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I am home safe and sound from WisCon (as of around midnight Monday) but got called in to work yesterday before I even finished my laundry because of a scheduling issue, so it looks like anything resembling an in depth writeup isn't likely to happen, at least not this week.  As always, I had a great time, though some absentee people were sorely missed.  I wasn't on any panels this year and I felt it in both good and bad ways.  Despite a few audience attempts, all the panels I went to were pretty good.  It took me until sometime Saturday to completely recover from having to get up at 4 am on Thursday to catch my flight, and I was pretty much ordered to go to sleep both Thursday and Friday nights due to increasing levels of incoherency.

Hopefully next year I'll be on panels, preferably a kdrama one and an anime/manga one.  We'll see.

I watched and greatly enjoyed the pilot of Still Star-Crossed (and am SO BITTER that it didn't air on Thursday like other Shondaland shows, because then I could have watched it with people.)
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 Thursday:  arrive around 12:30, no actual plans beyond staying the night with [ profile] sophygurl .  Feel dead the whole time because my plane leaves at 6: 30 am and I can barely get up that early, much less at least 1 1/2 hours earlier to get to the airport on time.

FridaY;  Move to my room at some point and wait for [personal profile] lyssie to arrive.

4-5:15: Love Love Peace Peace: What Makes a Fun Story? 

Saturday:  Farmers Market in the morning, must find people to go with.

8:30-9:45 am (assuming I actually get moving and finish at Farmer's Market by then, which isn't likely)  Rebel Scum: Finding Hope In Resistance 

10-11:15 am (even though I didn't watch the show)  Yuri on Ice! Skating on Love! 

1-2:15  Red As Blood: Women and Gothic Horror 


1-2:15 (if I manage to watch some of it by then)  The Women of Luke Cage 

2:30-3:45:  Hidden Figures 
Moral Ambiguity In Fiction 

Monday:  No panels, I don't think, leaving sometime in the afternoon.

I'm not on any panels this year, so they're all pretty tentative and can be dropped in favor of hanging out with people, which is how I intend to spend most of my time, if anyone wants to schedule anything.


May. 3rd, 2017 01:15 pm
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 I'll be at WisCon from Thursday the 25th through Monday the 29th, with a 6:30 am departure and getting back home at 11:05.  I had planned to be there from Friday-Tuesday with at least semi-reasonable flight times, but this was almost a $400 difference in airfare.  I think my roommate is still working out her work schedule, so you may or may not get a message asking if you have room for an extra person Thursday night

I don't have any particular plans yet.  I'm not on any panels this year  and I don't recall seeing any "must attends" when I looked at the signups, but I'm sure that will be different once I'm actually there.

So who else is going, and what kind of plans do you have?  I haven't really had time to make any plans beyond making sure I get there and have a room at this point.
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 Are any of my WisCon friends still in need of a room?  I have a room booked but one of my roommates isn't coming this year, and the other hasn't made a final decision yet.
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1. I haven’t talked much about TV here recently, but I haven’t really felt fannish about US shows? Elementary and Madam Secretary are solid shows that I have great fondness for but little interest in initiating conversation about, though it is worth noting that MS is one of those shows that’s really going after the current political climate. Bones is on its final season and it’s still Bones, which mean that, like the last several seasons, it’s worth watching for the characters that I’ve been following for a decade, but not really a lot else. Supergirl is a show I was fannish about last season but am not really fannish about this season. I still enjoy it, and there are definitely very good things about this season, but the problems we were worried about when we learned it was moving to CW came to pass.  Rosewood is also still solid and enjoyable, though I'm slightly concerned that a miracle cure is in the works.

Timeless wraps up the first season tomorrow.  It's not brilliant SciFi, but it is very entertaining SciFi, and is pretty good at calling out how much US history has erased and persecuted POC.

Star Wars Rebels continues to be great, but I wish it would fully commit itself to the Mandalore plotline that’s been building up instead of the endless build up. I’m very much looking forward to some things in the trailer that haven’t happened yet.

I still enjoy Emerald City despite its problems, and I have so many questions about the past that can’t possibly be answered in the last two episodes without putting the main plotline on hold. At least it looks like my questions about Jane might be answered next episode, though.

The only new show I’ve checked out (or really plan to) is Powerless, which is a sitcom set in the DC universe about the employees of a security firm who work on inventions to keep people and possessions safe from superhero battles. It also falls into the realm of “really like but don’t feel fannish about” but really is a delight. Of the shows I’m watching, it’s also probably the one most blatantly anti-Trump.

I haven’t watched How to Get Away With Murder since it returned from hiatus and I haven’t watched any of this season of Jane the Virgin (I’m spoiled about That Thing in JTV, though). I’ll probably watch both when Netflix gets them this summer.

Right now, I’m mostly waiting for Underground, Into the Badlands and Brooklyn 99 to return from hiatus, and wondering if Still Starcrossed will ever make it to my screen.  I think all my other shows are summer/late spring shows.

2. For a few US shows I’ve completely recently:

Netflix’s A Series of Unfortunate Events was a delight, due in large part to excellent casting and the actors’ ability to maintain an almost impossible pace for something so dialogue heavy. It’s hard to make something that requires that much dialogue and whose humor requires the narrator to step in so much to work, but they did it. My favorite character was Jacqueline, who had maybe 10-15 minutes screentime total throughout the season.

LEGO Star Wars: The Freemaker Adventures is a TV show set between The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi about a trio of scavenger siblings who come across a woman claiming to be a Jedi who survived Order 66, and help her look for the pieces of the kybersaber, a weapon that pre-dated the lightsaber. It’s an irreverent comedy that spends a whole lot of time mocking Palpatine and Vader, and the Empire in general. I kind of wish it was pat of the main Star Wars animated Universe canon, because there’s some good stuff in there.

I finally got around to watching the back half of season 5 of Haven now that netflix has it. I appreciated how fully it committed itself to its gothic horror roots and its devotion to the new mid-apocalyptic setting. I did not appreciate hoe it still felt th need to kill off any plot-important women who weren’t Audrey. It also somehow took an ending that SHOULD have been perfectly satisfactory to anyone and made it be awful and make no sense. Sigh.

3. I have been fairly fannish about kdramas and cdramas lately, though, but most of that portion of my friend’s list has migrated to tumblr, or are both here and there, so I forget to also talk about them here. Surprisingly, I’ve been fannish about Hwarang, which has been an admittedly fairly-average sageuk, but an enjoyable one, and utterly harmless. For an idol-heavy youth drama sageuk, it’s actually pretty decent, despite the almost universally-awful promotional material and trailers. It’s Silla-era and has enjoyable characters, and I’m easy there. It also has the worst fandom possible, largely due to stans of certain actors and their characters who believe the universe has horribly wronged them by not making the show and all the characters revolve around their favorite.

I’m also really enjoying Saimdang: Light’s Diary and Rebel: Thief Who Stole the People, but despite the split-timeperiods aspect of Saimdang, both are being fairly old-school in their approaches, and so things are really just getting started. (Unlike Hwarang, both are also excellent sageuks by any standard right now, but not to the tastes or the more vocal parts of kdramas fandom. As in, there are no idols, and they’re busy being Serious Business Sageuks.)

4. Slightly related to the above, I’m glad Moon Lovers brought a lot of people to sageuks last year, but frankly, that drama was mediocre. Entertaining and with some bright spots, but mediocre both as a sageuk and as a drama in general. It’s popularity was because of the popular idols in the cast, Lee Joon Ki fans, the fact that it wasn’t set in the Joseon era, and because it hit a lot of fandom’s buttons for character overinvestment, none of which are actually related to quality. I didn’t bother finishing it when I learned that the final episodes literally killed off every single female character except for the one history said that it absolutely could not kill off. But it got a lot of younger viewers interested in sageuks, and also got some not-so-young viewers in that didn’t typically watch sageuks, but now I can’t go to any drama sites with seeing other sageuks and popular ancient cdramas compared to Moon Lovers and somehow being found wanting, with people going out of their way to find ways to compare them. Hwarang fandom is probably the worst about that. But every drama I’ve seen compared to ML in the last 6 months or however long its been has, IMO, been a better drama.

5. Completely unrelated to TV, I’ve been checking flights for WisCon and the prices are almost double what they were two years ago. Hopefully they’ll go down in the next month or so, but I’m not holding my breath. (I also have no idea yet if I have roommates or need to start asking friends if they have room. I know one of my regular roommates isn’t going, but I haven’t heard back from the other yet. I don’t think most people start worrying about roommates in February, though…)


May. 18th, 2015 07:59 pm
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WisCon is this week, and it snuck up on me.

Thanks to an inflamed tendon, this will be a less-mobile-than-usual WisCon for me, though I really won't know how much so until I'm there and doing things. I expect I'll still be eating out at a few places close to the hotel, but I'll be sticking closer to the hotel than usual. I probably won't make it to Room of One's on at all, but will be attending the Farmer's Market on Saturday even if I have to spend the rest of the day in bed with an ice pack (munching on cheddar and chive scones). I have tentative plans to possibly go to a grocery store on Friday morning with 2 of my 3 roommates (roommate #3 isn't arriving until late Friday, WOES AND ALAS, LESS TIME WITH ROOMMATE) assuming we can figure out transportation.

That said, I want to see everyone! If anyone wants to get together, the fastest way to contact me is probably a DM on twitter, if you don't have my cell #. (Send me a PM if you'll be there and want it.)  My twitter ID is [ profile] meganbm123 .

I committed myself to 2 panels before leg issues came up, and intend to be on both, though both sets of panelists have been told I might not make it, depending on my knee that day.

My panels:

Female Protagonists In Graphic Novels and Comics Sat, 10:00–11:15 am Senate B
All Things Magical Girl Sun, 10:00–11:15 am Conference 5

This may or may not be my last post until after WisCon. I won't be taking my laptop with me, though I will have my tablet.
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 An almost-literally last minute brainstorming post for East and West Asian media fandom panels for WisCon.  

I actually have nothing right now, but I hope you do.

*sends out brainstorming vibes*
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 During the Wuxia as Fantasy Tradition panel at WisCon, I was asked for a post detailing where you can get wuxia series and novels in English, so here it is.

First off, the legal ways:

You can buy an ebook of Jin Yong's Fox Volant of the Snowy Mountain* or a print copy of The Book and the Sword.

Netflix also has a decent collection of wuxia series on DVD, but not streaming:

Eagle Shooting Heroes (the 2008 version of Legend of the Condor Heroes)
Condor Hero (the 2006 version of Return of the Condor Heroes**)
Wing Chun***   ****
Spirit of the Sword
Sword Stained With Royal Blood
Flying Fox of Snowy Mountain
Seven Swordsmen
Handsome Siblings
Patriotic Knights***
Bi Chun Mu: Dance With Sword***
Men and Legends

You can also get most of the 2004 version of Laughing in the Wind***, but it was released in 4 sets, and Netflix only has the first three.

Netflix also has two fantasy series that are based on (the first based on an RPG, the second on Chinese mythology) that I've watched.  Both are in a historical setting, but not actually wuxia.:

The Sword and the Fairy
Lotus Lantern

I'm sure there are a few that I missed.  If so, hopefully someone will comment and I can add them.  

There are also a few streaming at, but I didn't check for what titles.

Now for the less-than-legal-but-it's-not-like-we-have-other-English-Language-options:

You can find e-book formatted fantranslations of some books here (it also has translation status for some other books).  This messageboard is much more extensive, and has links to a few books hosted elsewhere, but you'll have to either copy and paste the text to a word document and convert it to your preferred ebook format, or read from the web.

For TV series, there's this youtube channel that has a decent number of series, and two torrent sites that you can get some from.  d-addicts is open (link is filtered to the main group that does fansubs, but you can also find more by searching for country +subtitled language) but AsiaTorrents is members only, and you can only join by invitation.  I do have a few invites right now.  I believe also has a few streaming, but the site has never worked well for me.

*I'm not sure if this is all the books that make up the Flying Fox series, or just the first.  The TV series I mentioned later, though, does adapt the full series, albeit very loosely.
**While ROCH is a sequel to LOCH-The protagonist of ROCH is the son of an antagonist from LOCH and initially the ward of the protagonists of LOCH, who have supporting roles in ROCH-you don't have to watch LOCH before ROCH.  This version of ROCH is also what the naked kung fu practice clip we watched is from.  TBH, I recommend this series as a good series to start with for wuxia dramas, even though it isn't my favorite.
***I have not seen these series.
****This is not about Wing Chun, the woman who founded the martial arts style named for her, but about male practitioners some time later.

ETA:  Should you go exploring my tags, a number of the posts were made before I was aware of various kinds of Fail, and also before I really understood a number of the themes of wuxia, so you'll likely find things that I wouldn't say now, if not wouldn't outright disagree with.
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My tentative WisCon schedule is as follows:

Thursday and Friday are meet roommates/other people (Perhaps brainstorm with copanelists at some point?) At some point in there, I'll be checking out a couple museums with one or more roommates. I'm not doing anything for The Gathering this year, though I intend to pop in to raid Galley Ho. Saturday morning is the farmer's market, where [personal profile] inkstone   will get to watch me stare at delicious looking cheesy breads a lot and dither over which to get.

Panels I'm on:

Saturday 4-5:15 Women in Sageuk
Sunday 2:30-3:45 Wuxia as a Fantasy Tradition

Panels i'm definitely attending:

Sunday 10-11:15 Dystopia and Post-Apocalyptic Traditions
Sunday 1:00-2:15 Anime in Literature, Literature in Anime

Party I shall attend until my body orders me to go to bed:

Saturday 9pm-3am: Vid Party

Panel's I'm thinking about, but attending will likely be influenced by what friends are also going*:

Friday 2:30-3:45: The Once and Future Badass: Historical Women Who Inspire, Challenge and Unsettle Us
Friday 4:00-5:15: Damsels of Color
Saturday 10am-11:15: "We Usually Have to Racebend For This Cast!"
Saturday 1:00-2:15: Real-Life Medieval People of Color

For anyone looking for me at any of the above, I'm 5 feet tall, have waist length red-brown hair and a few hundred freckles, wear glasses, and am overweight**. My wardrobe consists almost entirely of jeans and solid colored t-shirts.

Anyone who has my phone number from previous years still has my current phone number. Anyone who wants/needs it for the con, let me know, and I'll e-mail/pm you. And, of course, my twitter is meganbm123. I go by Megan but respond to both Meg and my full name, for people who like to use my full internet handle.

*I'm trying not to plan/try too hard to attend too many panels this year.  I think part of why I've ended up wiped fairly early most evenings and want to be a hermit in a mountain cave by the middle of Sunday  is because I have a habit of trying to find panels just because sometimes.

**By social standards, at least. Medically I ace every blood/health test except for that pesky anemia that will forever keep me safe from vampires.
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Open to: Registered Users, detailed results viewable to: All, participants: 17

Sooper important. No, really.

View Answers

I will be at WisCon.
10 (58.8%)

I hope to make contact with you at WisCon.
10 (58.8%)

I want to hang out with you at WisCon, possibly over food. Or no food involved.
7 (41.2%)

I am on a panel with or or one of your roommates, and so could not escape you even if I wanted to.
4 (23.5%)

I can't go this year. :(
1 (5.9%)

I don't go to WisCon, but hope to one day.
6 (35.3%)

Still on the lookout for roommates/a place to crash for the nights of 5/21 and 5/26. I mean, booking a cheaper hotel just those nights and taking the bus is an option, but far from a preferred one.
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As I mentioned before, I'm flying in Wednesday before the con because it's far far cheaper than flying in on Thursday, and as usual for me, I'll be staying Monday night.  I have roommates for the con itself, but not for the two extra nights.  Is anyone going to be there and in need of a roommate/have extra space for someone to crash? Cots, couches and the floor are all fine.

And Sundry

Jan. 22nd, 2014 02:50 pm
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 1.  I haven't forgotten the posting meme, I've just been distracted by trying to catch up with posting on anime and WisCon panels.  Also, the few prompts I've received require thinking.

2.  speaking of WisCon, I submitted 2 panels ideas and bought my registration today, and feel more victorious about it than I really should.  I've also verified that I have at least 1 roommate.

3.  I have been very bleh about watching US TV the last month or so.  And it's not "bleh" for the shows themselves, but that kind of blehness where you really want to watch something and have the opportunity, but...don't.

4.  The only new-ish English language TV I've been watching is Harper's Island and season 2 of The Paradise.  Maybe Elaine Cassidy has magical powers over me?  I haven't finished Harper's Island yet, but did finish The Paradise.  While I'm iffy about some of it (such as the continued existence of Tom Weston) I think they had a stronger grasp of what they wanted to do than they sometimes did in season 1, and was happy with the increased attention given to Denise and Clara as very loyal frenemies.  I'm disappointed that there hasn't (as far as I know) been any announcement about whether or not there'll be a third series, but at least the second series ended in a place where ywe can mostly be satisfied with where the characters are.

5.  I also rewatched all of the Joan Hickson Marples (and will rewatch the Geraldine McEwan ones after a suitable interval), and am rewatching Partners in Crime (the Tommy and Tuppence series) which I don't think I've actually rewatched all of before.  But a lot of my non-anime TV time has been taken up by this delightful 90s sitcom starring Judi Dench called As Time Goes By, which is about a couple who were separated when he went off to the Korean War, and are reunited when he uses her secretarial agency when he's writing his memoirs.  (Her adult daughter thinks this is THE MOST ROMANTIC THING EVER.)  It's very sweet and funny and also very sarcastic and self-deprecating.  The local library system just got the whole thing in a month or so ago, and I'm currently waiting for someone to relinquish season 6.

6.  I also haven't been reading a lot, both strangely and sadly.

7.  Trying to decide whether or not I want to embark on a rewatch of Poirot.  Which I kinda do, but that takes a while.
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Open to: Registered Users, detailed results viewable to: All, participants: 11

WisCon attendance poll for listies

View Answers

I will be at WisCon.
6 (54.5%)

I want to do some sort of gathering/chat (possibly over food) in which people will yak about kdramas*
3 (27.3%)

Yes, but I have never seen any.
0 (0.0%)

I want to participate in small group watches of 1 or Bollywood movies, if it can be arranged.**
2 (18.2%)

The above, and I have never seen a Bollywood movie.
0 (0.0%)

The above, and I am familiar with bollywood and can contribute to possible selections.
0 (0.0%)

I will not be at WisCon, but want to click on something.
5 (45.5%)

* and possibly to discuss the possibility of trying to get kdrama programming in next year, or discuss the possibilities of a non-scheduled
** prozacpark and I will both be bringing movies, and there will be a separate post once we figure out which

ETA: And that is "1 or more Bollywood movies," but you can't edit polls...
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1.  Someone remind me why Sherlock had evidence taped up all over the bathroom in ep 9 of Elementary.  I was looking at caps of the episode the other days and for the life of me, I cannot remember why he did that.

2.  I have discovered the existence of a romance novel called The Roman's Virgin Mistress.  The description actually describes the 1st century Roman as a playboy.  I am not making this up.  I am considering attempting to read it, but i don't know if my ability to force myself to deliberately read what appears to be awful fiction (and for all I know, it's a great book with terrible presentation by the publisher) just to point at the awfulness.

3.  Apparently both Caleb and Jason's actors are leaving Pretty Little Liars for other shows.  NOES THEY ARE THE ONLY MAJOR MALE CHARACTERS ON THE SHOW WHO I ACTUALLY LIKE.  (Though I'm only about 1/3 through season 3, it could change.)  Take Toby and Lucas and Garrett instead.

4.    I'm almost definitely using airmiles to stay until Wednesday at Wiscon, and so still in the market for roommates for the extra day if anyone else is staying longer.  (Also, any locals want to recommend things for me to do downtown Tuesday afternoon and Monday morning?)

5.  I've started watching Community and am almost through with the first season and enjoy it (though I like pretty much everyone but Pierce more than I like Jeff.  I kind of wish there were no Pierce.) even though it gives me secondhand embarrassment at times, and the "we know this is faily but you know that we know and don't think you should approve so it's ok" doesn't  work for me a lot of the time.

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 Thanks to a wonderful and saintly parent who has offered (without any prompting or insinuation on my part) to let me use airmiles to pay for my flight to and from WisCon as long as I don't exceed a certain number of miles, I might be staying a couple extra days this year.  I'm watching to see if it changes (I actually don't know if airmiles cost sometimes changes like paying normally does?) but right now, for the airmiles to fall within the accepted range, I'd be going to Madison on Weds. the 22nd, and leaving the following Weds.  I have roommates for Thurs, Fri, Sat and Sun night, but not the extras.  Is anyone going to be there and have extra space the extra nights?

I know it's somewhat early for concrete plans for any extra days, but I'm hoping to know what I'm going to do by the end of the month because I applied for and was approved for a WisCon scholarship, and if I can get roommates for at least 2 of the extra nights, it should fall back into a price range I can comfortably handle with out, and I can see what I need to do to free up the funds for someone else who needs them.

Thanks for any help anyone can offer.
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1. I've decided that the proper response to everything I've heard about Oz the Great and Powerful is to rewatch the Tin Man miniseries.  Which, despite the name is not an Oz retelling from a male POV.  The title character doesn't even show up until about halfway through the first of 3 episodes, and while he's the male lead, he's very much secondary to the two female leads, and  while he has his own angst/revenge subplot going, he mostly functions as Our Heroine's surrogate-crotchety-protective-uncle-figure/reluctant bodyguard  (unsurprisingly, that's the main fandom ship, but it's platonic in canon).  It's a SyFy miniseries so it's certainly far from perfect (and does absolutely nothing to help with Baum's race issues), but it's fun, and the creators appear to at least be more familiar with the books than the new movie, and it isn't afraid of Women Doing Things or being powerful, or thinking that they need men to validate having their own narratives.

2.  But first I need to finish rewatching Last Exile, and a couple graphics I saw on one of my brief forays into tumblr (not a good place to hang out if you avoid spoilers and are behind on everything ever, and tumblrsavior working relies entirely on people choosing the same tags as you) convinced me that I really need to watch the second series soon.  I'm actually a bit surprised that the CGI holds up as well against current anime animation does, and still being a bit "WTF?" at the ending isn't affecting my rewatch enjoyment.  (I had managed to forget how it seems all the women suddenly want to get into Klaus's pants for a few episodes in the middle, though.  I will now attempt to re-banish that from my mind.)

3.  Is anyone watching this season of Body of Proof?  I liked the first 2 seasons a lot and had planned to add the show to my "try to watch as it's airing" list once I'd caught up since the season just started, but then I learned they were changing out so much of the cast and decided to wait and see what people thought about that.

4.  I haven't been reading/posting on much manga the last year or so because I'm no longer able to buy all the manga I want (Or...much of any, really.) and my library's manga selection is rather small, and I dislike reading manga on my computer a lot, which nixed following series I was buying that way until I could actually get the new volumes, or reading unlicensed series.  But my library just added a LOT to its collection, and I've figured out how to read manga on my kindle, so I will hopefully be talking about a lot of manga soon.  (Currently devouring Kami-sama Kiss and Kimi Ni Todoke.)

5.  Picking a flight for WisCon is WAY more stressful than it should be.  I spent about an hour last night staring at a flight option that's about $150 less than any others, but it involved flights that left at 6 am both ways.  The first would be fine, but for the return flight, I'd probably have to either pull an all nighter and store my luggage somewhere until I was ready to leave for the airport, or disrupt poor roommates at 4~ am.  (Then I remembered that I have to move some money before I can purchase the tickets anyway, so that option will probably be gone byt he time the funds clear anyway.  We'll see.)

6.  Speaking of WisCon, I can't decide if I want to volunteer for 2 panels or 3 (keeping in mind that I'll also be spending most of Friday at The Gathering.)  But I have to volunteer for the panel I suggested, obviously (if it makes the final program), and I was on the Girl Cooties panel last year, and want to do at least one of the spinoffs (though I doubt they'll all end up on the program) and one anime/manga panel.  And then there are fairy tale panels that sound interesting too. 

ETA:  I'm finallt starting season 3 of Downton Abbey, and halfway through the first episode, I'm wondering if it's actually possible for Robert and Branson to be more awful.  (Not that I expect better from Robert, but I had hopes for Branson.  Sadly, he seems to view Sybil as a symbol of victory over the aristocracy even more now than I thought he did before.)
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Time is almost up to submit panel ideas for WisCon! [personal profile] laceblade   has a brainstorm post up for anime/manga panel ideas, and I'd still like to do a panel on Snow White, but feel I should try to make it a bit more specific.  It'd be easy to come up with a panel discussion along the lines of "what is it about Snow White that grabs us so much that there are about 10 filmed versions in the US alone* in the last 15 years, not to mention countless books and fairy tale mashups like The 10th Kingdom and Once upon A Time** structuring their plots around the Snow White tale."

Something that general would probably get attention, but could easily end up negative, so I'd like something a little more specific  (and, after a few experiences last year, filled with panelists I know.  Other than that, I only plan to volunteer for anime/manga panels unless something grabs me, and that's a fairly small group to draw from.)

Anyone want to help brainstorm, here or in IMs?

*I'm counting TV movies
**Unpopular opinion, but while there are problems, I feel the show is strongest when focusing on the Snow White plot, and the subplots closely related, such as Red Riding Hood and Abigail's plots, and the further it gets from that (especially the Rumples stuff) the more my attention drifts.

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I am hooooome.  Happily typing away on Kraehe.  DFW did the same thing again where I had to take the skyline to another terminal, sat down for food, and then they decided I had to go back where I started.

I keep meaning to write up panels and stuff and then...not?  I think it's a mixture of being more tired than usual because of the whole "recovering from laryngitis" bit (my hibernation tendencies were definitely more active this year, even if I valiantly strived to resist them), the fact that I used twitter A LOT over the weekend (and so feel like I've already posted a lot on the con, except for the part where I haven't)  and the fact that I felt a bit disconnected from a lot of the panels this year.  Not that they were bad (mostly) or anything, but I feel there were only 3 that I was really into, and I was a panelist on  of them.  (The other was the utterly hilarious Guerilla Twilight Panel).  I kind of feel that a lot of panels either had moderators either trying too hard to control the conversation when they needed to let the panelists cut loose a bit, or not keeping the panel on topic and so it just kind of meandered.  But I also felt that some panels didn't focus on the aspects I wanted, or were kind of...restrained in how much they wanted to get into things, and largely focusing on the surface and best known aspects of the part of fiction they were tackling.  Some of this is definitely my mood/energy level, but I had conversations with some others (both WisCon vets and newbies) about how some panels seemed more surface-focused than we expected.  There also seemed to be more Moongate conversations this year than last year, which I find kind of funny in an odd way. It is worth noting that I ended up exclusively going to panels that were specific to a type of fiction or a type of fictional character.

ALL THAT SAID, I go to WisCon because a large chunk of my online friends go there and because I like downtown Madison.  Good panels are a bonus.  That said (again)  next year I intend to be on prestaffed Snow White and Arthuriana panels. Also, last night I learned that the Concourse's rollaway beds are VERY comfortable.


ETA:  If you have made/seen any posts or articles you assume I'd normally read/comment on since last Wednesday
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Spent last night hanging out with prozacpark, in which we ranted over a variety of subjects and watched Lost Souls, a horror movie that made sure everyone knew you could recognize the antichrist by his being the adopted product of incest.  Poor adopted kids (and parents) can never get a break in Hollywood. (Slow but fun movie, though.)  Didn't see most of the people I'd usually see on Thursday, but I'm sure I'll see them at The Gathering today.

DFW Adventures included being sent to the wrong terminal (as in, attendant told me A25 instead of B25, and A25 was for a different airline altogether.)  A25 was right outside the food court,where I went to a deli whose food looked good and ended up with a very bleh pastrami sandwich and gross soda.  Then I made everyone on the flight to Madison think I was dying by coughing giant gagging coughs for about 6 minutes straight
before takeoff.

i think the only panel I'm going to today is the one on fairy tale princesses, in which I plan to be as vocal a participant as my voice will allow.  Rumor has it that my romance novel panel tomorrow will be used to  test the nre live feed app.
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If you've had my phone number in the past and still have it, it hasn't changed. If you think you might need it for any reason, send me a PM.

I have twitter, email, and livejournal/DW on my phone. My twitter is mbmoore123.

Voicewise, I have progressed from nonstop horrific coughing and literal croaking to sporadic horrific coughing and a tinny whisper, so hopefully I'll actually be able to participate in my panels and not keep my poor roommates up all night. I am not contagious.

I must now chant to myself not to pack more books than I'll need tomorrow, since I'll be getting books at the con.


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