I'm enjoying Minority Report more with each episode, so of course it's looking increasingly likely that it will be cancelled.

6. How to Get Away With Murder was also hmm...

spoilers )

7. Star Wars Rebels

spoilers )

8. I watched Angel Beats, a PA Works series about teens in an afterlife that's endless school, where they try to stay there instead of moving on out of fear that they won't be reincarnated as human. It has some definite Haibane Renmei vibes but is an overly energetic "school action club" type show until later on when it focuses on the literal soul searching and figuring out if they should move on from their current afterlife. I liked it, but it was too short to carry off some of what it wanted to with the characters.

9. I checked out Tokyo Ravens when it first aired but wasn't impressed, but decided to give it another shot. I'm not too far into it, but I'm enjoying it well enough. I don't see it becoming anything close to a favorite, but it's entertaining.

10. I added the new Utawarerumono series to my watch list and am liking it so far. It's billed as a direct sequel to the first anime, but it's more like it's an adaptation of the game that's a direct sequel to the game the first series was based on, that relies on a plotline that was omitted from the first anime series.


Oct. 16th, 2015 11:10 pm
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1. The return of Star Wars Rebels is probably my TV highlight this week.

spoilers )

2. I've gotten fairly into Minority Report with the last 2 episodes, so of course it looks like it's about to be cancelled...

Also, Agatha is the character Katrina could and should have been in Sleepy Hollow, if only they'd been willing to commit to a solid stance on her.

3. I'm getting pretty "meh" about Blindspot though, especially since the mystery of Jane's identity is almost all about Weller at this point and not, you know, Jane. I'm mostly still watching because a coworker who shares my cubicle watches it.

4. I really, really wish I wasn't interested in the mystery in Scream Queens. Very little of it is actually funny, and literally every joke relies on racism, classism, homophobia or misogyny to provide the humor, so even if it actually was funny, the offensiveness would kill the humor aspect. There are perfectly decent actors and some who should really know better than this, but the only character I care for so far is Zayday. But, I mean, I want to know what's going on.

5. The main thing I got out of this week's Sleepy Hollow was the mini-Nikita reunion brought on by Jessica Camacho guest starring.
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Star Wars Rebels came back for a 2 part season premiere, and then...went on hiatus again for a few months. For reasons?

spoilerish )

Hey, remember when this was the light, cute kids show about space!jedi!Robin Hood family, and GrimDark theories seemed entirely out of place for it? Yeah, me too.

Killjoys is a new SyFy series about a bounty hunter named Dutch whose Dark And Tragic Backstory appears to be the intergalactic version of MCU's The Red Room, complete with Rob Stewart. Her partner, Johnny, gets both of them in trouble when he sees a kill order for his brother , D'Avin, and uses Dutch's clearance to try to save them. And Stuff Happens. There's also an intergalactic war going on that bounty hunters are neutral in, and everyone but Johnny having Deep Dark Secrets. I liked the show in general (the pilot is exposition heavy, but that's to be expected) and really liked both Dutch and Johnny, but I couldn't care less about D'Avin and his Deep Dark Secrets, and am annoyed that the pilot seems to want me to ship him with Dutch. At least Dutch (played by a biracial actress) is set up as the central protagonist, with the brothers as her support. I really could have done without the rape threats in the opening scene, though.

Dark Matter is another new space opera show, this one a Canadian show also showing on SyFy. Six people wake up from stasis with amnesia, finding themselves on route to a mining planet, along with a large cache of weapons. They name themselves One-Six, in the order they woke up in, and try to figure out what's going on. It's very, very tropey, but I'm ok with that. Like Killjoys, this appears to be a "corporations rule the universe, Our Protagonists must choose a side" show.* There are a lot of familiar faces, particularly Zoie Palmer, Roger Cross and Anthony Lemke. Rob Stewart (non-evil version) also guest stars in the first two episodes, and Torri Higginston is in the second. Hopefully, her character is meant to be recurring, and they didn't cast her for one measly scene. The cast is pretty diverse and largely good, though I really wish they weren't acting like One (the obligatory Idealist) was so charismatic and inspiring. I mean, nothing against the character or actor, but roger Cross, Anthony Lemke, and the actress playing Two all have more charisma and screen presence in their pinkies than he does in his whole body. Though, mind you, I have yet to see Lemke play a character that anyone should look to for inspiration.

For now, though, Two is set up as the leader, and I hope it stays that way.

spoilers )

I'm a bit leery about Dark Matter, as it's by the SGA folks, and I had a contentious relationship with that show in the two seasons I watched, and didn't like much of what I heard about the rest, but Jay Firestone is also involved, and that's usually a plus.

*That said, the shows are pretty different, despite appealing to largely the same audiences. Killjoys is a very very SyFy show, kinda campy and all about buddy space bounty hunters adventures, with a side of Dark And Angsty Pasts. And an Ashmore twin. (You can tell the Ashmore twins apart by whether or not they're in a SyFy or CW show, or a SciFi movie. Unless they guest star in the same episode of a show.) Dark Matter is a more Serious Business (but not too much) show more focused on mysteries and identity.

The Astronaut Wives Club is not set in space, but is about the wives of some of the first Americans to go into space. The first episode focus primarily on Louise Sheppard, wife of Alan Shepard, and it was...ok? There was just too much going on for a 42 minute episode, and Louise's characterization relied pretty heavily on internalized misogyny. Like a lot of US shows set in the early/mid-20th century in recent years, it has a "wants to be the next Mad Men" feel to it. (And for my money, MM only worked the first few seasons.) I'll watch more people it was enjoyable enough, and in hopes that it'll improve.
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 Last night, I was checking wikipedia to see when when Star Wars Rebels comes back (answer:  June 20th! Only a week!) I ended up browsing the character listing.  I...don't recommend this, as it spoils the fates of several The Clone Wars characters that I don't think has been mentioned in any promotional materials or tie-ins yet.  I did notice something though, that may or may not mean anything.

Spoilers for The Clone Wars and Rebels season 1 and season 2 trailers )
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What are you currently reading

Currently in between.

What did you recently finish reading?

Star Wars: A New Dawn by John Jackson Miller. finished reading this, and it remained pretty enjoyable throughout. I'd like it if they did more rebels prequel books, particularly of Hera and Kanan acquiring Zeb and Sabine.

Vixen in Velvet by Loretta Chase. Third book in a series (I haven't read the first two) about three sisters who are French dressmakers and marry incredibly rich British lords. Entertaining, like most Loretta Chase, but the concept stretched believability a bit much for me, even for a Window Dressing historical Romance.

Cloche and Dagger and Death of a Mad Hatter by Jenn McKinlay. First two books in a mystery series about two cousins who run a hat shop. Cousin A became internet-famous thanks to a youtube video in which she's flinging handfuls of anniversary cake at her supposedly-single boyfriend. Depending on who you ask, she's either "a total nutter' (used frequently in the books by characters who have seen the video, but not a view supported by the narrative) or a feminist icon and symbol for women who discover they're dating cheating louses. Cousin B is the creative, free spirited cousin prone to leaving for weeks on end without a word to buy rare feathers, or spending her entire savings on crystals, both to be used in hats. People keep dying while wearing their hats, but more people keep buying them. More overtly humorous than a lot of the mysteries I've been reading lately, and very fun.

Tonari no Seki-kun vol 1-2 by Takuma Morishige. Manga that the anime I watched last year is based on. Studious girl has a neighbor in class who is always bringing absurdly complicated and involving things to do instead of paying attention in class. She tries to ignore him, but keeps getting caught up in his antics. Pretty much like watching the anime. (Which is not a bad thing.)

What do you think you'll read next?

I should probably devote the time I'd normally spend reading on RW for the next few weeks. (no Dear Author letter yet, only prompt in the signup is a brief one for a fandom I'm not familiar with. Insert panicky Megan.)
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1. Madam Secretary is back, which makes me very happy. The politics are still very "whatever" at best, but the characters and relationships are great. Granted, having watched the entire awful first season of State of Affairs might be making it look better than it would otherwise.

2. I watched the first two episodes of Secrets and Lies and will watch more, but in part because so many of my shows have wrapped up for a while. I mean, it was ok and all, but the first 2 episodes pretty actively didn't care about any PoV aside from that of Ryan Phillippe's character.

3. The first season of Star Wars: Rebels is over, and apparently I got invested along the way. And curse Star Wars: The clone Wars for making me excited about certain things coming in season 2.

spoilers )

I'm currently reading Star Wars; a New Dawn, which is a repquel to the series about how Kanan and Hera met. The book ships them to an absurd degree, and Kanan is spending most of his time mooning over Hera when he isn't busy internally chanting "I am an angsty loner, a looonnnneeeerrrr!" while Hera occassionally tries to decide whether its amusing or annoying as she Does Important Stuff.

4.  This week's Empire both proved that Lucious is the worst and most abusive father on TV (well on TV that I'm watching) and that Trai Byers really needs to win Best Supporting Actor next year. (Best Actress needs to be determined by having Taraji Henson and Viola Davis go up on stage and argue their cases for why they should win in character as Cookie and Annelise. That way, everyone wins.)

5. I watched all 31 episodes of The Fosters that Netflix has. It's very good, but also very stressful to watch at times. I'm kinda glad that I ran out, so I can take a bit of a break.

6. And then there's MTV's Eye Candy, which is about a hacker who is working with the police to catch a cyberstalker and serial killer. There are I think 8-9 episodes aired, but hulu only has the first 5. I really like Lindy, the main character (and that the character, like the actress, is biracial, when a lot of shows would have made the character white) and her friends and that Lindy is out to singlehandedly rescue all the missing/abducted people in the world singlehandedly. I don't like the stalker's voiceovers, which are ucky, don't actually add anything useful to the show, and make me want to fastforward through parts of every episode, or how the internet is apparently and evil, evil place full of nothing but stalkers and liars and creepers, and Lindy is apparently the only person ever to use it for good. It also has the typical issue I have with procedurals which is that the camera is much fonder of lingering over female corpses and death scenes than male ones.

7. I also watched some good movies recently. The new Annie was really adorable. Jack and the Cuckoo Clock Heart is a gothic steampunk fairy tale about a boy born on the coldest night ever, and whose heart is replaced with a cuckoo clock, because his real one was frozen, and his journey's through life and love. It's strange and surreal and very engaging, but probably not for kids. The Book of Life was a fairy tale of another sort entirely. I really liked it and how it went about the narrative structure (it's certainly not the first to tell a story that way, but it did it well) but I wish I hadn't felt like it was shouting "STRONG FEMALE CHARACTER" at me in all of Maria's scenes. I mean, I liked Maria, I just kept thinking the movie wanted me to pat it on the back and tell it what a great job it'd done a lot of the time.
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1. Galavant decided that instead of the miniseries it advertised itself as, it wanted to be an ongoing series instead, and ended with multiple cliffhangers that resulted in it going out with a sizzle instead of a bang. It had a rough start and some bad patches, but overall, I enjoyed it and hope that it does get a second season.

2. The Librarians OTOH, had an excellent end to the first season, and it ends in a way where we aren't left with dangling plotlines and too many unanswered questions if it doesn't get renewed, but that also doesn't make a second season difficult. Anyone who missed that this is by a lot of the same people who did Leverage.

3. How to Get Away With murder, The 100 and Jane the Virgin have all returned from hiatus, and all remain excellent. Empire is also getting better with every episode, and keeps reassuring me that it knows that Cookie winning (either directly or through Jamal) is the only way this can end in a satisfying way.

4. State of Affairs remains awful, but I keep watching it. Katherine Heigl sometimes looks like she's in actual pain while saying her lines, while Alfre Woodard is sitting there all "I am strong. I am talented. I AM POTUS. I shall conquer this script..."

5. Star Wars: Rebels is still good and is fleshing out the non-Ezra and Kanan characters more. I just grow increasingly fearful that, despite being more kid friendly than The Clone Wars, it's all going to end in blood and tears.

6. Sleepy Hollow is...around, I guess. Aside from the appropriation involved in the Villain of the Week, I enjoyed the latest episode more than I have a number of the episodes this season, but still not as much as I enjoyed season one.

7. Netflix has season 2 of Beauty and the Beast streaming, so i've started watching that from where I left off a while back (Episodes 2.9-onward). I'm really enjoying it, so far, despite the fact that it has the first female character who I've actively disliked in years.
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I woke up this morning all eager for my 3 day weekend, went to Wal-Mart, started getting the chills, got back home and barely managed to take care of perishable before collapsing. Got up about an hour later and had a 102.2f temperature. Whee! At least I didn't have to call in sick to work? It went up to a littler over 103 but has gone down a bit since, and I've managed to stay mobile for about 15 minutes, so maybe I'll get lucky and whatever it is will pass as quickly as I came down with it.

Anyway, I typed this up a couple days ago and hadn't gotten around to posting, so I'll post it now before collapsing again.

1. Flight Rising is having another open registration window next Monday. I guess it's officially a monthly thing now. As always, I will be giving dragons to friends who join, though possibly not until later in the week, as site competitions this week might wipe me out of all dragons that aren't permanent residents in my lair.

2. Related, your pet dragons can now have PET ROBOTS. Though they were created for the highest difficulty level (so far) in the coliseum, but there are other ways to get them. But I repeat YOUR PET PIXEL DRAGONS CAN HAVE PET PIXEL ROBOTS.

3. The newest version of Return of the Condor Heroes is apparently as awful as one would expect a series advertising itself as choosing to make a rapist adorable to be. (I mean, the rape plot in ROCH has problems all over the place, but at least it doesn't think the rapist is sympathetic or likable or fassscinating, so it has that over quite a few rape plots. And also the bit where the person who was rapes finds out who really raped her and hunts him across half of China and kills him. Which probably won't happen with an "adorable" rapist.) It's ok, my backlog of shows to watch is enormous as it is.

4. Kevin Kostner's comments on racism may not be as blatantly horrific as Kevin Sorbo's, but maybe Hollywood needs to make a rule about past-their-professional-prime actors named Kevin aren't allowed to talk about race in public without someone there to kick them in the shin when they go wrong.

5. I started watching the Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic anime on Netflix a couple weeks ago out of boredom, and really enjoyed it. It's a shounen adventure series very, very loosely based on 1001 Nights (loosely=It uses some names and the settings sometimes look vaguely right). The main characters are Aladdin, a child magician, Ali Baba, a wanderer with A Secret Angsty Past, and Morgianna, a former slave girl with super strength and speed. It does a better job than a lot of shounen with the grander scope of things and handling a coming war between three major countries. Unfortunately, season 2, Magi: The Kingdom of Magic splits up the 3 main characters and separates them from their other friends. Ali Baba and Morgianna are MIA for most of the season (Morgianna is considerably more MIA that Ali Baba, or course...) and most of it is Aladdin learning more about magic in another country. Unfortunately, while I like Aladdin, he's way, way less interesting than Morgianna and Ali Baba (and the other supporting characters who are also mostly MIA), and the 2 friends he makes are nice and all, but the actual kingdom is BORING, as is the characters who (as of ep 20, where I am) appears to be the main antagonist. I mean, I'm still enjoying it, just a lot less than the first season, and hoping that if there's a third season, it'll be better. There are some events that are making things more interesting going on, but it's in conjunction with my caring even less about the magic kingdom and being more annoyed by the antagonist.

6. Madame Secretary is on hiatus, but at least it was given a full season. Maybe State of Affairs will seem less horrible when I'm not also watching a far superior female-lead political thriller show? (I mean Madam Secretary's politics and conspiracy plot are just as awful, but the show itself is much better written, as are the characters and their relationships.

7. I've been reading "cozy mysteries" lately, and I'd really like to know how a genre about multiple murders in a small town over a relatively brief period of time not only came to be called "cozy," but also gained a reputation for being comfort reading. I mean, they are comfort reading, and I should write up my thoughts about why some time, but you have to admit, it's a bit odd. (I suspect Agatha Christie and Rex Stout having had dozens and dozens of such books consistently in print for decades contributes some there. I mean, not just them, but they're the big ones that immediately spring to mind.

8. Taraji Henson's new series starts soon! I deliberately have not watched the preview for Empire, but based on what I've read, I'm hoping that her character is on an epic revenge quest and steal her ex-husband's music empire. *hopes*

9. I watched the pilot of The Librarians (or rather, the first 2 episodes, which were aired together because networks don't like 2 hours pilots anymore and air episodes together and confuse everyone about episode numbering). It was entertaining. Christian Kane looked very confused every time he didn't beat up 10 guys at once and Noah Wylie looked very tired thanks to his day job of fighting off alien invasions (though I'm sure he's happy that he has this lined up if it lasts, since Falling Skies's next season will be the last) And Rebecca Romjin made "WTF?" faces a lot. And, I mean, of course Matt Frewer and John Larroquette are running around being...well, themselves. It VERY much felt like a pilot for a series based on a franchise most people forgot exists, and as others have noted, it seems to want to appeal to Warehouse 13 fans, so it was a, but I'll watch more.

10. Star Wars: Rebels is on midseason hiatus, and I'm not sure who else is watching, but a few comments:
spoilery )
meganbmoore: (sleepy hollow: jenny x gun)
spoilers )

The only other new TV I've watched this week is the second episode of Star Wars: Rebels. I've mostly been watching 666 Park avenue (good until the end, which was just awful) and bingeing on Fairy Tail, which is my current happy place, except that I'm almost caught up now.


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